Swap Your Morning Fruit Juice Out for Coconut Water– the healthier option!

Did you know that despite everything that you see on TV, in government promotions and glossy magazine, fruit juices contain limited nutrients and tons of sugar. Please know that drinking fruit juice is not the equivalent of eating or juicing whole fruit.  

While eating fruit is good for reducing the risk of diabetes, drinking fruit juice is not as good as one would think. Spoon University’s Danielle Limcaoco compared popular fruit juices against sodas per 100 milliliters (ml). What’s surprising is that most beverages didn’t have major differences, and some were, in fact, almost identical:

  • Welch’s Grape Juice has 15 grams (g) of sugar and 56 calories (kcal), more than Mountain Dew’s 13.1 g and 49 kcal.
  • Simply Lemonade’s 12.4 g sugar content is higher than Fanta’s, which stands at 11.8, although the soda has more calories (50.6 kcal versus Simply Lemonade’s 45 kcal).
  • Ocean Spray Cherry Juice has 11.8 g of sugar and 46.4 kcal, compared to Pepsi’s 11.7 g and 41.7 kcal content.
  • You may think apple juice is one of the healthiest drinks around, but Minute Maid Apple Juice contains 10.9 g of sugar and 46.7 kcal, quite similar to a Coca Cola’s 11.7 g and 42 kcal content.
  • While both Dole Pineapple Juice and Dr. Pepper have 10.8 g of sugar, the juice clocks in more calories at 54.2 kcal (compared to the soda’s 42.3 kcal content).
  • Tropicana Orange Juice has more calories than a Sprite (46 kcal vs. 39.4 kcal), but the soda’s sugar content is still higher (9 g versus 10.7 g).
is coconut water good for me

Hold off mom and dad from fruit juices bought from the store and get your juicer out for your kids! There is NO evidence that store bought fruit juices improve health. Kids that consume excessive amount of juice has been linked to an increased risk of weight gain, shorter stature, cavities, worsens blood pressure and increases cholesterol.

We all know how limited our time is in the morning. Here is a great option: Coconut Water!  Did you know that coconut water was compatible with human blood? This is great for refilling those electrolyte needs. Coconut water is also rich in nutrients like: calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. Coconut water also reduces blood pressure and boosts hydration. 

Coconut water is now available in a ton of flavors, like:  Pineapple, Mango, Chocolate, and Lime. 

Try something new while teaching your children good nutrition.  You won’t regret it.