Superfoods for a Super YOU

Superfoods are nutrient dense, plant- based foods that provide an incredible amount of essential vitamins and minerals through a very low volume of food. These foods, originating from all over the world, harness an almost endless amount of health benefits! You don’t have to consume a lot to reap the nutrients. The easiest and best way to eat these foods are in their powder form. You can choose from a variety of vegan powders that are uniquely, carefully and ethically harvested and produced with care, delivering you with, inarguably, the most nutrient- dense products on the market.

Sounds good, right? But you’re probably asking, what are these wonderful superfoods?

Let’s explore the top 6 superfoods of all time!


  1. No Match for Matcha

Matcha (MA-cha) is the green superfood go-to for a super charge! While green tea, with some milk and honey, is such a wonderful warming drink, matcha takes green tea to a whole new level. Originating from the Camellia sinensis plant, native to China and a prized powder in the Japanese culture, this tea powder is much less processed than your typical green tea. Just one teaspoon of matcha powder possess over six times the amount of antioxidants in goji berries and sixty, yes SIXTY times more antioxidants than spinach. It’s ability to increase energy, raise metabolism and fight inflammation makes matcha a true hero! A matcha latte is the perfect way to start your morning or provide you with an afternoon pick- me- up with its smooth, rich flavor.


  1. Acai berry

Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry’s global demand has increased rapidly over the last few years and there’s good reasons why. It’s one of the top foods not only for your body as a whole, but for your heart. This South and Central American berry is high in antioxidants, protects against heart disease and improves cellular health while contributing to improved cognitive functioning and increasing energy levels. Did you know it’s oils are used in cosmetic and beauty products because of its antioxidant properties? Acai powder is the perfect addition to any smoothie for a punch of antioxidants and amazing flavor. It pairs nicely with some frozen cherries, plant-based milk of your choice and some super greens!


  1. Turmeric

When you think turmeric, think healing and prevention! It’s been used as a staple spice in dishes and as medicinal healing in India for thousands of years. This deep, golden -colored spice has proven effects in reducing inflammation and greatly increasing the body’s antioxidant capabilities. The brain is a huge benefactor in the consumption of turmeric. It allows neurons to multiply and form new connections and delays and potentially reverses brain disease. This powder is fairly mild and can easily be added to beverages or recipes for a nutrient boost, without an overpowering flavor.


  1. Blue spirulina

Blue spirulina is not only a magical, beautiful -colored powder. The natural dye, phycocyanin or blue majik gives the powder its incredible color which is found in Spirulina algae, grown in ocean waters. Spirulina is full of nutrients perfect for building a strong immune system, achieving beautiful glowing skin and contributes to an all-around, feel good boost! This vegan food supplement is a staple in NASA’s astronaut food because of the all-encompassing, nutrient content. The protein in spirulina is about three times that of fish or chicken which is why so many individuals use this as their vegan, go-to protein source. It’s made up of about 65% protein which makes for a natural muscle builder. Additionally, its low in calories and curbs cravings while holding slimming benefits leaving you feeling full for hours. A total win-win!


  1. Dragonfruit

The beautiful pink dragonfruit harnesses an abundance of nutrients, while low in calories, but high in health benefits! The tropical cactus plant, Native to Central and South America, contains 7 grams of fiber, 8% RDI of iron, 18% magnesium, 9% vitamin C and 4% vitamin E. The inner sweet, kiwi- like, speckled core is full of antioxidants which eliminate free-radicals and inflammation. The powder form makes it an excellent addition to smoothies and juices for a sweet, mild flavor with a slight tang! Not a smoothie fan? It’s fun to eat on top of a Greek yogurt parfait or garnish a fruit salad.


  1. Ginger

While ginger has many nutritional benefits, there are many healing, medicinal affects it provides, too! This flavor enhancing Chinese spice aids in reducing pain from chronic and acute inflammation, managing digestive discomfort and relieving nausea. This spice, doesn’t have to be used in powder form- try grating it into recipes, mixing into some homemade granola, etc. One of the most soothing ways to enjoy is drinking as a warm tea. There’s no caffeine so this can be enjoyed at all hours of the day. Try making tea with turmeric and ginger- a double superfood win! Ginger can be grown right at home either indoors or out. To store the root, seal in a plastic bag and keep in the freezer until you are ready to use.


The nutritional benefits of each superfood lend themselves to a long list that could go on and on. By adding in these all-encompassing foods to your diet, you’ll be reaping benefits and carrying the key to the health you’ve been after. Just think of all of the wonderful colors of matcha, acai berries, turmeric, blue spirulina, and dragonfruit! Truly, you’ll be consuming the colors of the rainbow which will allow your body to feel wholesome inside and exude health on the outside!

Are you ready to achieve an overall wellbeing by enjoying the multitude of nourishing benefits these superfoods offer? Cheers to some latte sipping, some smoothie blendin’ and turmeric seasoning while dancing your way to a good health living!