What is Plantain Salve?

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What is Plantain?

Plantain weed (Plantago major) is a pesky broadleaf weed that's a common nuisance for lawn owners. It has low-growing foliage, making it difficult to spot and often ending up beneath lawnmowers. Plantains are highly tolerant of compacted soils and high foot traffic, enabling them to spread quickly across the entire yard. The leaves grow in medium rosettes, then flower with thin spikes with small blossoms that produce tiny seeds that can easily be carried away by the wind. To control plantain weeds, they must be dug out before their flowers appear.

Plantain is an herb that is often viewed as a troublesome weed, but with knowledge of its many medicinal uses it can easily be seen instead as a valuable crop. Once you know how to harvest and utilize plantain, it may just change your perspective on this versatile herb!

History of Plantain

Plantain (or Plantago major) is an herb that has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. Its leaves were often crushed and applied as poultices to treat cuts and skin ailments, while its juice was dropped in the eyes to cool inflammation. The plant is native to Europe but was brought to America's east coast by British puritans and spread rapidly in fields and along roadsides, earning it the nickname of “white man’s foot” from Native Americans. It followed the pioneers on their journey westward into the mainland US, where it continues to be seen as both a helpful medicinal herb, and a troublesome weed.

Plantain has an interesting history dating back to the Anglo Saxons who regarded them as one of their nine sacred herbs. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, plantains were used topically for a variety of skin complaints including scrapes, bruises, burns, and cuts. Plantains were also taken internally for various digestive complaints as well as coughs, colds, and gastric disorders.


“I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about Harmony's Plantain Salve at first. Who knew plantain could do so much? Amazing! Harmony's Plantain Salve has become a staple in my home now. My husband used it as lip balm and we've all used it on bug bites. It is truly amazing!” –Kamil G.

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