Harmony’s Ear Candles are made from certified organic cotton cloth. Here is the certificate of compliance from Appachi Eco Logic Cotton, our exclusive supplier of certified organic cotton cloth.

Appachi Eco Logic Cotton - Certified ORGANIC Cotton

Cotton cloth and wax make up all ear candles. At HEAL we use Certified Organic Cotton. As a result, we are the ONLY Ear Candles in the world made with organic cotton cloth. Here is our certificate of compliance from Appachi Eco Logic Cotton, our exclusive supplier.

Appachi GOTS Certificate

Finally, visit our new partner at www.appachicotton.com to learn more about their story.

Their story is a happy one. It is a story of hope. Farmers and weavers finding a sustainable source of income, while reaping the rewards of their hard work. Learn about the elimination of chemicals and pesticide, as a result elephants and endangered tigers getting a second chance of survival. It is a peaceful resolution to the man-animal conflict raging for decades. In conclusion, it is the story of beautiful harmony between the modern world and the traditional, of the perfect balance between man and nature. Who else could we choose to provide us with our cotton cloth to make Harmony’s Ear Candles?