Christopher's Illness... NOT!

Christopher and I were settling into our routine.  I worked to get ahead on the bills so that I could return to school and finish my first degree at Georgia State University. 

Why I believe in natural heatlth

As I mentioned, when he was born, Christopher had an issue with his bilirubin count and we had to spend a bit of time in the sun and, thank goodness, his pediatrician was very supportive of nursing.  I would pump at work for him and we would spend time at night together while he nursed and I studied.

At this time, I do not remember all the details, the medical terms and the tests Christopher had to go through but I do remember ending the relationship with the pediatrician.

This pediatrician was convinced that something was ‘terribly’ wrong with Christopher and we were going through test after test after test, looking for some rare disease Christopher supposedly had.   Good ‘ol Blue Cross / Blue Shield.

Christopher and I were even sent to a specialty children’s hospital for cancer (I believe it was Scottish Rite Hospital).  I remember sitting there holding Christopher on my lap tightly as we listened to a young child receiving chemotherapy (?) and screaming “please, no stop”.  We were terrified.  I was terrified.  What were they going to do to Christopher? 

I remember being called into the conference room and the pediatrician stating that they did not know what was wrong with Christopher but that I needed to find the father and get blood for DNA testing purposes.  I let them know that was not an option as I had no idea where the father was.  The pediatrician was very insistent and almost had me convinced that this was necessary or that Christopher could die from a rare disease that he may or may not have. 

Christopher was growing, developing and being just fine.  I was tired of him having to be pricked over and over for more and more blood.  No one could really explain what they were looking for.  At this point, my intuition kicked in.  I stood up and told her to stop.  Stop talking.  I explained that Christopher was just fine and that there was nothing wrong with him and I walked out.  I was so tired of the what ifs.

And we never went back.   

Christopher is still with us!