Who is MyMat for?


Who Is MyMat For?

MyMat can be used by everyone. It has complete software programs with different frequencies that are designed with your mental and physical state in mind. People from all over the world love MyMat. It can even be used for our pets.

MyMat is for:

  • The Busy Traveler: These programs help support the ever-changing travel schedules, time zones, and environments.
  • Exercise Lover: These programs support athletes and people who are physically challenged. Use these programs before and after physical effort, especially to assist in your mental preparation. Reduce muscle tension.
  • Chakra Balancing: These programs highlight the other programs by stimulation your chakras and helping you to stay grounded.
  • Yoga & Pilates: These programs work with your meridian pathways and encourages healing naturally.
  • Children: These programs are ideal for common household issues. Get the extra support you need. Melt the tension and stress away.
  • Spa and Wellness: These programs as designed to help your natural wellbeing.
  • Stress: These programs are for general stress and tension reduction.
  • Pets: Yes, programs for Pets! Designed specifically for your furry friends.
  • Seniors: These programs are specifically for the older generations to assist with their special needs.


“We just purchased this AMAZING invention, and all 5 of us using it alternatively. Grandma went absolutely relieved with many of her issues after just a few treatments, and seeing her improve was already returning our investment. Thank you for selling such of great tool to be able just "dial in" and receive ALL the benefits.” –Marina L.

“ I have been using the Mat for years and I can only say nice thing about it. It works as it advertised and MORE. It is NOT an expense, BUT an investment in you and your families health. Just thing about how much medical bill can ad up to, and to be in a hospital in a very risky issue unless you have a deal with major accident.” –Peter K.

“It was suggested to me to try the MyMat when I had bells palsy. The entire right side of my face was paralyzed due to trauma to a nerve in my neck. All I had to do was sit with the MyMat in my lap and run the programs on my phone and it immediately began helping! Every time I sat through a session my family and coworkers would comment on how my face seemed to be getting better! Normally it takes 3 months to start getting full use of your facial muscles back, but with the MyMat, I cut that time in half! I cannot say enough about this product! If you have any muscle or nerve damage, this product is worth the money!” –Becky H.

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