What do Ear Candles do?

what does ear candling do

What do ear candles actually do?

Within our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) lies our parasympathetic state of well-being. In other words, this is our body’s natural resting state – It is our natural way of well-being. Regrettably, as a result of the world we live in, our bodies mostly reside in the sympathetic state of non- well-being – “fight or flight”.

It has been discovered through a study in Germany that this shift from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic state of being truly happens within the physical body and it is not a placebo effect of ear candling. Dr. Schellenberg proved that the brain shifts from a stressed/sympathetic state/fight or flight to a relaxed/ parasympathetic state when ear candling. He discovered after just ONE ear candle that:

  • The body in a relaxed wakefulness
  • There was a reduction of the vegetative excitation state.
  • There was simultaneous decrease of the cardiac rate.
  • There was an equal reduction within the peripheral blood vessel tone
  • Peripheral circulation is increased.

“Ear candling does not remove earwax from the ear canal; Ear candling delivers energy, which helps the body to heal itself.” -Patrick Quanten, MD

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Reflexology and Meridian Pathways

Dr. Quanten wrote a lengthy paper on Ear Candling and its Energetic Healing. Consider that the explanation of everything always leads us back to a conversation about energy. Ear Candles are no different! The extra energy that the fire of the candle brings to the energetic part of the human system is delivered to the densest parts of the human, the physical body, via the ear, its reflexology points, nearby chakras and the meridian pathways. Hence, there is a high concentration of energy surrounding this important part of the body – our head! Remember, there are:

  • Over 60 plus reflexology points in each ear
  • 3 Chakras in the head region
  • 8 of the 12 meridian pathways start or end in the head region

Our bodies are electromagnetic in nature and our vital force or chi, which is composed of two kinds of forces, yin and yang, flows along a sophisticated network of energy pathways within the body. Kundalini energy is the ultimate life-force energy that helps you channel power energy and transforms your life.

the science behind ear candles


“I am a professional Thermo Auricular therapist and have been using ear candles on my patients for a number of years now. Just recently I've tried Harmony's Ear Candles and have found them to be of the best quality for my treatments yet. These candles in particular have a great aroma making for a more pleasurable and relaxing experience!” -Madeline W

“I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful experience I had with your candles. I have been feeling sluggish and not at my best for a little while now and a friend suggested I give your candles a try. My friend used 2 candles on each of my ears and I cannot believe the difference I feel. I became so relaxed during the candling I felt like I was waking from a refreshing nap when I was finished and got up. Not only that but my mind felt much clearer and all my sinuses felt like they had cleared out. It was such a relaxing, uplifting experience. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!” -Maggie R

“My child suffers from sinusitis and had difficulty breathing while sleeping. He used to cry from being tired and unable to sleep. I tried every remedy but in vain. That's when I tried Harmony's Ear candles and ever since my boy sleeps peacefully and soundly. The ear candles seem to soothe and calm him before sleep and his sinuses seem less blocked and lighter. Moreover, he loves the vanilla smell, says it reminds him of grandma's pudding. Can't thank you guys enough!” -Hazel T

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