Zechstein Sea: The Home of Ancient Magnesium

Magnesium plays a role in the regulation of energy levels and the cardio-vascular processes, and in achieving strong bones and teeth, sparkling skin, balanced hormone levels and a healthy nervous system.

magnesium for health

Therefore, the appropriate level of magnesium in the cells is crucial for maintaining the balance and the healthy functions of the body. Only a slight amount of the magnesium found in orally administered magnesium pills will get absorbed and a significant amount of even that will be reduced due to the detoxifying function of the liver. Therefore it is only a tiny amount of  that will reach its destination. So to reach the right cellular magnesium levels, much more than the orally administered 360 mg of magnesium approved (RDA) should be administered. Magnesium complex pills on the other hand cause stomach issues and diarrhea.

So what is the solution?

While huge amounts of money are spent on improving the efficiency of orally administered magnesium complexes, very little attention is given to the purity of the substance to start with. The Ancient Magnesium products, together with other trace elements, use naturally occurring magnesium chloride in its ultra-high pure form in high concentrates and at a high energy level topically, in the form of magnesium lotionsgelsflakesoils and body butters.

What is ancient magnesium?

magnesium from the zechstein sea

Ancient magnesium is mined from the 250 million year old, pre-historic Zechstein Sea found 1600 to 2000 deep in the North of Europe. It has the purest, energetically pristine magnesium deposits even today. This high quality, analytically clear magnesium chloride is mined with the use of the latest biotechnological methods, which ensures that the magnesium remains pure and at a high energetic state.

The Ancient Magnesium products get absorbed through the skin which is the most efficient way of replenishing the magnesium levels of the body, as the skin has an important role in the detoxification of the body and replenishing it with mineral salts.

What happens when we make the minerals in their purest, original form available for the organ responsible for their absorption?

We can provide the body with the minerals in essential quality and quantities without putting pressure on the gastrointestinal system which is a key point for cell metabolism.

Magnesium benefits are profound. Avoid a magnesium deficiency and stay healthy. Start with eating foods high in magnesium. Beware of symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Using magnesium chloride is easy. Learn how to use magnesium lotions, gels, flakes, oils and body butters to maintain healthy levels of magnesium in your body with our discount below.