Healed vs. Cured

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Natural Healing

Healed vs. Cured

By: Mr. & Mrs. NEO

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We’ve been taught to look outside of ourselves for the answers to our health problems. We’ve been trained to look for an expert who can offer a quick fix. Perhaps a pill or protocol, despite the side effects or long-term prognosis, that can quickly remedy our immediate discomforts. However, when approaching our health concerns, are we seeking a cure or a healing? What is the difference and what should we truly be seeking?


Healing: the process of regaining true health.*

Healing happens from the inside out. It happens when we allow our body to engage in its natural process of healing.

Cured: the relief of the symptoms of a disease or condition.*



To cure, is to do or administer something to someone that relieves his or her symptoms.  It is something that someone else does to you or for you. The person who receives the relief is passive. The concept of cure does not necessarily take the root cause of the problem into consideration.

You can pay someone for a cure to relieve symptoms of an illness. Once you are cured, the implication is that you can go back to whatever it was you were doing before you got sick or had symptoms. You can revert back to the same diet, habits, lifestyle, environment. 

The efficacy of a cure is based on the skill of the person curing you, or on the quality of the cure that is being administered to you. 

Once cured, it is too often most likely that the disease, or original root cause, will come back again and necessitate the need for another cure. This cycle can continue. And this does not seem unusual, as most cures operate on the idea that the disease or illness happened to the person due to external circumstances, as a negative, that simply needs to be ceased through a quicker solution.

We assume the expectation that modern medicine will have an accurate diagnosis and will have the cure for our problem when we see a physician. We believe that if they are good, they will have the cure to our problem--or will have a referral to the specialist that does. We expect that a doctor will prescribe the cure and we can then continue our beliefs, patterns, habits and lifestyle as usual.

It is not even necessary for the people administering the cure to be healthy themselves. Knowledge of how to relieve symptoms is all that is needed to administer its cure.

To heal is a process to restore the state of health and balance. Health is not merely the absence of disease—it is a state of wellbeing that enables one to fulfill their life purpose and enjoy life to its fullest!

Healing is something you do for yourself, even if others assist. One who heals is responsible, ultimately, for their healing. Healing is a process your body and your mind venture through together and healing takes participation from the person going through it and does not always require a diagnosis, name or label.

Healing can be a natural process given the right conditions — the body and mind restoring its own harmonic functioning. Healing is a consequence—an affect from the cause.

Healing occurs when the cause of the disease or illness is removed or made balanced or rectified. It is not simply relief—or too often, temporary relief of the symptoms, but addresses the root cause itself. Not as an external, negative consequence, but the intuitive signaling of an internal issue in need of attention, care and different actions to produce different results.

Healing occurs only when the person cooperates with nature, returns to a state of relaxed, homeostasis and properly cares for oneself, making the changes that may be necessary for changes in the results.

To heal one can view their disease or symptoms as their temporary ally--realizing their symptoms are in fact a sign of health—signals, warning flags, inviting change for the better! To re-align yourself on a healthier path that will in turn align yourself with a healthier, happier, more vital you!

They have come to view their symptoms as a guide, a compass, for changing their behavior based on the desired results. The changes needed are those that will restore balance and health. Symptoms are messages from the body and are the signs that the body is in need of the process of healing and are notices that behavior change is needed to cooperate with this process. 

Healing requires not faith in others -- but faith in ones-self.

A person who is a natural healer is someone who assists another and helps them realize that it is they themselves who ultimately does the healing. A healer has the wisdom to help a person become more aware of the messages their body is giving them that are leading them to know the changes needed in their thoughts, beliefs, environment, and/or behavior for healing.

True healing is freedom. It is making peace from the inside--out. It is finding balance and harmony. 

Healing is an act of love.


While there will always be comfort in quick, complacency and the status quo, and overwhelm in the presence of real change, the key is to encourage yourself (or others) and be compassionate and loving in every healing step.

When we love ourselves too deeply to be passive or stagnant we seek answers that can be found within. To discover this truth and embody it fully, we must dare to love ourselves even more, not less, no matter the time it takes to change and truly heal, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Shift old thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and patterns into new possibilities!

 And become more and more Superhuman. 



* Definitions from Dictionary.com