Transdermal Medicines, or the Most Efficient Way to Absorb Magnesium

The human skin is like tightly woven fabric – seemingly impenetrable, but in reality small openings – so-called pores – are found on it that allow for active agents to be absorbed through the skin.

Medicines absorbed through the skin are ideal for alleviating pain. They have proven to be effective for the treatment of children, and are often used in sports medicine.

It is a widely used method because it makes the absorption of active agents possible in a way that does not upset the stomach, the digestive tract and other organs in the body.

Osi magnesium ProductsVarious gels, emulsions, lotions, sprays and even lipsticks can get their active agents in the bloodstream more effectively. Traditional medicinal methods, i.e. pills and capsules get diluted and they lose part of their potency by the time they get to their destination thanks to the gastric acid and the digestive enzymes.

Transdermal/ topical medicines bypass the stomach and the liver, which lets their active agents reach the places where they are needed the most in greater quantities. In many cases, transdermal methods are used to avoid unwanted side effects (e.g. upset stomach, sleeping disorder, sleepiness).

In medicinal practice, the most commonly used method is still administering oral dosages (pills, capsules), intramuscular methods (vaccines administered in the muscle tissues, e.g. influenza vaccines), subcutaneous methods (e.g. administering insulin under the skin) and the use of intravenous medicines (active agents administered in the veins).

Transdermal administering (such as skin patches) would be more efficient in many cases – just take a look at the size of the surface area of the human skin. The whole area is a chance for the active agents to get absorbed.

Transdermal medicines take us back to the origins of medicine – back to where medicine was not defined by sheer profit but the main focus was the person.

Topical/ transdermal supplementation with magnesium

Topical magnesiumMagnesium therapy through the skin is ideal for pain relief. The combination of heat and magnesium chloride intensifies blood circulation and stimulates the depletion of toxins from the body. This method can prove to be effective almost instantaneously in pain relief.

The easiest way to treat pain is a therapeutic bath that contains flakes of magnesium chloride. When compared with oral medications, it can be applied with much higher efficiency for conditions such as sport injuries, backaches, sciatica, headaches, kidney stones, joint gout and restless leg syndrome, among others. This therapy is a huge breakthrough for the field of sports medicine because it not only treats the injury, but also reduces the inflammation, promotes tissue recovery, heightened sports performance, flexibility, strength and stamina – all at the same time.

The advantages of administering magnesium topically

  • The skin is a living-breathing organ, and it is one of the most important detoxifying organs as well. As such, it plays an important role in regulating the mineral levels in the body
  • Absorption rate is not hindered by gastrointestinal diseases
  • It can be administered in case of nausea and vomiting caused by magnesium deficiency
  • A convenient, safe and cheap way of magnesium supplementation
  • Magnesium chloride in its pure form and in the right combination of Zachstein Sea Ancient Magnesium Concentrate/Gel and Ancient Magnesium Bath Salt will purportedly get absorbed
    (A Pilot Study to determine the impact of Transdermal Magnesium treatment on serum levels and whole body CaMg Ratios/ Watkins K *, Josling PD**; 09/04/2010)
  • Magnesium chloride is the therapeutically produced salt of magnesium, and 5 to 15% of its net mass, but 10% on average will purportedly get absorbed transdermally
    (Pharmaceutical composition and method for the trasndermal delivery of magnesium- Barbara T. Brierre/ Lafayette, LA, US, Jan.19, 2005)

The vicinity of the ocean – medical treatment on the beach

ocean and magnesiumThe people living close to the sea with its clear and warm waters are the really lucky ones. They have the advantage of being able to take a dip in the sea which makes it possible for the beneficial active agents found in the seawater to get absorbed through the skin.

Magnesium is found in high concentrates in seawater. Out of all the seas, it is the Dead Sea with the most magnesium content.

The ideal transdermal treatment includes the healing effects of the sunrays, too, because Vitamin D coming from the sunrays can only be absorbed through the skin. It is a much more efficient source of Vitamin D than dietary supplements made synthetically. Absorption of the active agents through the skin is something that should be made available for everyone.

What are its advantages?Magesnium-for-health

  • Dietary deficiencies can be eliminated
  • The functioning of the immune system, the hormonal and the nervous system are all improved with no side effects
  • Defends against the oxidative damaging of the cells
  • Improves the permeability of the cell wall
  • Decreases the risk of cancer
  • Decreases the existing tumors

Transdermal patches are a huge step forward

These patches can be used for children as well. For patients with diabetes, the use of patches that could administer the insulin was unavailable as the insulin molecule was too big to penetrate through the narrow pores.

But now there may be a new way for these treatments. Researchers have found a way to administer the insulin with the use of patches through the skin with less pain and with the stretching of the pores.

Magnesium benefits are profound. Avoid a magnesium deficiency and stay healthy. Start with eating foods high in magnesium. Beware of symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Using magnesium chloride is easy. Learn how to use magnesium lotions, gels, flakes, oils and body butters to maintain healthy levels of magnesium in your body with our discount below.

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