What Is PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology)

The human body has the ability to heal itself.

The process of self-healing keeps the body in balance, which is a basic requirement for health. Circumstances such as stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and harmful habits weaken self-healing capabilities.

pemf therapy

To re-activate the natural self-healing process, Healing House developed a handheld wireless device called MyMat. This device generates therapeutic frequencies using pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF). PEMF generates electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies to support the body’s natural recovery process by resonating with its original healthy frequencies. This stimulates self-healing.

PEMF technology, like what is used in the MyMat, was developed for space travel. Using this technology, the Astronaut’s body cells were able to return to their natural state of health when coming back from outer space.

More than 15 years ago, Healing House began to expand upon this technology to eventually create

Healing House has chosen an integrative, holistic approach with MyMat. This is unique in the field of PEMF devices and thus meets the demands for PEMF holistic therapy. a portable PEMF device. MyMat has become the perfect blend of technological and scientific achievements working for the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The MyMat approach activates self-healing potential through its programs by focusing on physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Each program is based on the findings of modern scientific medicine and research of the natural vibrational frequencies within the human body. The frequency ranges in the MyMat correspond to those of respective organs, body regions or mental dimensions in a healthy state.

In addition to the modern medical approach, Healing House has also integrated the concepts of ancient, traditional medical systems into MyMat’s programs. The corresponding frequency ranges defined by traditional medical systems have all been precisely programmed into MyMat. They use the knowledge from the Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Each program is designed to encourage the body to balance itself within the accepted standards defined by the medical association.

The meridian programs have their origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM teaches that meridians are energy channels that are associated with one organ (among others). According to these beliefs, the undisturbed energy flow in the meridians represents a healthy organ. This is an energetic extension of human anatomy commonly known in conventional medicine.

The energy structures derived from Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the 7 major energy centers or chakras and the aura are also included. For the respective chakras there is also an affiliation to bodily functions, organs and emotions.

In traditional Tibetan medicine, these energetic concepts are present, as well. There is a special emphasis on the building blocks of life known as the five elemental forces of fire, water, wood, metal and earth.

Healing House has chosen the integrative approach with the MyMat because we believe that traditional healing systems are ideal additions to conventional medical therapy. At the PEMF level, they are side-effect-free. This gives the user an opportunity to utilize the wisdom from all medical systems in order to derive the greatest possible benefits.

How Does MyMat PEMF work?

Every function in our body happens through the exchange of electromagnetic energy between cells. The natural electromagnetic energy controls the biochemical processes in the body. If for some reason this energy is impaired, our cells are damaged and their function is disturbed. Circumstances such as stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and harmful habits weaken our energy. MyMat uses low-frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields that matches those of healthy, perfectly balanced cells. By creating coherent frequencies, MyMat surrounds the body with healthy frequencies.

does pemf workThe organs of the human body vibrate with different frequencies. In the event of imbalances, MyMat’s programs are aimed directly at the respective organs as they need to restore communication and balance at the cellular level. When there is a healthy balance and symbiosis within the body, this stimulates nutrition, improves microcirculation and promotes the release of toxins. At the energetic level, MyMat’s meridian and chakra programs are programmed to emulate the restoration and stabilization of positive energy flow in the affected energy channels. When there is a balance energetically within the body, a healing process can occur simultaneously on a physical and energetic level.

When the properly functioning regulatory processes and the harmonic flow of energy are restored, the self-healing process is activated. This shortens recovery time and slows down the aging process.

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