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Magnesium is an essential nutrient for life, critical to maintaining good health and providing balance within our cells. It helps reduce symptoms of chronic back pain, fatigue, and insomnia, while increasing energy levels throughout the day. Additionally, magnesium plays a key role in helping the body handle stress and preventing illness.

Magnesium, known for being vital to your health, can now be taken in the form of transdermal magnesium therapy (lotions, gels, butters for your skin). This innovative method is perfect for the largest organ in the body – the skin, and makes for a convenient way to access the healing properties that magnesium provides. Therefore, the practice of transdermal magnesium therapy has the potential to bring about a new era of wellbeing!

Recommended Magnesium Supplement

Looking for the best magnesium supplement? Look no further than topical magnesium which is far more effective than its oral counterparts and is also more budget-friendly. ŐSIMagnesium offers a wide range of products such as lotions, butters, gels, sprays and flakes. These formulas absorb directly into the skin so that problematic tissues and cells can get the magnesium they need quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Supplements that are taken orally may not be the most effective choice for magnesium consumption due to their passage through the digestive track, where they can be diluted or broken down by gastric acid. Conversely, transdermal magnesium is much more effective because it bypasses the stomach and liver, thus avoiding any potential side-effects and delivers the highest amounts of magnesium to the body. The best magnesium supplement is one that can be applied topically to provide direct relief and higher efficiency.

How Much Magnesium Do I need?

How much magnesium should humans consume daily to maintain health? The answer depends on gender and age, as the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for magnesium varies accordingly.

RDA values recommended for magnesium (mg/day)




Birth to 6 Months 30mg 30mg
7-12 Years 75mg 75mg
1-3 Years 80mg 80mg
4-8 Years 130mg 130mg
9-13 Years 240mg 240mg
14-18 Years 410mg 360mg
19-30 Years 400mg 310mg
31-50 Years 420mg 320mg
51+ Years 420mg 320mg

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