Reset, Rebound, Recover

As we are entering 2021, how many of us could use a recharge? I know I certainly could! Rest and recovery for our mental, physical and spiritual well-being is so important for us to live optimally. We all want to live as our best versions of ourselves, right?

At H.E.A.L, we understand this which is why we have an assortment of natural health products that we know will provide you with the reset and recover you need as we embark on a wonderful, prosperous year ahead.

Magnesium, essential oils, ear candles and MyMat may be just what you need! Let’s explore them each a bit further and how they can benefit you.



Why Topical Magnesium_ (1)Regardless of how often you allow stress get the best of you, we can all profit from a little extra magnesium in our lives, a natural way to prevent and recover from stress. Everyone needs magnesium as it affects the entire body. This essential mineral is also an electrolyte which helps to regulate blood pressure, neutralize stomach acid, support nerve and muscle function to name a few.

However, sometimes our bodies don’t receive enough from our daily food intake. You can take magnesium orally, but the best way to supplement is to take magnesium transdermally. OSIMagnesium, the brand of products we sell here at H.E.A.L., offers an array of lotions, butters, gels, flakes and even oils! All of these products are applied directly on the skin. From there, they are absorbed through the skin (transdermally). When applied topically, the magnesium doesn’t have to pass through the digestive track before you feel the benefits. In other words, this is a highly efficient method.

Lotions and creams are incredibly nourishing and quick absorbing for the skin when made from pure magnesium oil, such as the products we offer. ŐSIMAGNESIUM CBD Cream is made with CBD oil and combined with shea butter, sweet almond oil and OptiMSM. After a warm shower, massage thoroughly onto the skin for a smooth skin immediate feel. 

Another fun, yet soothing way to add in some extra magnesium is through the application of gel! ŐSIMAGNESIUM Gel contains magnesium oil which naturally relaxes the muscle, magnesium chloride, an electrolyte essential for various body functions and water the elixir of life!

Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes are naturally evaporated from salt water located 10,500 feet above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau. These salt flakes are a classified 'food grade' substance. Lab results confirm that no mercury, lead, or other heavy metals can be found in this product. The flakes contain about 12 grams of elemental magnesium per 100 grams.  


Essential Oils

essential oilsAll of H.E.A.L.’s Essential Oils come from small, family-owned farms in the United States and over 40 other counties. The oils are all of highest quality and purity. Experts inspect these farming sites to ensure they are following organic practices set in place.

To harvest these oils, they are obtained from steam or hydro distillation of botanicals. Different parts of the plants are used for extraction such as the flowers, seeds, leaves, roots stems, wood and bark.

Essential oils are made to help release stress and relax the mind, body and spirit. Our noses detect smells within our environments. The sense of smell connects to the brain’s centers of memory and emotion. When we breathe in these essential oils, our stressed is reduced as the brain is receiving calming signals.

In particular, H.E.A.L offers Frosted Fire, Cellulite, Plague Away, Happy, Holiday Spice and Transformative Energy. Each of these have been hand-selected to bring you the best!

How to use essential oils: I like to put a few drops in my bath water or to use in a diffuser I keep next to my bed. Breathing these oils in before bed, helps lead to a calming, peaceful sleep.


Ear Candles

Ear Candles-2Ear candles here at H.E.A.L. are always natural with the highest quality materials and locally collected beeswax and/or the highest quality food-grade wax. They are the only ear candles on the market crafted with Certified Organic Cotton. Further, they are incredibly safe with the “stop here” burn line and USA patented safety tip. Did you know they also have a longer burn time than other candles because they are double-wrapped?

Using these ear candles encourages relaxation, which is so important in allowing your body to rest and recover. In living well, they also help with Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Ear infections, allergies, flu, sore throats, migraines, Conjunctivitis, and stress of course!

They are available in bulk, 2, 4, 6 & 10 packs to suit all your needs whether you are buying for yourself or the whole family!

Never tried them? Now is a great time. You will be amazed and wish you would have started using them sooner!



mat-1This offering is probably the most unfamiliar to you, but the benefits are awesome! It has frequencies that help improve mental and physical states depending on the individual’s needs. People all over the world are using MyMat not only for themselves, but for their pets, too! The portable feature makes it easy to take on the go wherever you may be headed off to. I like to call it my personal pocket healer!

To note, this is not just another PEMF device. It’s the first PEMF portable device connected via cell phone. To use it only takes six easy steps and is risk free for a 30- day return period. There’s a lot to love about MyMat and we can’t wait to see you think! 

Charles, a recent buyer, has a lot to say so we wanted to share:

“It’s portable........
Has a computer program interface YOU choose.....
Works on dozens of issues we face daily.....
You can get benefits only some spas give for may $$$...........
Its preventative with regular use.............
Works on beloved pets too..............
All ages and issues are covered by its design.....
What are you waiting for get YOURS :)”


Knowing you need a reset and time for recovery is the first step to becoming the healthiest version of yourself. These products have been created for you! Yes, you! Wish a crazy 2020, we want you to feel your best as you head into 2021. So, now is the time for a little self- care. Which of these products are you most excited to try? Or which ones have you tried and are loving? We are always so encouraged to hear from you!