How to Create a Spa-Like Feel in Your Own Bathroom

Before getting started, you must be aware of the term spa. What is a spa? Is it important? If so, why? Let us clear all doubts in this article.

When and Where Did Spa Therapy Originate?

Investigators are confused between the two origins of spa therapy. Many believe that it was originated in Wallonia, while others claim that it had a Latin origin. Whatever the place of its origin may be, everyone embraced it around the globe. You might get astonished to know that spa therapy is as old as the 14th century. As more people became familiar with the spa, they modified this therapy, which evolved with time. Over time, Europeans call it thermal waters1. The British, however, still use the original term.

The spa is the use of thermal waters for gaining multiple benefits. The process can help you emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Because of the wide range of benefits, it is used widely for therapeutic purposes.

Types of Spa Treatments

The spa is done on various parts of your body to ensure that you enjoy a healthy and lively life. It allows your body to breathe openly2. Please continue reading to learn more about its types.

1.    Manicure and Pedicure

These are spa techniques that ensure that your nails and cuticles are healthy and sturdy. It keeps your hands and feet moisturized and clean. Manicure includes shaping and filing your nails to have a neat overlook. On top of that, it exfoliates the dirt from your hands and feet and makes them look tidy.

2.    Aromatherapy

As a general term, it encompasses a variety of fields such as botany, essential oils, and psychology. In medical settings, aromatherapy has made client/patient care convenient. Health care professionals are openly embracing it for the daily care of patients.

It helps to enhance circulation and also remove toxins from the blood, thus relaxing your mind. Aromatherapy does its wonders in wound care management, stress and depression control, elderly care, and palliative care3.

3.    Facial Spa

A facial spa is one of the daily essentials you might need to cleanse and free your face from pollutants.

4.    Massage

Body massage techniques are older than you might perceive. Massage is a must to relax your tightened muscles after these hectic daily routines. Spare yourself some time to have a self-care session4.

You might be delaying this much-needed spa therapy solely to save some money. This article is to satisfy your money-saving desires and still allow you to have a spa and please your body a little. Continue reading to reveal that how this wonder is going to happen.

Tips to Create a Spa-Like Feel in Your Bathroom

If you want to enjoy spa at home, you must follow some simple steps,

Style Your Bathroom Like a Spa

It is not convenient to renovate your bathroom if you want a spa at home. But what if you have the opportunity to style your bathroom with some non-drilling solutions? We will be guiding you through some simple tips to turn your bathroom into a spa. If you have always wanted to visit a spa but have never found enough time to do so, these tips are for you.

A lot of you might have never got a chance to visit a spa. To make this experience worth it, you need to lend yourself some of your busy hours to rest and calm for a while. Take a break and regain the energy you have lost. Let us get started with the steps,

De-clutter the extras

You cannot feel relaxed being somewhere that is untidy. Thus, always begin with decluttering the place you want to relax in. Because we are talking about a spa day, step one is to throw away the extras of your bathroom. Imagine how you want your bathroom to look. You will never want half of your laundry hanging out on the bathroom door while relaxing.

If you are a mom, you would have to deal with a lot of mess. Get rid of the kids’ toys and diapers and clean the mess. The shower may also get cluttered with shampoo and conditioners. After decluttering, deep clean your bathroom. Turn your bathroom into what a perfect spa seems to you. It will soothe the ambiance. A mild and calm environment has a relaxing impact on your mind5.

Deep Clean your Bathroom

After getting rid of the extras, clean every corner of your bathroom; the process must include faucets, a shower, and a bathtub. You will not feel comfortable at a dirty spa, so this step is a must. You might exhaust your body by doing this cleaning process. So, do not attempt to follow these steps immediately before having a spa. It will end up ruining your whole mood instead of leaving a calming effect.

So, after getting done with cleaning, have a short nap to refresh your mood a little. A neat and clean spa will enlighten your spirits.

Complement it with Décor

A tint of décor is essential to give aesthetic vibes. You are having a spa not just to have warm water therapy but to captivate your soul and brain. You can keep flowers in vases. A wide selection of bath bombs is available in the market. Also, pick your favorite scents, and you are halfway there. Apart from that, mildly scented candles may further add up to the aesthetic sense.

No matter what the size of your bathroom, adding live plants to it will make it so much more relaxing. You can hang plants in the shower and also keep some aside from your bathtub.

Keep it Minimal

Do not try to make everything extra fancy. Remember, you need to keep the ambiance basic. Go for the minimal, decent shampoo and conditioner containers and arrange them in your bathroom. It will create a relaxing environment. If you want some romantic time with your partner during the spa, this minimalistic ambiance will be all that you need.

The combination of natural, luxurious, and simple elements will add the desired elegance.


For turning your bathroom into an aesthetic spa, candles are a necessity. Save your favorite candles for your spa day. You can buy some mini scented candles and place them beside your bathtub, in the shower, and in bathroom ledges. Candles are something that will keep your spa simple yet relaxing and mesmerizing. They assist in changing the view from daily bathroom vibes to soothing spa feels.

When you are going through crazy life schedules, the scented soothing spa is a beautiful escape.

Let’s Unwind the Benefits of Spa Therapy

This home transformed spa, if taken regularly, will have multiple benefits that will show up soon after beginning this routine. You will notice your skin rejuvenating and becoming elastic again. Pampering yourself with a spa gives you a different charm and enhances your ability to socialize. Your body detoxifies when you regularly cleanse it with warm waters and a breathable environment. Spa therapy has long-term benefits in preventing many diseases6.

You will also observe your sleep hygiene getting better. Skin tightens up in response to regularly giving warm water therapy, thus making you look younger. Water is considered a game-changer and life-savor. All these benefits in the cost-saving spa at home are like icing on the cake. Never miss out on this golden opportunity to heal your mind and body by using this therapeutic technique.

Some Worth-Buying Products to Satisfy your Home Spa Cravings

If you desire a spa-like feels in your bathroom, you can buy these products to enhance the pacifying effects. H.E.A.L has been guiding you through your daily routines about which products to buy. After the first use, these products will be your go-to ones before doing spa.

These are specially made for spa, relaxation, and stress relief. So, what else do you need? Some of the gift sets from the collection that you might need are,

Are you Tired of Muscle Soreness?

If your stressful days are causing your muscles to become stiff, you should try the H.E.A.L.’S Good Vibes CBD Kit. This kit is packed with the goodness of magnesium oil, magnesium flakes, and magnesium CBD cream. Magnesium is so versatile. It enhances blood circulation, relieves muscular spasms, accelerates enzymatic reactions in the body, boosts energy reserves, controls vitamin D activation, regulates metabolism, etc. 

  • Begin with Soaking in Magnesium Flakes

Magnesium flakes are useful for aching feet since your body accumulates maximum toxins in the feet area. You need to warm the water and pour some flakes into it. Then, soak your body part and relax for 20 minutes. You can turn on some soft music in the background to soothe7.

  • Apply Magnesium Oil on Achy Muscles

After the first step is over, take your feet out, and spray the given magnesium oil on tight and painful muscles. It will reduce the soreness.

  • It’s the Final Turn of Magnesium CBD Cream

The last product of this kit is magnesium cream. Because of the surplus wonders of magnesium, this kit completely relaxes your stressed-out and taut muscles.

Need to Get Mentally Relieved?

When you are pressed for time and cannot relax, H.E.A.L.’s Stress Reliever Kit is there for you. When you overwhelm your schedules with work, you are mentally and emotionally ruining yourself. Your internal body clock, called circadian rhythm keeps a balance between work and rest. If you do not satisfy your circadian rhythm, you feel mentally and physically stressed.

Your body demands some affection, and this ensures that you pamper your body well. The stress reliever kit contains magnesium flakes, magnesium oil, body butter, and relaxation essential oil. You already know the merits of magnesium. But are essential oils also important?

Essential oils are obtained from plants, and their composition is kept chemical-free. They have tremendous benefits, and scientists are still investigating8.

These oils have antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-diabetic, relaxing, and cancer suppression properties. The one included in this set is an amalgam of lavender, bergamot, and orange oil. Many people are using these oils to treat ailments. These are anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive. This kit is a complement to your spa, and you should never be missing out on it.

Are You Missing Out on Relaxing Sleep?

If you are a working-women or a mother, maintaining a balance between job and home chores would be difficult. You are precious, and your body needs some care too. Take a day off from all these hardy chores and get into pampering yourself a little. When planning a spa day at home, H.E.A.L.’S Lavender Spa Kit is the perfect companion.

Women have always loved lavender because of its therapeutic and cosmetic supremacy. In your spa, you need both. Apart from magnesium flakes and oil, lavender ear candles and essential oils add up to boost the benefits. You need to soak your body in a bath of magnesium flakes and then apply magnesium oil on achy areas. Magnesium will help release the tightness and calm your mind.

Then comes the magical component, the lavender. Get rid of the extra ear wax by using lavender ear candles. The aroma of lavender will soothe your soul. Lastly, apply lavender essential oil on your dried body, and then go to a calming, dreamy sleep.

The Bottom Line

Your body goes through a lot during busy schedules. There are times when you should take some time for yourself and try to refresh a little.

By putting aside, the stress and worries in your life, you can turn your bathroom into a spa and relax a little. The spa is proven to have healing effects on your health, so if you often feel tired, you should try this water therapy at least once. Only a few amendments in your bathroom will transform the entire sight of it. Invest in these products to further enhance the soothing effects.