Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System- Refills
Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System- Refills

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System- Refills

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The Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System was developed to dissolve excess ear wax, soften ear wax plugs, or prevent the recurrence of ear wax plugs. It is also used to dissolve and flush out hard, dry or impacted wax build-ups. The irrigator tip was designed for optimum safety and effectiveness as it cannot damage the ear drum. The syringe feature allows the user to control the flow for maximum comfort during the rinsing process.

Ingredients: One Kyrosol single dose contains: glycerol (321.0mg), sodium carbonate (21.4mg) and purified water.

Directions: Wax Dissolving Process. 1) Lie down on one side (or tilt your head sideways). 2) Pull your external ear out-backwards and place 10 drops of the ear wax dissolving solution into the ear. 3) Keeping the dropper bottle in your hand for a few minutes to let the contents warm up will make the procedure more comfortable. 4) Remain lying on your side and let Kyrosol work in your ear for approximately 20-30 minutes. Rinsing Process: 1) Heat up a few cups of water and let cool to body temperature. 2) Extract the water into the ear washer, insert the tip of the syringe into the ear canal and carefully irrigate the ear while leaning over a wash basin or sink. 3) Repeat the irrigation a few times. Should you feel pain throughout the process, contact your doctor. If the ear wax plug does not dissolve the first time, repeat the treatment for an additional 1-2 days. In order to prevent recurrence of ear wax plugs, Kyrosol may be used one (1) to two (2) times per month.


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“My wife and I consistently use your product. We both feel better overall afterwards. We feel our mind & body is cleared and refreshed.“

Andrew L.  –  of Virginia Beach, VA

“I was a little frightened at first, but my friend persuaded me to try it. Boy, am I hooked now! I suffer from chronic headaches, and the ear candling has helped tremendously.” 

Leann P.  -  of Winston, NC

“I have always had a problem with my balance & started using your ear candles a while back. These ear candles are awesome.”

Julie H.  -  of Salem, NC

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