Natural Ways to Keep Our Furry Friends Healthy

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? As are cats, hamsters, bunnies, you name it! Animals have a way of understanding us in ways that most other humans don’t. They love unconditionally and always keep our secrets safe. Just as they love us, we want to show them how much they mean and love them right back in ways they deserve. If only they would live by our side for as long as we do! While they may not have the ability to be with us our whole lives, there are many natural ways we can provide for them to increase their longevity so they can live the longest, healthiest life possible.


natural pet health
Natural pet care is something we feel is important to talk about. Maybe you’ve thought about the type of dog food you buy or treats to feed your pets, as there are many options on the market for dietary needs. But, have you ever thought about what may be in your dog’s shampoo or the medicines prescribed by your vet? Maybe it’s time to pay a little more attention to the products purchased for your furry friends.



Where to start? What are some actions I can take now?

  • Exercise- Just as we humans need exercise, so do pets. If you have a dog, be sure to walk him/her at least once a day or plan a long play session in the yard. Cats love to play too, so make sure you have some interactive, engaging toys to keep their little bodies and minds at work. Don’t forget the running wheel for your hamster, too!
  • Engaging the mind- This is just as critical as exercise. Keeping the mind active and curious contributes to an overall healthy, wellbeing. If you have a dog, teach it new tricks- Yes, even an old pup can learn new tricks! Taking your pet with you to run errands is a huge mental stimulant. Seeing new people, other animals and new places provides a new stimulation. How about a horse? Keep up with training and riding as often as possible. Do patterns and exercises for a change of pace. Animals are very smart and continually need to be challenged!
  • Use all-natural products- Perhaps this is the most important topic to talk about. When it comes to products on the market (creams, sprays, medication, ointments) there are eons of options. However, many are not natural based solutions. This time of year, little outdoor pests can be rather annoying for you and your pets. The natural, non -toxic sprays and after bite creams are the way to go! Think about it in terms of how you would care for yourself. Would you use paraben, chemical-filled sprays that could cause many side effects and health dangers? Or, would you use a naturally occurring ingredient product, with no tested harmful effects? While you may be seeking solutions, it does take a little research to find some products, but I promise you, they’re out there! We have a few product offerings that are excellent options as well, get your coupon below!
  • Provide a healthy diet- What you feed your pet has an incredible impact on the health of your furry love. Oh no, could what I am feeding my pets be harmful? Maybe, or at least not as nutritionally satisfying as a more natural food could be. Many dog foods are meat based, but not in ways you would hope they’d be. By this, I mean who knows what parts of the chicken are ground up and pulsed together to create a filling affect. The filling isn’t necessarily nutrient dense, but rather fat- based. The chicken’s used are often injected with antibiotics to keep them free of disease and decrease the amount of time it takes for the chicken to develop. Switching to a more natural food will allow your pet increased energy levels, better overall health and stronger immunity. If you have the time and ability to, you can even make your dog’s their meals by feeding them things like organic chicken, rice, fish and sweet potatoes. While you may just think you can throw together some ingredients that your dog will like, remember they are dogs, not humans and understanding the right amount of necessary nutrition is going to take some time to figure out. What your body needs are not the same as what their needs are. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t cook similar foods and give some to him/her and some to you. Knowing how much of which food is the critical piece.

By following the above guidelines, our best fur buds will be on their way to a life of health and longevity, thanks to you! They are relying on you to provide them with what’s best, so why not make some changes and do so? They’re going to keep on lovin’ you with their whole hearts and the very least we can do for them is to use and provide natural care in the best ways we can!