What does PEMF do?

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Can PEMF Therapy Protect Me from Future Illnesses?

Operating effectively at a systematic level will reduce opportunities for diseases to develop. Diseases begin at a cellular level and injuries have to start healing at a cellular level. By using Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies one can improve general circulation thus accelerating reparation processes. By improving general cellular health, they break down/wear out less often. Healthy operating cells will accelerate recuperation and balance bodily functions.

Aren’t Magnetic Fields Bad for Me

The MyMat has a frequency range between 1Hz to 200 kHz and EMF strength won’t exceed 10 micro-Tesla per channel. The MyMat can operate up to 4 channels simultaneously due to its 4 antennae’s, thus a maximum of 40 micro-Tesla. Magnetic fields outside of the low and extremely low frequencies such as microwave, infrared, radio and ultraviolet frequencies do have varied detrimental effects on our cells and body. Most of our exposure risk comes from higher frequencies such as power lines and cell phones attached to our heads daily. These frequencies pose higher risks because we are constantly exposed to them and they can induce tissue damage, alter cellular function and create general cellular damage. It is practically impossible to live a life avoiding these frequencies, they are everywhere and penetrate everything. We can’t escape E-smog, but we can use the MyMat which has several programs that can help reduce damaging effects from all our constant electronic bombardment by adding frequencies that maintain our bodies in balance, maintaining the healthy, natural frequencies.

Technical Data

Generation of a pulsating electromagnetic field according to the selected Programs

Frequency range: 1 Hz up to 200 kHz

Exit sign: The minimum value of the magnetic induction measured on the surface of the signal transmitter is 10 micro Tesals for the entire frequency range

Temperature range for its operation + 5

Measurements: 32x25x3

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