Sunny Summertime Natural Health Products to Protect Yourself Naturally

For most of us, we are in the full swing of sweet summertime! It’s the time of year we gather with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and cool nights. Don’t forget about those beautiful masterpiece sunsets to seal the evening with a bliss. While this is the season we spend most of the time outdoors, I want to share with you a few bits of info and products to help you stay healthy and safe so you can enjoy all the wonders the season has to offer.

Let’s Talk Sun

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Okay first off, we need sun. Vitamin D is a nutrient almost all of us don’t get enough of. However, we need to also be responsible and proactive not to get too much sun. I’m sure you probably can’t go a whole summer without seeing an ad or health article addressing the importance of sun protection. Well the truth is, this is really crucial. While there are some amazing benefits to sun exposure, especially for the vitamin D boost, protecting our skin, starting in childhood, can be a huge step of prevention to save you from developing skin cancer later in life. We are taught to use sunscreen to reduce our risk for UV damage which could lead to more concerning issues such as skin cancers, wrinkled and dry skin. Additionally, we can age ourselves faster with the appearance of sun spots on the skin. So, keep on lathering up, though, strive to use our summertime natural products as much as possible. The conventional products are created with many chemicals and additives that could actually do more harm than good.

Why is protecting our skin so important?

Did you know, our skin is one of the largest organs of the body which is our first layer of defense against any pathogen, disease or toxin? Many of us probably didn’t know our skin was even an organ! It serves as a filter in which we want to function as well and efficiently as possible. When exposed to sun, our skin reacts by trying to protect itself from UV. When we use chemicals on our skin to help us stay protected from UV, we are adding harmful toxins that our skin must react to and filter. In some ways, this could be detrimental. Most sunscreens have proven to be absorbed shortly after application and the chemicals remain in the blood for up to 2-3 weeks. In addition, the regulations for sunscreen have been progressively weakening over the years. The standards are falling and not protecting us as much as we think. Great, so now we’ve got chemicals in our bodies AND we aren’t even being protected from the UV? Exactly, which is why it’s important to rethink the whole sunscreen deal. The first thing we can do is go natural. This brings peace of mind knowing we aren’t exposing ourselves to toxic invaders.

Our Greenerways Sunspray is a 2-in-1 offering protection from the sun and from bugs. The product is SPF 30 Zinc Oxide, water resistant for up to 80 minutes, Non-Nano, Uncoated Zinc Oxide-Silicon Free and has a pleasant fragrance. We are committed to provide you with offerings containing NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO polymer, and NO copolymer. Specific ingredients include: sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, lanolin, cedarwood oil, stearic acid, gryceryl monostearate, geraniol, peppermint oil and eugenol. When used as directed, our University Tested and Broad Spectrum sunscreen & bug repellent is highly effective at repelling mosquitoes, ticks and protecting you from harmful UV radiation. In using these natural products, our skin will stay protected against the sun and not receive any further damage that will “clog” our filters with unnatural substances. So when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered!

However, naturally here and there we do experience sunburns. It happens. If you find yourself a bit redder than you realized, rub on some of H.E.A.L.'s Plantain Salve. Oh so cooling and pain- relieving! More on this product below.


Got an Itch?

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Poison ivy rashes are so common this time of year. It’s the oils on the leaves that cause an unpleasant reaction, showing signs of an itchy rash and potentially swelling. Immediately washing our hands and affected areas helps take the oils off. After drying the skin, rub on some of H.E.A.L.'s Plantain Salve. While poison ivy itchiness relief is just one great use for the salve, there are numerous other ways to apply this product as well. I’m sure many of us get at least a few rather annoying bug bites throughout the season or what about the bee sting that happened as you were minding your own business, just tending to the garden? Grab the salve! Make sure you keep a little bit of this on hand at all times. It’s made in the USA, contains only 3 ingredients (plantain, olive oil & beeswax) and it’s safe for the whole family! You never know when you’ll need it especially for eczema, sunburn, rashes, bee stings, wasp stings, flea bites, lip balm, and poison ivy! 


Now More on Those Bug Bites

To go through summer with no little critter bites would be a big win, actually you’d be a champ! For most of us, we experience numerous bites, from mosquitos, to ticks, maybe even spider bites. YUCK! While sweet summertime does come with a few small inconveniences, we have some brilliant remedies for you such as Greenerways Organic Bug Spray. Greenerways makes one of the only Certified Organic insect repellents that is tested to repel mosquitoes. Unlike other products that use deet, Greenerways Organic is a deet- free, bug repellent that uses only organic oils which makes using this product safe for the skin!


Don’t Forget Those Minor Cuts and Scrapes

With playing in the great outdoors comes the likelihood that minor cuts and scrapes will happen, especially from the kiddos! Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel reduces topical pain, calms skin inflammation, fights minor skin infection and promotes healing of the skin. Sovereign Silver is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and allergen free! Make this your go-to when you open your first aid kit, maybe even stash some in your car for when you’re out and about.

We want you to be on your way to enjoying the best of summer which is why we have a variety of offerings to help you stay healthy and feeling good all season long. So continue on loving every minute of the season because we’re here to put your mind at ease, as you say bye-bye to itchiness, sun burns and stings! Cheers to a wonderful rest of the summer ahead!