Exercise after Intermittent Fasting

Harmony's Preview:

  • For best results losing weight and maintaining your well being naturally exercise before breakfast.
  • Exercise is probably the hardest yet most important part of optimal well being. Even though exercise is very important, it is critical to remember a little goes a long way. HIIT exercises, 10 minutes of YouTube videos, or just walking around the block allows you to have a lower time investment that will still make a difference.


Morning Exercise Helps You Lose Weight

Exercise after Intermittent Fasting

Exercising first thing in the morning wakes you up, stimulates movement, gets your blood flowing faster than sitting for sure and helps encourage weight loss.

According to the Journal of Psychology, exercising in a fasted state essentially forces your body to shed fat (1) and helps enhance your metabolism. 

Think about it: Your body can use food as a source of energy, replenish your bodies ‘fuel’, store it for later (yuck, fat!). So getting up and exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach uses your breakfast to replenish your bodies ‘fuel’… makes sense doesn’t it?

Exercise In The Morning Clears The ‘Fog’ From Your Brain And Wakes Your Body Up

Exercise in the morning improves your physical and mental energy. Just moving around is helpful and beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Instead of being a bump on a log or lumbering through the day, when you get up and wake your whole self up through active movement you will be more ready for action and your minds cobwebs will have been dusted away from the night before.

Exercise In The Morning Helps Stimulate Self Discipline

Natural wellbeing is also about taking responsibility for ones health in every area:  mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. If you want to become smarter in an area, one needs to study.  This takes discipline. 

So hopefully, everyone brushes their teeth first thing in the morning. Therefore, it rarely gets forgotten. The things we do first in the morning, tend to be the things that we continue to do every day, forming habits (good or bad).  Doing these things in the morning takes discipline… it is called ‘get up and go’ or ‘get ‘r dun’ mentality. 

But I Don’t Want To!

Who does?  But keep your eye on the prize.  What do you want more?  More energy?  Better health? More dates?  Less ailments?  Then ‘get up and go’!   

Set the Alarm as far away from the bed as possible but still be able to hear it.

Now that you are up … keep moving … keep moving … that’s right … keep moving.   Grab those work out clothes, put on your tennis shoes … and, of course, do not forget to brush your teeth!  … and get going!  Walk outside, walk inside, go up and down stairs, move with a YouTube video, walk your dog, chase your children outside (they will love it as your pretend to be a monster chasing them, screaming out all your frustration!)  

You can do it!

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1.J Physiol. 2010 Nov 1;588(Pt 21):4289-302. doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.2010.196493.