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Are Ear Candles safe?

YES! Harmony’s Ear Candles are safe! We are the safest ear candle in the world! We are the only ear candle with a “Stop Here” safety burnline and a USA patented safety tip. Doc Harmony choses locally collected beeswax and the highest quality food-grade wax to make her ear candles; in addition, we are the only company that double-wraps their candles to achieve a better and safer burn time.

We agree with the FDA that an improperly constructed ear candle that Is manufactured with a heavy beeswax or low grade paraffin wax can and will drip inside the ear candle. Regardless of the type of wax used it is imperative and of the utmost importance to have a safety tip in your ear candle and a burn line label. Since safety tips are not mandated by law, most companies do not use a safety tip. Because we care about you, this requirement is an integral part of the Citizen Petition before the FDA requesting for guidelines. We want ear candles that are as humanly safe as possible considering that human beings are using them. In the Citizen Petition we are asking the FDA to put safety guidelines into place regardless of the cost to us. Placing a burn line label acts as a second safety defense. The burn line label is a label wrapped around the ear candle at the 4-inch mark. This clearly indicates to the user when to extinguish the flame out in water. It is imperative to give enough room and time, for the naturally occurring inside debris, just in case there is any wax that may be on the inside of the candle to cool down and harden.

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When shopping for Ear Candles, you should ask yourself:

  • Is the Ear Candle Handcrafted or Made by Machine? When wanting to use ear candles, the safest choice is to opt for those handcrafted by reputable manufacturers such as H.E.A.L.- Harmony’s Ear Candles. This not only ensures that the product is made with quality materials but also supports businesses that create jobs in the marketplace; thus, providing people with an opportunity to make a living for themselves and their families. At H.E.A.L, we have a 3 step quality control inspection process, insuring that all handcrafted ear candles are safe to deliver to your home.
  • What materials are used in the Ear Candle? One factor to consider is the type of cotton used in their making. Non-GMO cotton is preferable, as more than 50% of today's cotton seeds have been genetically modified. Burning an ear candle that contains these chemicals and pesticides near your face may not be desired health results, so organic or certified organic cotton for ear candles may be more conducive to a healthy environment.
  • Is there a Burnline Safety Label? At Harmony, we prioritize safety when it comes to ear candles. That's why every package of ear candles is finished with a 'Stop Here' burn line safety label. When you see this label, you know that the candle has burned down low enough and should be put out. This way, you know your ear candle experience will be safe and easy!
  • How much Cloth is Used to Make the Candle? To ensure safe and effective ear candle usage, Harmony's Ear Candles are double-wrapped using high quality cloth. This extra layer of protection ensures that the candle burns more steadily and lasts longer. This gives users peace of mind while they use the product.
  • Does the Candle have a Safety Tip? Make sure to purchase ear candles with a built-in safety tip in order to prevent any wax from dripping into the ear that could cause adverse reactions or complications.


“I bought Harmony’s Ear Candles in bulk for my family; my wife and young son. We were all impressed beyond words. Harmony’s Ear Candles are so safe and easy to use. You can tell their excellent quality just by taking them in your hands. I will be purchasing more!” -Jack L

“I have used other ear candles but found these to be of the best shape and quality! They fit really well into the ear opening and the honey smelling beeswax is fairly pleasant and pure! They are packaged well too! Would definitely purchase only Harmony's ear candles from now on!” – Lilly G

“I have bought and used ear candles for many years now on a regular basis, and I must say Harmony's ear candles are the best I've ever come across. The best thing about these ear candles is that they are made from 100% certified organic cotton which is quite an assurance if you're such a religious user of ear candling(wouldn't want to damage my hearing by using second-grade stuff)The high-quality food-grade wax used is a cherry on top. The burn time is fairly long too. Safe to say that Harmony's ear candles have won me over.” -William S

“I always use Harmony's Ear candles as I find they are the best quality. I use them for my 80-year-old mother and they have never failed yet to remove the pressure from her ears and relax them as she feels trapped and tired by using hearing aids all day long. They even help her ears in feeling less congested and light. Mom feels so peaceful after an ear candling session, it gives me utmost joy seeing her so calm, happy, and relaxed!” – Melissa D

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