Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress

The holidays: travel, family, hotels, different beds, guests, food, black Friday, shopping, irregular schedules, desires, compulsions, etc …

Weddings, funerals and holidays bring out the best and/or the worst in all of us. Stress and a lack of managing expectations can ruin our ‘tidings of comfort and joy’.

dealing with holiday stress

But the holidays are unique in that, statistically, it increases the risk of illness and death.   The issue of the journal, Circulation, Oct. 12, 1999, reveal that holiday stress and overindulgence contribute to increased rate of fatal heart attacks in December and January. 1.  And the Mayo Clinic is concerned that depression is often an “unwelcome guest” during the holidays. 2

Holiday stress can even affect children due to false expectations, social gatherings, rituals, memories. Holidays can quickly become overwhelming for adults and kids.

Good News! There are many ways to decrease your holiday stress so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the holidays.

But first, I have to share about my favorite plant that I use to manage my stress levels: Kratom. I have been using Kratom for 3 weeks now to manage pain from a fall down the stairs I took, which led to high stress levels and high blood pressure.  

Kratom has been an amazing plant for me as it really helps to take the edge off, enhances my mental well being and helps to keep me focused at work. Please note that there are a variety of varieties, but my friends over at have a great website that will help you decided which variety is best for you.  

I mixed my Kratom with water, lime and sweet leaf’s peach mango stevia … Yummy! My pain is all but disappeared, my blood pressure is back to normal and I am managing my stress levels without even knowing it!

I use the Red Relaxation at night with Green Maeng Da (.5 gram each) and during the day I do, 2 doses of White Lightning (1 gram).

Another nice perk that the Red Relaxation and Green Maeng Da have and that would be particularly useful during the holidays is that it has naturally and with no intention on my part, reduced my desire for my cocktail in the evenings! As well, when out socializing, I am taking my Kratom drink with me and it has been the perfect replacement! Even if I have an alcohol beverage with dinner, I find myself always reaching for my Kratom! I think during the holidays this would be wonderful for people! Instead of reaching for another glass of wine to get you through the ‘holiday event’, sip on your Kratom and smile the night away 😊

Here is the rest of my list to decrease stress during the holidays:

  1. Manage your expectations! You do not have to be perfect. Do the best that you can be and be realistic!
  2. Acknowledge your feelings. Whether you or someone you know has experienced a loss it is ok to talk about this. Honor loved ones that have passed.
  3. Set aside differences. Just get along. Know that you are not going to change anyone. Remember that relationships and family matter more than opinions, beliefs or feelings.
  4. Stick to a budget. Do NOT overspend.
  5. Plan ahead to avoid anything last minute.
  6. Put yourself first. Do not overdo it. Say no.
  7. Do not set aside your good healthy habits. It is not worth it.
  8. Enjoy in moderation. One cookie is good. Five cookies are not worth it. (one glass of wine is okay, more lead to hangovers and regrets.)
  9. Take a breather. Breathe in some lavender.  Take a magnesium flake bath infused with lavender. Just relax. Breathe deeply
  10. Rest!

As you can see it is possible to have enjoyable holidays when you put your health first and recognize that this is just another day in life. And, the same with any other day, what you put into it is what you will get out of it. Practice and be positive. Smile and laugh often. Be sympathetic with others, leave judgment behind. Hang out with people you enjoy and love. Learn from others.

Healthy Energy is the Foundation for an Amazing Life. Here at HEAL, we understand that sometimes it is really difficult during the holidays. Let us help out: Click below for a free sampler delivered direct to you as our way of saying Happy Holidays!