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Want a closer look at the World's Purest Natural Magnesium Chloride?

  • Zechstein Inside® salt is renowned as the purest natural magnesium chloride, considered the most noble salt in the world. Originating from the ancient Zechstein Sea, which existed approximately 250 million years ago, this sea underwent multiple separations from the ocean, experiencing five distinct cycles over a span of roughly 10 million years.
  • Today, the Zechstein Sea's salt deposits are found in Northwestern Europe, about 1500 meters below the surface. Notably, exploitable magnesium chloride hexahydrate deposits are located in the North of the Netherlands. Remarkably, the Zechstein Sea has never been exposed to modern pollution, ensuring the unparalleled purity of its salt.

  • Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride is extracted using advanced solution mining technology. The resulting magnesium chloride solution, often referred to as "magnesium oil," boasts a density of 32%, equivalent to more than 1.30 kg/l.

Zechstein Minerals has been established in 2006 to serve the cosmetic and medical markets with the naturally very pure magnesium chloride (Bischofite mineral) out of the Zechstein source. The Zechstein source of Nedmag is located nearby Veendam, Netherlands.

The History begins 250 Million Years Ago.

More than 250 million years ago, Zechstein Sea was an inner sea near the equator. Over the course of millions of years, the sea went through 5 cycles of evaporation and flooding, leaving behind a layer of the purest magnesium salt.

zechstein sea
The Zechstein Sea was connected by channels with the Panthalassic Ocean. From there the Tiktaalik was the first vertebrate that went ashore.
The cyclic evaporations of  the Zechstein Sea left a certain order of deposits. Magnesium Chloride salt always crystallized last. Salt deposits with a thickness up to hundreds of meters remained behind (Fig. A) at the former sea bottom (Fig. B) with heights and valleys.
How is magnesium chloride made
The Zechstein seabed has at the height of the city Veendam   a deepening rift of 400m deep (figure). It is clear from recent research that it originated later, after the salt had already deposited. Above this rift, however, is the Veendam Salt Pillow (Fig. B), the oval dotted circle, and here also showing the magnesium salt accumulation in 3D see (Fig. C) the purple spot. 

The genesis of the unique Zechstein source starts shortly after the last great evaporation cycle On the salt flats (blue and red layer relatively small puddles with magnesium chloride (gray top) arose Figure a), the seabed at Veendam caved in, the aforementioned rift confluence causing magnesium chloride puddles from the outline miles away to merge ..(black arrows in the map) In the following millions of years, the first deposits above the salt appeared and salt flowed slowly in NW direction white arrows in blue) These growing deposits exerted pressure on the salt packet causing the first deformations Figure b) During the growth of more and more deposits there were also stable periods Figure c), but later, tectonic forces moved the salt upward Salt from the valleys and surroundings transformed into salt mountains This resulted in the high concentration of magnesium salts in the Veendam Salt Pillow Figure d) Nowadays on the NW side of the Veendam Salt Pillow we find a unique huge concentration of magnesium salt with pure natural magnesium chloride gathered in layers with a thickness up to tens of meters.

The Ancient Healing Power of ŐSIMAGNESIUM

Healing power of the Zechstein SeaMagnesium is a life essential mineral, vital for numerous bodily functions. At ŐSIMAGNESIUM, we harness the incredible health benefits of magnesium chloride that crystallized 250 million years ago from the ancient Zechstein Sea. This pristine source of magnesium is an immense natural health treasure, renowned for its unparalleled purity and potency.

Our ŐSIMAGNESIUM line of products captures the essence of this ancient mineral, delivering its restorative properties directly to you. Just as we all carry the ancient inner sea within us in the form of the fluid surrounding our cells, ŐSIMAGNESIUM products provide the magnesium your body needs to thrive. From soothing bath flakes to nourishing body butters, every product is designed to support your health and well-being, rooted in the timeless legacy of the Zechstein Sea.

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