What are H.E.A.L. Patches?

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Harmony’s Lavender Sleep Patches

Lavender Sleep Patches are herbal foot patches formulated to help you achieve a restful, comfortable sleep. They contain natural ingredients such as wood vinegar, tourmaline eucalyptus oil, chitosan and lavender oil, making them the perfect solution for anyone seeking an alternative form of relaxation.

Lavender is a fragrant flower with a variety of therapeutic benefits, from relieving fatigue and promoting restorative sleep to reducing stress and calming the mind. It contains an essential oil known as ester which has relaxing properties that can help promote a restful night's sleep. Lavender has no toxic effects and its unique aroma has uplifting and calming effects to help reduce tension, giving you feelings of peace and wellbeing.

Harmony’s Natural Warm Patches

Natural Warm Patches are known for their ability to ease aches and pains, as well as promoting better blood circulation when applied to the feet. These patches generate Far Infrared Energy (FIR), which has been around for thousands of years in the natural environment. FIR is renowned for its ability to penetrate deep within our body and improve the flow of blood, whilst also rejuvenating skin cells.

These self-heating patches are topical pain relief treatments that use Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to naturally heat the area of the body where they are applied. These patches contain a patented microcapsule container containing warming raw materials, such as polysaccharides, which absorb the emitting warmth from the body and transfer it back. Natural Warm Patches can help soothe aches and pains and maintain good blood circulation when applied to areas like the feet. Warm Patches may be applied for a maximum of 12 hours.


“My daughter suffers from insomnia and we have tried almost everything including prescribed medication. Harmony’s Lavender Sleep Patches are wonderful! She puts them on after dinner and she is out by 11 pm. Even though this is still later, it’s better than her staying up until 2 - 3 am. Her stress and anxiety have improved immensely.” -Abbey F.

“I bought Harmony’s Warm Patches for my dad who has back pain and they provide him great relief and he says that they are astonishing, had a good night's sleep, the heat came in quite quickly and lasted all night. He is very pleased.” –Matthew M.

“Simply put Harmony’s Lavender Sleep Patches on about 20-30min before you're ready to sleep....and be ready to sleep! The adhesive doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin at all. These little foot patches fixes are a lifeline!” –Tina D.

“I really love these sleep patches, they help me have such a deep restful sleep. I find I'm less restless and awake with fewer interruptions in the night. I would highly recommend these sleep patches to anyone looking for a better night's sleep.” –Heather L.

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