More on Love…

Doc Harmony is proud to share Mrs. Neo's blog about love!

More on Love
By: Mr. & Mrs. NEO

Mrs. Neo is a Favorite Guest Blogger and always knows how to share the Right Things at the Right Time.  Thank you for allowing us to share this message with our audience. The Neos are creating blogs and audios about becoming Superhuman!

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Diffusing water poured over a fire.

The clarifier of muck and mire.

It’s the transformation of any heart,

The revelation of the One of each part.


It is the friend and listening ear,

The making of transgressions clear.

The past, the present, the future to come,

The perfect parts that make the sum.


The gentle voice that calms a storm,

The spark from all creations form.

The light, I AM, the sacred Source,

Wisdom in staying true to course.


The eternal reflection of every soul,

The grace that fulfills every hole.

Blankets darkness white as snow,

With effervescent soft pink glow.


Overcomes fear, anger and hate,

Balms the heart for pain to abate.

The healer, the giver, the highest vibration,

The first emotion amidst creation.


The compassionate whisper, the soothing touch,

The all encompassing that means so much.

The beginning, the end, and all that remains,

Eternal and infinite in all that it reigns.


Hope, forgiveness, beauty and joy,

The fruits of the Spirit in one to enjoy.

Purity, empathy and everlasting peace,

Innocence, the inner child, it doesn’t ever cease.


It means everything, it’s everywhere, 

Crossing borders, kindness, care.

Mending hearts, healing wounds,

Every language, speaks, attunes.


It’s in all beings, however dark,

In the origination of every spark.

From a higher perspective, you will see,

Love is you and love is me.

-- By Mrs. Neo