Our Favorite Springtime Natural Health Products

Spring has arrived! The days are becoming longer, the air is getting cleaner, and everyone is in a good mood. During this period of seasonal change, everything comes to life and is rejuvenated. Therefore, it's time to change your routine for better health and vitality.  

With brighter days ahead, stock up on these six of Our Favorite Springtime Natural Health Products to strengthen your mind and body this spring.

1.   H.E.A.L's Essential Oils for A Fresh and Soothing Atmosphere

Best essential oils

If your home truly stinks, you should probably address the underlying issue rather than covering the odor. Most air fresheners don't remove odors; instead, they mask them. They're also bad for your health. Your nose and lungs are especially vulnerable.

Essential oils are an excellent choice for creating a pleasant and therapeutic fragrance in your home. Essential oils have a way of making you feel like you've got your life together. Essential oils last longer than candles and air fresheners and create a calming effect as nothing else can.

There is an oil for every need, whether you want to wake up in the morning with citrus, relax in the evening with eucalyptus, or drift off to sleep with lavender. Moreover, research reveals that citrus scents, specifically orange essential oil, can help reduce tension and anxiety. Taking a breath of rosemary may also help some people remember things better1,2.

Put some drops of H.E.A.L's Essential Oils on your wrists whenever you need to feel more relaxed this spring.

Furthermore, using essential oils regularly can help you deal with a wide range of concerns. People use essential oils to help them sleep, relieve stress, massage, make the air smell good, clean, and help them lose weight. They also use them to help with digestion.

In this seasonal change, H.E.A.L's Essential Oils would be a wonderful addition to your home. With H.E.A.L's Essential Oils, use a diffuser like H.E.A.L.'s Aroma Diffuser.

2.   Harmony's Plantain Salve for Bug Bites and Skin Irritations

Take advantage of the rising temperatures, sunshine, and nature's soothing sounds as they become more plentiful this spring. The best way to improve your mental and physical health is to leave the comfort of your home. Spending time in nature has the same calming effects on the mind as meditating.

If you want to spend some quality time in gardens, on the beach, or in your backyard, keep in mind that these places have a lot more bugs that could attack and hurt you.

Plantain Salve

This spring, use Harmony's Plantain Salve to treat bug bites and stings, as well as skin irritations like eczema, dandruff, and sunburn. The leaves of plantain are high in fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, sodium, and copper, and vitamins A, C, and K. The leaves also contain a high concentration of phytochemicals, that may prevent and treat disease. Plantain leaves have been found in studies to be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, and immune boosting.

In herbal medicine, plantain is classified as a "drawing herb," which means it can remove poisons, diseases, and foreign things from the body. As a result, plantain salve is an excellent treatment for bug bites and stings, as well as scrapes, burns, boils, cuts, and toothaches3.

Plantain, olive oil, and beeswax are used to make Harmony's Plantain Salve. Plantain and beeswax keep your skin hydrated, while plantain promotes healing. Aside from mending chapped skin, the salve is excellent for soothing burnt skin. The salve is also beneficial to your pets! It relieves sore paws. Furthermore, Harmony's Plantain Salve can be used as a lip balm and make-up remover.

3.   Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel for Cuts and Scrapes

Silver is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in whole grains, medicinal and edible mushrooms, and mammalian milk, as well as spring water, seawater, and tap water. It has been utilized as a non-toxic element having antibacterial capabilities to treat wounds and illnesses, since ancient times. Silver foil was used to seal wounds before antibiotics were found to promote healing and prevent infection. This technology is still used in many hospitals in key medical equipment, bandages, lotions, and ointments.

Colloidal silver's antimicrobial characteristics make it popular as a wound dressing in wound treatment. Many people believe that it treats colds faster, helps the body repair faster, and even cures cancer. Recent research has also suggested that silver ions may be useful in treating inflammatory bone diseases.

Moreover, silver-containing ointments are helpful to the skin. Because of its antibacterial characteristics, it also benefits in the treatment of conjunctivitis in babies and curing acne. Another 2007 study found that silver-based wound dressings provided a superior barrier against infection than similar products. The National Institutes of Health also endorses colloidal silver's usefulness as a wound dressing4.

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is a natural, topical, homeopathic remedy for natural healing that can be used to treat wounds, cuts, scrapes, blisters, and other skin problems. Furthermore, it stimulates skin healing, fights minor skin infections, alleviates topical pain, and soothes skin irritation. Furthermore, Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel promotes wound healing by naturally reducing pain, inflammation, stiffness, redness, and heat.

4.   Sinus Plumber for Allergies and Sinuses

Warmer temperatures, rain showers, blooming flowers, and the terrible symptoms of seasonal allergies all accompany the arrival of spring. This time of year, frequent sneezing and itchy eyes are normal, and some people may even endure exacerbated or continuous migraine.

This is what happens when April rains come in May: May flowers come with pollen allergies and headaches. Pollen is tiny and can move almost everywhere, even the nasal cavity. This is commonly referred to as "hay fever," and it can lead to rhinitis, the inflammation and irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. This inflammation can result in a persistent headache. Another factor is the changeable spring weather, which causes variations in barometric pressure. Changes in barometric pressure are hypothesized to trigger nerves in the sinuses, nose, or ears, causing headaches. As a result, springtime may be the ideal "soup" for more frequent headaches.


Natural Sinus relief
Sinus Plumber, an all-natural nasal spray, has taken the position of Sinus Buster. It harnesses the power of hot peppers (capsaicin) and horseradish to clear congestion and provide quick relief for various sinus, allergy, and headache issues. Within 30 seconds, it begins to reduce inflammation and congestion.


Sinus Plumber is a non-toxic nasal spray. Sinus Plumber nasal rinse salt contains natural plant terpenes, which help to flush out allergies and germs while also calming and cleansing the sinuses. Excellent for allergy relief, sinus infections, and everyday nose cleansing.

5.   Bodytox Lavender Sleep Patches for A Good Night's Sleep

Make getting eight hours of sleep per night a priority this spring. As soon as you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis, your body and mind are always at odds with each other. When it comes to having a good day, getting adequate sleep may make or break it. Allow yourself to unwind truly. You'll feel even better about yourself than you did the previous day.

You feel even worse when you don't get enough sleep. Insomnia may develop because of stress and anxiety, making you feel worse since you aren't getting enough sleep. It's vital to prioritize rest, especially if you're stressed5.

Keep your electronic devices out of room and go to bed early so that you can get a good night's sleep. What's more, natural sleep aids may assist you in getting a better night's sleep. Bodytox Lavender Sleep Patches are the best solution for anyone who has irregular sleeping habits. It promotes physical and mental relaxation, as well as stress and nerve relief.

6.   Harmony's Ear Candles for Ultimate Relaxation

Ear candles may encourage relaxation, which may make it easier to live well with many disorders when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Aromatherapy, ambient sound, and heated smoke aid in relaxation, producing a condition of natural healing. This procedure is entirely risk-free and allows for optimal ear cleanliness. It provides a sense of well-being and reduces discomfort when applied as a preventive hygiene activity.

Furthermore, ear candling regenerates cutaneous breathing, assisting in the normal tension of the eardrum after being subjected to stressful events such as mountain trips, air travel, bathing, or underwater diving, which can cause the sensation of covered ears6.

Ear candling, in a nutshell, provides mental clarity and aids in the restoration of balance. So, give Harmony's Ear Candles a try. These ear candles can help people with rhinitis, sinusitis, ear infections, allergies, flu symptoms, sore throat, migraines, conjunctivitis, bad days, and stress. Harmony's Ear Candles are also aromahanced with lavender and other essential oils for optimum relaxation.

The Bottom Line

Take steps to improve your health while you clear clutter and clean your house this spring. Add our favorite springtime natural health products to your routine for ultimate relaxation and optimal health of your mind and body. Make the atmosphere of your home, office, or any place fresh and soothing with H.E.A.L's Essential Oils, and give a try to Harmony's Plantain Salve for bug bites and skin irritations. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel may help you get quick relief from cuts and scrapes and put your seasonal change allergies and sinuses at bay with Sinus Plumber. What's more, use Bodytox Lavender Sleep Patches for a good night's sleep and Harmony's Ear Candles for ultimate relaxation. 

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