Sovereign Silver: non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen-free. Achieve health sovereignty by adding silver to your daily routine, or when you feel under the weather and need an extra boost of immune support!

What is Sovereign Silver?

Sovereign Silver is the premium silver supplement in North America for immune support*, trusted by millions for over eighteen years for its unprecedented safety*, quality and efficacy*. Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol represents the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category. It contains more than 98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters, in pharmaceutical-grade purified water.


Ingredients: pure silver & pharmaceutical-grade purified water.

Why Doc Harmony chose Sovereign Silver:

NIC Pure

Our products are produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), audited by NSF bi-annually. We meticulously verify that our products contain the ultimate refinement of pure mineral elements in pharmaceutical-grade purified water, so pure that it meets USP-NF standards for Pharmaceutical Grade Water.

Pure Family

Stephen began researching colloidal silver for immune support in 1997, working to isolate silver into miniscule particles that could achieve near-perfect dispersion. Natural Immunogenics was founded in 1998 to continue and expand his research and product development, and the first bottles of Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™ shipped to retailers in 1999. Two years later, Argentyn 23®, a derivative professional line based on the same technology, followed.

Always intended to be a multi-generational company, in 2009, Stephen passed the torch of leading Natural Immunogenics to his sons, Theo & Benjamin, who had joined the company 9 and 1 years prior, respectively. The brothers continue to this day to safeguard their father’s legacy by ensuring that the culture of the organization – family, passion and pride – remains unchanged as the organization grows. All in an effort to help people achieve their own health sovereignty.

Why Silver?

Silver has been used for more than 2,000 years to help safeguard human health. It is a natural element that can be found in whole grains, edible and medicinal mushrooms, mammalian milk, spring water, sea water and tap water.

If you desire further understanding of the complex world of colloidal silver, we encourage you to explore our Knowledge Library. There you will find documented data and research – including hundreds of papers and citations from many industry sources – that together form a body of work that indisputably showcases the potential for silver in the matter of human health.

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