How to Use Ear Candles


how to use ear wax candles

How to Use Ear Candles at Home

Follow these easy Ear Candle instructions for a relaxing experience!

Materials needed:

- Harmony's Ear Candles

- Paper Plate

- A Cup of Water

- A Match or Lighter


  1. In the paper plate, cut the shape of the letter "X". Pass the candle through it with the tip down and keep the burnline on top.
  1. Lie on your side with the your ear facing the ceiling. Have your partner ignite the larger end, not the pointed end, and wait 7-8 seconds BEFORE carefully inserting.
  1. Gently put the small end of ear candle and hold the ear candle during the entire process. (Always use a second person during this process)
  1. When the ear candle burns down to the burn line, extinguish the candle in water.


Caution: Open flame can cause burn injury; therefore, ALWAYS use two people when candling. The second person holds the ear candle and informs the user when the flame has reached the burn line. Keep all flammable materials and hair away from a burning candle. If you feel uncomfortable, stop using the candle.

Disclaimer: Harmony’s Candles are a personal relaxation and wellbeing product; furthermore, do not use Harmony’s Ear Candles as a substitute for professional medical services and treatment. Consequently, we cannot and do not assume liability for any damage or injury that may occur from improper or careless misuse. Use caution and common sense with this product. User has the responsibility for proper and safe use of Harmony’s Ear Candles and assumes all liabilities associated with that personal wellbeing responsibility. This information is distributed for consumer information and safety under the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America.


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ear wax candle instructions

“I’ve used many ear candles. Due to the protective insert in the tips of these they are my favorite. they also burn clean. I do not like the other brands that I’ve used, and this is actually the only one that I will use. I found them first, and then throughout time I tried different brands and this is the brand come back to. Had I not used it as my very first brand, I might have never used ear candles again.“ -Nicholette Dietzel

“During a recent flight, I was in a lot of pain and felt a lot of pressure in my head. The passenger next to me recommended ear candling. Right after landing, I stopped at the nearest health food store and picked up a pack of Harmony’s Ear Candles. Within 30 minutes of the session, I felt very relaxed and at ease. I will definitely be candling after all my flights from now on.” -Yvonne M.

“I have heard different things about ear candling and wanted to give it a try. I purchased a set of Harmony’s Ear Candles and tried them out with my daughter. We decided to do this together one night and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. We both used 2 ear candles per ear and I found myself pretty relaxed and calm. I know I will ear candle again in the near future.  Way cheaper than getting a massage!” -Renee T.

"My hubby had a problem with his ears. He said it was as though he was under water. He started to get headaches and pain in his neck. A visit to the doctor didn't really help much. We tried these, and from the first try, there was a difference. After a couple more tries the problems have lessened considerably. These have without a doubt had a big part in this." -Gloria H.

"I was having issues sleeping at night due to anxiety. I was hesitant at first but I was desperate to sleep well. I bought the Lavender Ear Candles. My boyfriend actually had to wake me up during the session! I felt so rejuvenated, and I rest so well now that I burn every night! Thank you Harmony's Ear Candles!" -Avery A.

"Dear Friends, I want to share my experience using ear candles. After using the ear candles, I have noticed that my hearing has improved. My husband says that he has not heard me snore since I started using the ear candles. He says that I am breathing much better, and I feel much better in general." - Korinna M.