Natural Ingredients for Your Bath to Make It More Relaxing

Winter brings happiness for many people, but for most of us, this time of the year becomes a little difficult to pass. The days from the first week of December to the first week of January are considered dark days. These chilly and dry days are shorter, and every one of you works like crazies to meet your deadlines for work. This result in extreme tiredness, muscle fatigue, and anxiety.

In this situation, soaking the body in warm water can help to relax muscles and reduce pain and inflammation. Warm water can improve circulation and vascular function while also lowering blood pressure. A long bath can even help to reduce stress and anxiety and is a magical aid to your dry, flaky skin due to extreme weather conditions.

Keep reading the article to learn about the benefits of a warm bath in winter and which natural ingredients are helpful to make it more relaxing.

How to Take a Warm Bath?

After a long tiring day, you can make a little preparation to turn your bathroom into a mini spa in no time, leaving you feeling clean, soothed, and relaxed. This therapeutic ritual will not only cleanse off the physical dirt from you but will also improve your breathing1. Research studies indicate that passive heating, such as spending time in a sauna, can also lower the risk of having a heart attack, controls blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, and even reduces your weight2,3.

Follow the below steps before jumping in the bathtub:

  1. Clean or rinse your bathtub before using it. Remove the plug from the drain and pour water into the bathtub.
  2. Even though you might think a boiling bath is relaxing, it makes your nervous system tenser and can drop your blood pressure. A hot bath can also make it difficult for you to relax and fall asleep. If you want to ensure your bath isn't too hot, use a thermometer to adjust the temperature to less than 38°C.
  • If you want to relax in your bath, turn down the lights in the bathroom or light a few candles. Turn on some soothing music, like a classical station, or some background noise, like the sound of the ocean or birds.
  1. Make your bath time more delightful with the addition of relaxing bubbles or bath bombs, some natural ingredients, as well as essential oils for aromatherapy to keep the skin moisturized and feeling more relaxed.
  2. You can put bar soap or body wash on your body with a loofah, a washcloth, or just your hands. Start with your neck and shoulders and move down your body from there. Don't forget to use soap and water to clean your legs and between your toes.
  3. Use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin. To soothe and de-puff your eyes, apply a mud or face mask and place slices of cucumber over them. Deep condition your hair with an oil hair treatment.
  • A quick shower after your bath will help you eliminate any leftover oils, masks, or soaps. This will help the conditioner stay in your hair follicles, increase blood flow throughout your body, and give you a new start when you get out of the shower.
  • After a relaxing bath, you want the feeling of luxury to last, if possible. This can be achieved by wrapping yourself in a thick, fluffy robe or drying off with a thick, plush towel. Keep your towel or robe in the bathroom so you can wrap yourself up right away.
  1. Wet skin is like a sponge, so putting on moisturizer right after a bath or shower will help your skin soak up as much as possible. Pat your skin gently with a towel instead of rubbing it hard, which can irritate your skin, and remove your moisturizer.

Natural Ingredients to Make Your Bath more Affective and Relaxing

how to take a bath in the winter

Along with using soaps and shower gels, you can add the following natural ingredients to your bathtub to make it more relaxing and effective.

1.    Baking Soda

Baking soda baths are an easy, low-cost, and generally effective way to care for your skin and treat a variety of health issues. They are also entirely risk-free.

Taking a bath in baking soda water effectively relieves and soothes symptoms of yeast infections like burning, itching, and swelling. It also positively affects vaginal pH. According to research published in 2014, Candida cells, which can lead to yeast infections, were killed by baking soda in bath water. It has also been discovered that baking soda has antifungal effects on a general level5. A baking soda bath can relieve and heal eczema. It is vital to moisturize your skin immediately after a bath while it is still damp. A warm bath in baking soda water is also a great aid to people with psoriasis, which causes flaky patches on the skin with scales. A study shows that using baking soda in bath water can efficiently treat psoriasis and reduce irritation and itching on the skin6. Taking a baking soda bath may also help alleviate constipation-related rectal pain. It can also aid in the relaxation of your anal sphincter and the passage of a bowel movement.

2.    Lemon

Vitamin C is abundant in lemons. Lemon juice or the peels of lemons added to bath water can do wonders for your skin. A warm bath in lemon water is fantastic for oily skin. It will help to normalize the skin and reduce oil secretion, and significantly minimizes and purifies large open pores. Lemon also has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Citric acid, which is present in lemons, is potent enough to eliminate all of the dark spots and patches that are present on the skin. To reap maximum benefits, you must regularly take a warm bath in lemon water. Lemon is also rich in antibacterial properties. Taking a bath with lemon in the water can also effectively remove odor from your body and leave your body energized and fresh throughout the day. Do not apply raw lemon directly to the skin because the acidic properties of the lemon will cause it to irritate.

3.    Rose Petals

Rose petals have been in use for thousands of years, including the Middle Ages. The use of rose petals in the bath is not only visually appealing but also beneficial and a great way to make the atmosphere as calm, relaxing, and romantic as possible. It also results in plenty of benefits to the skin, muscles, mind, and whole body. When you put rose petals in your bath, the rose oils come out of the petals and mix with the bathwater. This makes rosewater good for the skin because it calms and soothes it7.

 With the steam of the water, the fragrance of the rose petals will lift into the air, boosting your aromatherapy experience. In the world of aromatherapy, the rose is a powerful mood lifter that works exceptionally well with other mood-lifting smells. The scent of the rose can gingerly send back negative feelings and thoughts as you soak your body in a romantic and relaxing bath. Research studies show that the extract of rose petals has been shown to calm the central nervous system. This made people feel less sad and less anxious8.

You can also use Harmony's Essential Oils – Rose, which has been extracted by steam distillation of its flowers. It will also have the same relaxing and skin-soothing effect as rose petals.

4.    Lavender

lavender bath

Taking a bubble bath with lavender will give you a quick boost and leave you feeling completely relaxed and at peace. It has been proved that inhaling the lavender smell can improve your general mood by lowering stress and fatigue levels and easing the tension that builds up in the muscles. Taking a long warm bath with lavender just before sleep creates a state of calm and sleepiness, facilitating a quick bedtime9. If lavender flowers are unavailable, you can also use Harmony's Essential Oils – Lavender. The flowers of this plant are distilled in steam to extract the essential oil that is valuable for use in aromatherapy and other home remedies.

5.    Essential Oils

Using essential oils for warm baths can be proven to be the cherry on top. These highly potent oils can be used for aromatherapy, which is the procedure of using essential oil scents to aid in health, particularly mental and emotional health. Essential oils of ginger, eucalyptus, and rosemary are very commonly used in practice. Harmony's Essential Oils – Ginger, Harmony's Essential Oils - Rosemary, and Harmony's Essential Oils - Eucalyptus has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and can efficiently reduce body aches and fatigue. Make you feel more relaxed and energized and leave your skin flawless and radiant throughout the day.

6.    Harmony's Bath Flakes and Soaks

Along with using natural ingredients for your bath to make it more relaxing, calming, soothing to your skin, and beneficial to your whole body, you can also use ŐSIMAGNESIUM Bath Flakes. These flakes are manufactured using brine that is extracted from the seabed of the ancient Zechstein Sea, which is approximately 250 million years old. The magnesium content of your body can be improved in a way that is both effective and relaxing by using these bath flakes.

Its ingredients consist of magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and aqua. But the primary ingredient, magnesium chloride, is the most important. Epsom salt does not contain the electrolyte chloride necessary for many bodily functions. Chloride plays a vital role in the management of body fluids both within and around cells. While soaking in the bath helps to increase skin hydration. Your skin can absorb chloride electrolytes through the pores and through the epidermal layer. In addition to this, chloride works to keep the blood's electrical neutrality in check, which in turn helps to keep the pH level stable. Chloride is also essential for maintaining blood volume and blood pressure at healthy levels, which is necessary for optimal nutrient absorption.

The Bottom Line

The shorter and dark days of winter bring much depression, anxiety, and muscular fatigue for you. You can combat the effects of this situation by soaking yourself in a warm bath to which natural ingredients have been added. Baking soda added to the bath water proved magical for most of your skin issues. It can help with psoriasis, yeast infections, and eczema. When you take a warm bath with lemon water, your skin will shine and glow. It also helps keep body odor down. Rose petals and lavender makes your bath more relaxing and helps you get better and more sound sleep. Harmony's ŐSIMAGNESIUM Bath Flakes has the ability to bring all the benefits for you in one packet. It can boost your mood, reduce fatigue, and make you much more relaxed. It also improves several body functions and increases skin hydration.

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