Harmony's Mullein Ear Oil

natural ear infection remedy

How to use Mullein Oil:

How does Mullein Oil work?

  • The common name “Mullein” comes from the Latin word “Mollis,” meaning “soft” or “smooth” and refers to the texture of the leaves, which mirrors its action in the body: soothing, protective, relieving irritation and inflammation. It is an analgesic, alleviating pain, as well as an antiseptic, a relaxant, a lymphatic cleanser, and a bowel healer. This herb enjoys a solid reputation for healing a broad range of lung conditions. The entire herb, including flowers, leaves, and roots, is beneficial to the entire respiratory system.

What is Harmony's Mullein Oil made out of?

  • Harmony’s Mullein Oil is made with all natural ingredients: Mullein Oil, Calendula Oil, Lemon Oil, Vitamin E Oil & Grapeseed Oil. (Also available with Garlic Oil)

How do you apply Mullein Oil?

  • For ear aches: use 2-4 drops of mullein oil in the ear canal, 2 times per day and massage in your ear sparingly. Never drop oil directly into ear.