Christopher's Birth

One of the many reasons that I have a disregard and distrust for the medical establishment is all of the abusive behavior I have suffered at their hands.

Let’s start with Birthing Christopher.  Better yet, let’s start with how I was told I could never have children. 

Around the age of 21, I developed a case of endometriosis and polycystic ovaries.  Every 6 months, I was having to have a laparoscopic surgery.  I had ‘great’ doctors and ‘great’ insurance – good ‘ol Blue Cross/Blue Shield. 

After the 5th surgery my doctors (The Nezhat brothers) told me that I was unable to have children and recommended a hysterectomy at the age of 23/24!  Not knowing any better and trusting my doctors, I agreed. 

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At this time, I decided to go off birth control pills that I had been taking since I was 16 years old because I did NOT want to get pregnant.  Well, within ONE month of not taking the pill, I got pregnant! 

My doctors were astonished and obviously, we had to cancel my surgery.  But what was the funniest to me was how they kept asking … how did this happen?  Really? 

Ok, so now I am in University finishing up my last year and I am pregnant.  Due to my personal convictions, I decided to birth Christopher regardless what my peers said and the father of the child did not care what I did or did not do.  (Thank goodness! And I did not want anything from him.  My baby, my life.)

I continued to go to the Doctor and trust them.  However, Christopher’s birthing experience was nothing like what I expected.  It was so sterile, unfeeling and mechanical compared to my home births.  During my time of labor, I was basically ignored, given Pitocin and Demerol (which was horrible – I would pass out in between contractions so I thought that I was having a contraction all the time!), and they would not let me move about.  I kept asking for an epidural but it was like I was a nobody! 

I will never forget when I was asking for help and the nurse ignores me but yet goes to get a blanket for my sister who asked at the same time I asked for an epidural.  I felt so alone.  

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Shortly thereafter, it was time for Christopher to come.  And, of course, my doctor was not available.  Another doctor stepped in and helped me deliver Christopher.  All was well and he was so beautiful.  I will never forget seeing his big brown eyes … looking around wondering what in the world had just happened!  He never cried, he just had these wonderful eyes that shined with happiness and love. 

At this moment of bliss, in walks my doctor and he took over.  OUCH!  He was aggressive and angry.  He forced my placenta to birth, which was so incredibly painful.  So much so, that I could not even hold Christopher.  Then he stitched me up where I had torn with no novacaine.  It was horrifying!  My mother who was a head nurse at a nearby hospital was so upset about the whole event that she took legal action against him later.  As if this was not bad enough, I was finally calm enough to be with Christopher but the hospital did NOT have enough basinets so I could not be with Christopher!  They kept us separated even though I kept begging to have Christopher … I needed to nurse, I was swelling and leaking everywhere. 

This lasted for two days because Christopher was jaundiced and his bilirubin count was high.  Finally, we were able to be in the same room and shortly, thereafter, released.

For the next six months, the torture continued … click here to read how the doctors tried to convince me that Christopher had a rare disease and was going to die.  Good ‘ol Blue Cross/Blue Shield.