Doc Harmony vs. a Virus

Harmony's Preview:

Have you been feeling under the weather? Are you nervous about getting sick?

Well, I have been very sick lately! Here is what I did while I have been sick to become healthy again … Was it the coronavirus, who knows!

how to fight covid 19 naturally

I am writing this message to everyone, to help thwart the fear and provide hope and information as we begin to see the coronavirus sweep across our nation. All viruses can be beaten. Precaution is a must and a naturally, good offense as well.

I flew from Atlanta, GA to Costa Rica, Sunday March 8, 2019. I had recently overcome a ‘bug’ and had no systems of illness. Tuesday, I had a temperature, 3 degrees above my normal temperature.  It came on suddenly and unexpectedly. My blood pressure also rose high enough to inflict me with a migraine beyond belief. It was extremely painful and I was not sure what was happening. I could barely think to take care of myself and I became very confused and weak. I could barely move.  I immediately self quarantined myself.

I did what I always do when my immune system is compromised, instead of taking my silver orally, I started nebulizing Sovereign Silver, increased my Vitamin D and C and used ear candles to relieve the horrible pressure in my head, ears and throat.

Thank goodness my assistant was available to make me chicken noodle soup, juice beets and carrot juice. I was well prepared to fight the fight!  I was ready!

Finally, after 2 days, the fever subsided, the blood pressure lowered and the pressure in the head diminished – thank you ear candles. However, I did not feel better. I still felt extremely weak and practically lifeless. I had also begun to take Oregano Oil (1 dose a day) and ozonated water (3 glasses a day). All I could do was sleep! The world could have blown up and I would have cared less. It was horrible and paralyzing!

Please note: I went to the local clinic on day 2 and asked to be tested for the coronavirus but they did not have them available. But the doctor did inform me that I had pneumonia.

Day 3, more of the same - Silver, Vitamin C, etc. I was finally able to go sit outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.  That helped my spirits.  Of course, I kept sleeping.

Day 4, I was still struggling to feel better. At this point I was beginning to become concerned. I was running out of options. Were my natural health remedies not working?  I felt like I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 5, I woke up in the morning, with barely enough energy to do my remedies, nebulize and make more ozonated water. Mind you during this whole time, I have only had homemade chicken soup with vegetables (ALL organic) and organic beet/carrot juice freshly squeezed. I have never been so perplexed. The feeling and sensations were horrible. I could not think. I felt as if a cloud of clouds was enveloping me. My lungs were heavy and my breathing was getting more difficult. I decided to double my vitamin C and ended up taking 24,000 mg and I added in another nebulizing session (I had been doing 20 sprays in the nebulizer, 4 times a day). FINALLY, on day 5 around 2 p.m. I began to feel better. I felt as if I had rounded the ‘corner’ of life. The clouds of heaviness fell away from my brain, my spirit, my being … and I knew I would be okay! It was the first day, that I did not have to sleep the majority of the day.

Day 6, I am still not recovered, but I can gladly say, that I am recovering. I am just grateful for all the natural remedies that are available to us. It was and will continue to be a concentrated effort to recover but I know that I can. Making myself sit in the sun and get fresh air, I think that also made a big difference too.

Day 8,  I am still taking it very slowly and I am still nebulizing 3 times a day, drinking ozonated water, taking my Vitamin C (18,000 mg a day), vitamin D (20,000 a day) and a handle of other very important supplements, like tumeric, selenium and silica. 

I am forever grateful for my ear candles that provide such relaxing relief on the first couple of very painful days, Hulda Clarks Vitamin C Powder, Vibrant Health's Vitamin D and, most importantly, Sovereign Silver. Without these items I am not sure I would be better. I am continually impressed that Mother Earth provides all that we need in times of crisis and I am grateful for my support team who continues to check on me and encourage me to heal myself naturally.

Note: I am not recommending this protocol to anyone. But for me, one who believes in the natural way of being and the supreme belief that the body can and will heal itself, this was the only path that I can take. I am glad I did and I only hope to help others. From my experiences, I know that viruses and illnesses can be beaten using natural health supplements and a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Thank you,

doc harmony

Dr. Harmony Founder/Entrepreneur Happy Energy Amazing Life, LLC


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