What are the benefits of PEMF therapy?

pemf mat benefits

Here are the most common health benefits about which we know so far.

Pain Relief Aid

Accelerated postsurgical recovery. PEMF treatment can greatly reduce the pain and swelling that occur after plastic surgery. This was proven in a study completed by the NIH in 2009 and published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. (1)

Decreased back pain. In another study completed by the NIH, results show that patients who suffered from failed back surgery syndrome experienced relief after receiving PEMF treatment. The study was published in the International Medical Case Reports Journal. (2)

Improved range of motion. Patients suffering from cervical osteoarthritis can benefit greatly from PEMF treatment. PEMF reduces the pain that these patients feel and increases their range of motion, as a 1996 study shows. (3)

Decreased pelvic pain. Patients suffering from gynecological issues that are causing chronic and acute pelvic pain can find relief in PEMF treatment. As a 1993 study shows, PEMF therapy greatly reduces pelvic pain in these instances. (4)

Accelerated nerve repair. In 1993, a study was sponsored by the Bioelectromagnetics Society and reported by the NIH. The study found that PEMF treatment could promote healing of sciatic nerve damage by 22%. (5)

Anxiety, Stress & Sleep Aid

Eases depression. In a study conducted on rats in 2000, the findings showed that PEMF treatment significantly decreased feelings of fear and anxiety in rats. The results of the study were reported by the NIH. (6)

Improves sleep. PEMF devices can be used to support our bodies’ circadian rhythm. Lower frequencies can help calm the body and mind, and prepare us for sleep. It has been proven that using a PEMF device before sleep allows us to enter the REM phase much faster, and to stay in that phase longer.

Reduces stress. Stress is a condition from which a lot of people suffer today, and it can trigger some more serious health conditions like heart issues, diabetes, immune system crashes, and so on. Lower frequency PEMF treatment can reduce the secretion of the stress hormone (cortisol), and in that way greatly reduce the stress that we feel on an everyday basis.

Enhanced Sports Performance

PEMF devices are known to improve blood flow in targeted areas through the process of vasodilatation. The body can thus recover much faster from strenuous physical exercise by expelling lactic acid more efficiently, and recover from muscle fatigue much faster as well.

The Facts


and according to:  www.pemfsupply.com/blogs/learning-center/pemf-therapy-fda-approved

  1. In 1979, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for the healing of nonunion fractures.
  2. In 1998, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.
  3. In 2004, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion.
  4. In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety.
  5. In 2011, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for treatment of brain cancer.
  6. On October 13th, 2015, the FDA reclassified PEMF devices from their existing Class 3 category to a Class 2 status, and most PEMF devices that are sold today in the United States are FDA registered as wellness devices.

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