Winter Skin Survival Kit

With the seasonal changes, our skin also experiences a major shift from glowing and radiant to dry and patchy skin. Keeping healthy skin in winter is a real challenge. In the winter and fall, with the drop in temperature, the skin loses the natural moisture, resulting in itchy and dry skin. Sometimes, it leads to psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. 

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Skin is the largest organ of the human body that can easily regenerate. It is the advantage that no matter how your skin looks in winter, you can get well-hydrated and moisturized skin with proper skin care. So, if you are struggling with dry skin or other skin conditions, don't worry. In this blog, we will help you with how to treat dry skin in winter at home with the winter skin care products list.

Continue reading to learn more about amazing products that can help you achieve glass-skin goals. 

Essential Skincare Products for Winter 2022

The season change is in the air, which leaves side effects on our overall health. So, it is important to be ready to encounter it. With the right use of winter clothing and accessories such as gloves, caps, and other winter gear, you can keep yourself and your kids from cold. In addition, it is essential to bring some lifestyle changes as the weather changes, such as having a winter skincare regime, using hot showers, and eating hot meals. 

You may wake up with patchy skin, a runny nose, body ache, or an ear infection in winter. From skin to all other body parts must be maintained during seasonal shifts. Incorporate some winter essentials to your daytime and nighttime routine to catch up with the weather.

Here, we share the best Winter Survival Kit to help you keep your skin moisturized and offer other health benefits. 

1.    Harmony's Facial Serum

Skin requires more attention in the winter season. If you are stepping out, you need to protect your skin from the dry and cold wind, extreme sun exposure, snow, or rain. There needs to be more than just wearing gloves or caps. You must use sunscreen, lotion, and moisturizers. Harmony's Facial Serum is another addition to the winter survival kit that helps eliminate dry and dark skin in winter. 

The serum is made from 100% natural ingredients, including five essential oils: Mullein oil, Lemon oil, Calendula oil, Grapeseed oil and Vitamin E oil. No additional use of acid and preservatives. All these oils help in hydrating the skin and aid in combating acne. This serum on the face keeps it moisturized and gives the perfect radiance. Further, it offers the following benefits:


Use Harmony's Facial Serum to rejuvenate your skin in dry weather. Boost your skin's defenses against ageing, acne spots, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags. Vitamin E oil's antioxidant properties in the serum protect the skin from harmful effects. The studies reveal it has amazing effects on scars, burns and other wounds1. Apply skin serum before sleeping at night and get amazing results. 

Skin Brightening

Skin serum made with essential oils has skin-brightening properties. It helps with hyperpigmentation and gives a balanced tone. Brightens the overall skin tone and makes skin glow—no need to use any skin whitening creams available in the market made with harsh ingredients. Instead, use a natural serum to prevent any side effects. 

Natural Moisturization 

Harmony's Facial Serum has one of the best uses as a natural moisturizer. The moisturizer is made with herbal ingredients and purely extracted essential oils that lock the moisture for a long. It has no addition of preservatives and ingredients with anti-ageing properties that keeps the skin young and hydrated. 

How To Use:

Using this serum is quite easy as compared to other cosmetics. Use this serum on your skin regularly. First, make sure your skin is washed and dry. Next, apply 2-54 drops of the serum on the face and massage lightly. Leave it as it is, and let the skin soak all the serum. Adding this item to your daily skincare routine can be very beneficial in the long run. 

2.    Harmony's Plantain Salves


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Harmony's Plantain Salve is another product that must be part of your winter survival kit. Harmony’s Plantain Salve is manufactured with Plantain Salve, Olive oil, and Beeswax. The product has natural ingredients that help against skin conditions such as rashes, irritation, dandruff, and eczema. Treat your dry elbows and chapped lips with this one-stop solution. 


In the winter, sunbath is very important as most days are gloomy. On sunny days, better sin protection is needed. If you forget to cover your skin with caps and gloves, you can experience sunburns which is an extreme condition. You can also use this product as a makeup remover and lip balm at night. So, use Harmony's Plantain Salve for the additional benefits:

Beautiful Skin

Incorporate Harmony's Plantain Salve into your daily skincare routine and enjoy healthy and beautiful skin. Using essential oils in its manufacturing improves skin health and makes it look younger. In addition, olive oil keeps the skin hydrated and retains moisture for a long.

Healing Properties

Plantain is a gigantic herb used as a medicinal plant in different creams and lotions. Different pharmacological properties, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and ant ulcerative, make it a perfect ingredient for healing wounds. Studies reveal it has great therapeutic efficacy for burn wounds2.  

Pain Relief

Harmony Plantain Salve is an amazing product that can relieve pain in pets and humans. Use this product on the painful paws of your pets and make them feel relaxed. 

Dandruff Treatment

As the skin gets dry in the winter, the head scalp also results in dryness, leading to dandruff. Plantain Salve contains pure olive oil that has amazing moisturization properties. Use this product to treat dandruff issues. 

Bug Bites

Not so many products from our vanity can help us in emergencies. An organic product effective against bug bites, ant bites, and spider bites is Harmony's Plantain Salve. 

Apart from this, it is a very beneficial product for bee stings, wasp stings, and diaper rashes. Last but not least, Harmony's Plantain Salve’s amazing ingredients are safe for the whole family. It can also be used in an emergency on scar tissues, ulcers, mastitis, and ant bites. So, keep this product in your first aid box and get maximum advantage. This one-in-all product is the major survival product in winter, from treating dry skin to spider bites and skin injuries. 

How To Use:

Apply a small quantity of this cream on the affected areas twice a day. Slightly massage the cream to absorb it in the skin for better results.

3.    OSIMagnesium Body Butter

Magnesium is an important mineral that is vital in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. We need to get enough Magnesium from different sources that our bodies need. One of the Magnesium sources is its tropical application by which it directly absorbs in the skin. It can be taken in the form of a warm water bath with Magnesium flakes or body butter. 

OSIMagnesium Body Butter is another ingredient of a winter survival kit that can be applied directly to get maximum Magnesium. It is made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients such as Magnesium chloride, Osimagnesium oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, glycerin and other paraben-free ingredients. These ingredients retain moisture in the skin for a long duration and improve overall skin texture. Further, Osimagnesium body butter offers the following skin benefits:

Skin Hydration

Magnesium, also known as dead sea salt, is an enriched source of Magnesium that enhances moisture and skin function when applied to the skin. It deals with rough skin, redness, patchy areas and other inflammation indicators. OSIMagnesium Body Butter contains this ingredient that helps in keeping the skin moisturized. 

Improves Skin Barrier Function

Studies show that Magnesium is active in preventing certain inflammation diseases. In addition, magnesium salt enhances skin hydration used in any form. Bathing in the dead sea salt improves skin barrier function in people with dry skin3

Radiant And Glow

Magnesium offers many benefits to the skin, including hydration and glow. In addition, the regular use of this mineral on the skin makes it radiant and pleasant to the aesthetic eye. 

So, make this product a part of your winter skincare routine for dry skin and get all the benefits from one product. No need to use several night creams and serums as it fits all. OSIMagnesium Foot Cream contains pure magnesium oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, urea, and other ingredients that help with deep moisturization, foot fatigue and leg cramps in the winter season. 

How To Use:

OSIMagnesium Body Butter is really easy to use. Apply this as any other moisturizer cream. Use it as a sunblock before leaving your house.

4.    Harmony’s Mullein Oil

Sometimes winter seasons bring extreme conditions for skin and ears. Earaches and ear infections are among the worst conditions in children. Mullein oil is an amazing ingredient extracted from Verbascum thapsus with a comforting and spicy aroma. It contains rotenone, triterpene saponins, flavonoids, and many other phytochemicals. It has advanced anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and relaxing properties that help deal with earaches and infections. Moreover, it is soothing, relaxing and calming for humans and pets. 

Mullein oil has been a good cure for eczema, earaches, and other skin problems. The topical use of this oil has been found very effective in children with ear infections. According to the studies, children with tropical mullein oil improved ear pain relief4

Harmony’s Mullein Oil ingredients include grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, and calendula oil, which synergistically assist with earaches, itchy, dry ears, swelling and inflammation. Apart from this, it is also effective for scars, sunburns, and stretch marks. 

How To Use:

Use 2-4 drops of oil on the visible ear part and massage your ear softly. Do not drop oil directly in the cavity. Instead, use a cotton bud to apply on the skin and leave it as it is. Perform this activity twice a day and get effective results.

The Bottom Line

Winters can be harsh on your skin and other body parts. So, one must be ready to deal with the weather changes and their side effects. Hundreds of brands will release new products in the market but choosing the one with natural ingredients and health benefits is up to you. Incorporating amazing products like Harmony's Facial Serum, Plantain Salves, and OSIMagnesium Body Butter can help moisturize dry winter skin. No chemicals and other harsh ingredients in these products make them safe for everyone. So, get your winter survival kit with a single click and enjoy the cold weather without cracking your skin. 

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