What are Essential Oils?

how essential oils are used

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring, concentrated plant extracts used for a variety of health, beauty, psychological and spiritual applications. They are extracted from the parts of plants including flowers, roots, leaves, stems and bark using steam distillation or cold pressing. As pure essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful, they must be used with caution in order to reap the desired benefits.

For all essential oils, you will find information on its botanical name, common method of extraction, oil color, oil consistency, perfumery note, strength of the initial aroma, aromatic description, uses, constituents, and safety information. For most information provided, the data is based on the review of particular samples and could differ from your personal experience.

What is Aromatherapy?

Essential oils are the fragrant, concentrated extracts of plants that have been used for centuries in aromatherapy to promote well-being. They possess therapeutic properties and can be used for a number of purposes, including aromatherapy, massage therapy, inhalation, and topical application. When diluted by other carrier oils or combined with other ingredients such as bath salts, they can help to promote relaxation and reduce tension. When inhaled or applied to the skin, these scented oils stimulate nerve pathways in the brain and can have positive effects on emotions as well as physical health.

How do Essential Oils work?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants and have traditionally been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. They can be applied topically or inhaled through various methods, such as massage, heat, or simply inhaling the scent. Once applied to the skin or inhaled, these plant chemicals interact with the body’s systems and organs via several pathways. When essential oils are applied topically, they can deliver a range of benefits throughout the body. Inhalation of essential oils can stimulate emotional responses by interacting with the limbic system located in the brain, as well as affect respiratory systems when inhaled through the nose or mouth. All in all, essential oils can create an effect more quickly than taking a pill by bypassing digestion and entering our body through absorption or inhalation.


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