Harmony's OSI Topical Magnesium

natural magnesium supplement

How to use OSIMagnesium:

Do I need Magnesium?

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Why should I use topical magnesium?

  • Unlike oral magnesium supplements, topical magnesium is far more effective and easier on your wallet with fantastic results. Like all magnesium products that are used topically, ŐSIMagnesium lotions, butters, gels, sprays and flakes absorb directly into the skin. In short, the magnesium your body needs reaches problematic tissues and cells for directly. Topical magnesium is more effective because it does not have to pass through the digestive track.

Where does OSIMagnesium come from?

  • ŐSIMagnesium Oil is a unique mineral that originates 1500- 2000 meters down in the inactive Zechstein Sea. The Zechstein Sea is a prehistoric sea that hides thousands of meters deep in the earth’s crust. Its location protects it from any form of modern, negative environmental impact, in other words it is the purest source of magnesium chloride available. The hidden location preserves the magnesium in its original energetic state. State-of-the-art biotechnological methods mine this pure and highly energized mineral. The ancient Zechstein Sea resides in the northern part of Europe, extending from the eastern coast of England to Northern Poland. This sea water has been untouched for the past 250 million years.

What is the difference in magnesium gel, oil, lotion, butter and flakes?

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