The Best Homeschooling Health Essentials

Homeschooling is more than simply providing an education to your children. It outbounds the boundaries of education from home. Nowadays, it's more about joining the communities and getting exposure. Whenever homeschooling the kids about anything, it needs arrangements for learning disabilities, health monitoring, and regular medical check-up, along with providing your children with health education.

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In this blog, we will help you make healthy homeschooling a practical part of your family and also some amazing facts about homeschooling health essentials that can even help your kids save their own life. In this digital and advanced era, learning about natural health remedies and healthy habitats has become easier than ever. 

Dr. Harmony Homeschooling Experience

H.E.A.L. is the platform that started from the simple ear candles out of a blessing in disguise. In 1992, Dr. Harmony started making candles to treat her son's ear infection. After that, Dr. Harmony started homeschooling the kids to make them learn and grow fast. She learned to make candles from her mentor; Dr, Berryhill, and later passed this knowledge to her children. Later, she joined the community to help others with her product and spread awareness of natural remedies and herbal products. 

Later in her life, she was able enough to publish her dissertation on ear candles and was able to study myths and the reality of the products. From the smallest product made with all the organic ingredients, she has been handling the organic products business all around the globe. Her story has an amazing lesson for everyone who is looking to go for homeschooling. We gather that with the right use of homeschooling and constant struggle, we can also achieve our dream and beyond. 

Homeschooling Benefits

Nowadays, it can be challenging to master healthy living habits and also pass them on to your kids. Moreover, it is also a tedious task to find such products that are beneficial for your health without going broke. However, regardless of the limitations, the benefits of homeschooling can never be neglected:

Efficient Learning – One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is efficient learning of important things without wasting time. Kids learn on their own without any hindrance. Moreover, the online resources available help kids develop an interest in new things.

Community Involvement – Homeschooling brings the spirit of service, community involvement, and volunteers. It helps the kids think of innovative ideas they can present to the public at the gatherings. Furthermore, it broadens their minds about entrepreneurship and capitalism.

Warm Family Environment – A warm family environment helps young minds understand that their family is their best foundation and adds to their values, faith development, and strong relationship. 

Meaningful Learning – By homeschooling, kids bypass the traditional learning system, which prevents cramming. Home schooling helps the kids learn fast about advanced things. Additionally, they can focus on certain different things at the same time.

5 Best Homeschooling Health Essentials 2023

After the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, health homeschooling has become common. During the two years of lockdown and quarantine, this has been growing. From kids to their age, everyone learned about sanitization and how to avoid infection. Now is the time to educate our kids with organic and healthy products that can be life changing. There are no natural alternatives for health but we can struggle to improve our life in all manners.

From clean eating to emergencies, kids must learn basic skills from home. Additionally, kids should invest time in learning about health products that can change their life. Here is a list of some homeschooling health essentials that positively impact the life. 

1.    Harmony’s Plantain Salve


natural remedy for bug bites and stings
Plantain Salve is an organic product that is highly effective against bug bites, stings, rashes, skin irritations, wasp bites, and much more. It is one mandatory product that must be part of the first aid kit. Kids must know the importance of Plantain Salve and its use in daily life.


Parents involved in kids' homeschooling can easily help them learn its benefits and showcase its use. Harmony's Plantain Slave, made with organic plantain, olive oil, beeswax, and other natural ingredients, makes the best homeschooling essential. It is 100% safe for the whole family and can be used in emergencies. 

Studies reveal that the ointment made with the medicinal plant Plantago major effectively burn wounds. The plant has several bioactive compounds with recognized medical benefits, including wound healing, antimicrobial activity, and anti-inflammatory response1. It makes this an amazing health product to relieve mosquito bites, scar tissues, boils, and ulcers. Furthermore, it is also recommended to use as a makeup remover, lip balm, and for dry elbows. 

How to Use: Directly apply a small amount of Plantain Salve on the affected area such as bites, burns and wounds. Apply it twice a day until it recovers. 

2.    Ear Candles

Ear candles have been a part of natural health for centuries. Therefore, it must be part of healthy homeschooling essentials to help kids understand its use and benefits. Using ear candles helps you with ear infections and encourages relaxation, which is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. 

To deal with several health issues such as Sinusitis, ear infection, flu symptoms, allergy, migraine, sore throat, rhinitis, and stress, organic ear candle is an effective remedy. Harmony’s Ear Candles are made with certified organic cotton cloth, high-quality food wax, and tea tree essential oil that cures tropical infections and diseases. In addition, the candle has a vortex safety tip that promotes relaxation. The candles are crafted from single mothers, disabled people, and homeschooling facilities to promote the concept of homeschooling and build capital for community growth. 

Homeschooling facilities should also introduce this product to kids and show them its efficacy, use and benefit. The kids must learn its use at home to help others in their time of need.

How to Use: Lie on your side by one ear facing up. The open end is lit, and the pointed end is placed in your ear. The candle burns for 15 minutes without any wax dripping in your ear. Once the candle is burnt for enough time, the flame is blown out carefully. 

3.    Magnesium

Kids must learn the importance of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from home. Then, later in life, having complete knowledge of different nutrients and minerals can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, during the homeschooling session, you must tell your kids about Magnesium which is an essential mineral with the following benefits:

  • Reduced body aches and muscle spasms.
  • Stress management.
  • Regular sleep cycle.
  • Increased athlete performance. 
  • Positive thoughts and good mood. 
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Improved quality of life.  

Due to various reasons, our bodies fail to take efficient amounts of Magnesium and other minerals. The deficiency can be fulfilled with other routes than food, such as transdermal absorption. Studies reveal that Magnesium in cream, oil, or salt form effectively improves our body's magnesium status. It is helpful in treating joints pain and inflammation2. A pilot study shows that transdermal application of Magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride was effective for patients suffering from fatigue, depression, and sleep disturbances3

OsiMagnesium by H.E.A.L. is committed to offering the purest magnesium oil from the hidden old sea in the Earth's crust. They offer a huge range of OsiMagnesium products, including body butter, body lotion, essential oil, gel, and flakes. All are highly enriched with pure Magnesium that will help eliminate body fatigue, cramped muscles, and body aches. Help your kids pick their favorite products and let them try their own to learn their benefits. 

How to Use: Magnesium in the flakes is used for soaking purposes. Use the flakes in a warm water tub and get a hot bath. Apply gels, creams, and lotions on your body anytime for transdermal absorption. Magnesium essential oil is effective after showering for locking the moisture. 

4.    Body Warm Patches

Body warm patches are important for maintaining body functions. For example, they are beneficial for smooth aches and pains. Kids must learn about this health-essential product that increases blood circulation when applied to feet and other body parts during their homeschooling session.

Many kids love playing different sports and outdoor games. However, they can only hurt themselves if they are prepared well. Here, warm body patches play an important role in curing the body aches and pain. Studies reveal that heat wraps and warm patches are effective for local hypothermia and musculoskeletal injuries4.

After gym and exercise, individuals get muscle cramps which can also be treated with warm body patches. If the kids learn their daily use, they will be able to maintain a fitness regime. Body warm patches have been in use for thousands of years. Nowadays, advanced technology is used in warm patches that help in skin cell revitalizing and therapeutic properties. 

How to Use: Apply the Bodytox Warm Patches to the affected region for 12 hours. You can apply the patches to your feet before sleeping and place them on cramped muscles or pain regions. 

5.    Probiotic Gummies

Homeschooling is about passing useful information to your kids and helping them set a healthy routine and adapt to life-changing behaviors. For instance, nowadays, there are hundreds of gummies available in the market that are enriched with multivitamins, nutrients, and minerals. 

Parents must take probiotics as gummies to keep a healthy digestive tract. Likewise, they must habitually take gummies daily with their kids. 100% organic digestive wellness probiotic gummies help relieve discomfort while supporting regularity and improved digestion. Kids must learn their use and benefits to know what they are consuming and how it is helping with their health. 

Moreover, help your kids learn about certain ingredients their body can't tolerate, such as gluten, soy, dairy ingredients, G.M.O. modified, and others. 

How to Use: Always take the gummies according to your doctor's prescription. You can also take the gummies according to the dose mentioned on the packing. 

Homeschool Resources

should I homeschool?

If you are a parent indulged in your kids' homeschooling, you may need to go the extra mile with some extra effort. In this advanced era of technology, hundreds of free Governments homeschool resources are available online. As a result, homeschoolers can take full advantage of lesson planning, healthy and fun activities, and much more. 

Help your kid learn everything from homeschooling, including health, food safety, earth sciences, environment, astronomy, research, and other topics. Here we share a few resources for the parents to learn about new things and pass the knowledge to the next generation:

Book Clubs

Book clubs are the best homeschooling resource as it helps you interact with the community, broaden your tour horizon, and help your kid enhance their exposure. In addition, you can connect with the library to learn about the book clubs and enroll. 

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Museum (C.D.C.)

C.D.C. Museum is an innovative idea to bring homeschoolers, school children, parents, and teachers to one platform. The museum has interactive games and health programs for the kids to help them with screen time and staying active and healthy. Additionally, their website has a curriculum, games, learning adventures, and podcasts for the kids to learn more about the world and disease prevention and control. 

Such interesting programs help kids learn about some very basic yet important things that help them later in building their life. The kids can learn from community clubs and educational gatherings besides online and physical resources. Study circles with some games and fun activities can also become a source of education and learning for young minds. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, homeschooling always remains relevant. First, kids need to learn about healthy homeschooling essentials, their advantages and use. Families that want their kids to learn at home using new and advanced online resources, apps, and tools should also buy them the essentials to develop their interests. Finally, parents should invest time and energy in encouraging their kids to learn about health and other essentials by taking them to the community clubs. 

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