Skin Care Routine for Fall

Shorter days and a cool, windy environment are visible signs that everyone should gear up to welcome fall. The transformations that take place when summer gives way to fall can be stressful on your skin, particularly if there is a significant difference between one day and the next in terms of the climate.

Skincare Tips for cold weather

Lower humidity levels characterize the fall season as a result of the general decrease in outdoor temperature. Low humidity levels often result in dry air, which in turn will cause dry skin and may worsen preexisting skin problems. This is something that must be kept in mind if you have a history of any ailment that causes dry skin.

Establishing a skincare routine for the fall is essential to keep your skin in good health.

How Does Fall Affect Your Skin?

Your skin condition depends on the external environment and becomes more sensitive in the fall. With its cool air and breezy weather, autumn can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Your skin doesn't look good due to roughness caused by dry patches, and you don't feel great about it. These dry patches sometimes become worse and form cracks and become more difficult to deal with.

You consume less water in this season which makes your skin dehydrated. This drop in the hydration level of the skin causes it to form fissures in the lips, face, and heels. Your risk of allowing bacteria to penetrate your skin and developing an illness is increased as a result of these fissures and cracks in your skin.

How to Take Care of Your Skin in Fall?

Taking certain precautions can help minimize this season's negative effects on your beautiful skin. Don't limit yourself to swapping just your wardrobe. You need to swap some of your skincare products and regimen.

Here are some routine tips you can follow for your skin care in the fall.

1.   Stay Hydrated and Drink Plenty of Water

According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, mostly healthy people can maintain proper hydration by consuming 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. It's possible that your doctor will advise you to drink more water if you often engage in strenuous physical activity or if you take certain medications1.

Suppose you have difficulty remembering to drink water throughout the day. In that case, you can still maintain proper hydration by eating foods that are high in water content, like cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, lettuce, celery, apples, etc.

2.   Stay Away from Hot Showers

During the colder months, the best way to keep warm is to take a shower or soak in a bath that is very hot and steamy. Studies have shown that hot showers or baths, even though they provide comfort from the cold, can cause the skin to become extremely dry and can result in severe damage to the surface of the skin2. Extremely dry skin can potentially lead to redness, itching, and inflammation and can even aggravate preexisting conditions like eczema.

3.   Use Mild Cleansers

Magnesium Flakes for skincare

Use a facial cleanser that is light and not too harsh. When choosing a soap or body wash, stay away from products that include harsh cleaning agents. A fragrance-free soap has a better chance of keeping your skin from reacting negatively to the product.

Using ŐSIMagnesium Bath Flakes in daily baths can amazingly rejuvenate your dry skin. It consists of aqua, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and calcium chloride.

According to a study, magnesium, sodium, and calcium chlorides can amazingly control the fluids within and around the body's cells. They can moisturize the skin well and improves its hydration. Chloride is an electrolyte that can be absorbed by your skin through the pores and into the epidermal layer2.

The anti-inflammatory properties of these chlorides significantly reduce swelling of the body after soaking in the bath. In addition to this, chloride works to keep the blood's electrical neutrality in check after getting absorbed by the body through the skin, which then assists to keep the pH level stable.

Whenever you want a full-body refreshment, take a warm bath with 25-300g (two cups) of the ŐSIMagnesium Bath Flakes added, and then rest for at least 20 minutes or as long as it takes. It will leave your body's skin velvety and soft.

4.   Moisturize Your Skin Day and Night

When the temperature drops, it is especially vital to make it a habit to moisturize your skin in the morning and at night. When the skin gets dry, it becomes extremely sensitive and easily irritated. It is possible for your skin to get hyperpigmented and red as a result.

Because of this, it is necessary that you moisturize your skin at least twice per day in order to keep it safe from the damaging environmental factors that it is exposed to each time you step outside. If you want to give your skin the extra amount of hydration it needs, you might need to switch to something richer and creamier than what you are currently using.

You can use ŐSIMAGNESIUM Creams and Lotion to nourish, moisturize, and invigorate the skin. Apply ŐSIMAGNESIUM CBD Cream + Melatonin on your face in the daytime after cleansing. It helps boost your skin's hydration. It gets absorbed by the pores into the epidermal layer of the skin. It also maintains the pH level of your skin, making it more radiant.

Not only just the face, your entire body needs moisturization. Massage your arms and legs every night with ŐSIMAGNESIUM Good Night Lavender Body Lotion + Melatonin + OptiMSM. It contains a large dose of magnesium which penetrates your body through the skin. It deeply moisturizes your skin with its ingredients, i.e., shea butter, almond oil, lavender essential oil, and dimethyl sulfone. Dimethyl sulfone is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can lessen the swelling in your joints caused due to extreme cold weather and gives you relief from the pain3. It also contains melatonin which helps you get better sleep.

Massage  ŐSIMAGNESIUM Tea Tree And Peppermint Foot Cream on your feet. You can apply it directly on your skin. A rich quantity of magnesium is present in this cream. It not only treats the dry and cracked skin of your feet but simultaneously fights foot fatigue and minor pains. It has natural magnesium oil, shea butter, urea, peppermint essential oil, and tea tree essential oil among its ingredients.

5.   Use Gentle Products for Moisturizing Lips and Eyes

Best natural lip balms

Your lips and eyes are a sensitive part of your face and need special care in the fall. Along with other body parts, lips also get dry and parched. Your skin and body are not receiving enough water they require, and as a result, you will begin to develop large and deep black circles beneath your eyes. These issues can be treated by moisturizing your lips and eye with good and gentle products.

Gently massage ŐSIMAGNESIUM CBD Cream around your eyes with a circular motion. It will help disappear the dark undereye circles. Shea butter included in this cream is an essential natural moisturizer and has a texture that is similar to butter and is so smooth that it feels like silk when applied to the skin. It has a remarkable ability to absorb into the skin, and it does not leave behind a greasy residue. 

Apply Harmony's Plantain Salves to your lips as a lip balm for moisturization. It is manufactured using plantain, olive oil, and beeswax as its primary ingredients. In Scottish history, plantain, also referred to as "Healing Blade," was traditionally used to stop bleeding and treat wounds caused by swords. In addition, Native Americans utilized it as a remedy for the treatment of stings, rashes, burns, and wounds4. Beeswax included in Harmony's Plantain Salves contains lubricating and softening properties. It can reduce the amount of moisture lost through the skin's surface and significantly seal the moisture to prevent dry and chapped lips5.

6.   Apply Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

The sun's UV rays have the potential to do serious harm to the skin. UV rays are able to penetrate deeper layers of skin, where they have the potential to harm or even kill skin cells. They are able to do this because they can pass through the outer layers of skin. It can cause the skin to become burned and lose its elasticity, which ultimately leads to premature aging.

Melanin is found in the cells that make up the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. Melanin is a natural sunscreen that shields the skin from the sun's harmful UV radiation. Some people with fewer melanin levels in their skin can get affected by UV rays easily as compared to people with higher levels6.

The application of broad-spectrum sunscreen should be a part of your everyday skincare routine to protect your skin from sun damage. You can apply ŐSIMAGNESIUM Body Butter to your exposed areas like arms, legs, and face before going outside. Sweet almond oil and shea butter present in its ingredients are rich in vitamins A and E, and it also contains zinc which provides ultra-protection to your skin from UV rays coming from the sun.

Moreover, vitamins A, E, and zinc are excellent antioxidants. Zinc combines with oxygen and forms zinc oxide, which provides you protection from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun by blocking and scattering them7.

7.   Avoid Over Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a wonderful method for removing dead skin cells and revealing the healthy, vibrant skin that lies just below the surface. Generally, exfoliating your skin 2 to 3 times a week is considered ideal, but exfoliating more than that can damage the outermost layer of the skin and make it dry.

Over-exfoliation is one of the biggest mistakes you make in skincare. Overusing exfoliants can damage your complexion. You may even experience a rash-like texture, which can result in an uneven tone, such as blotchy red patches. Having breakouts is another frequent reaction, particularly pimples that are rough, tiny, and bumpy.

8.   Treat your Acne in a Right Way

Don't worry too much if the change in weather causes an increased rapid acne breakout. When you are treating your blemishes, all you need is patience on your side. Do not pick or squeeze at the region, as this is the single most crucial thing to keep in mind.

This will allow the bacteria to spread to other areas of your face and may encourage even more pimples and acne. Avoid over-drying the affected region by using a large number of potent acne remedies. In addition to using your regular cleanser and moisturizer, you can apply the spot treatment.

9.   Bring a Humidifier to Your Home

The dry and chilly air in fall plays an important role in evaporating the moisture from the skin. In addition to your regular skincare routine investing in a good humidifier will be a smart choice. It will work wonders in boosting your hydration and helping your skin to stay healthy and moisturized. Your skin will be able to soak up more moisture from the air if there is more of it.

The Bottom Line

Fall comes with all its beautiful colors and hues. Chilly mornings and breezy afternoons seem so pleasant to everyone, but they can play a great deal in vanishing all the moisture from your skin. Shorter days keep you busy, and you forget to stay hydrated and take care of your skin. So, your skin loses its natural moisture and becomes dry, dull, and dehydrated. Which causes redness and itching, and you get cracked and chapped skin.

Drinking an adequate quantity of water and regularly moisturizing your skin with good and gentle products will help you deal with this issue. Moisturize your skin with  ŐSIMagnesium Lotions and Creams. They will assist in keeping your skin hydrated and nourished, supply your body and skin with magnesium, and make your skin look more lovely and youthful.

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