Harmony's Mullein Oil and Earaches

The season change is in the air, and you know what that means: Fall is almost here. You'll wake up one of these mornings with the all-too-familiar, horrible, screaming ache of an ear infection. Earaches, whether dull and agonizing or severe and penetrating, are an absolute misery.

Benefits of Mullein Oil

But whether your earache is the result of a severe cold, earwax accumulation, or too much time spent in the pool, listen up: Harmony's Mullein Oil will have you and your kids feeling relaxed shortly. Harmony’s Mullein Oil consists of mullein oil, calendula oil, lemon oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, and garlic oil. It is believed that all these ingredients work synergistically to assist when suffering from earaches, dry or itchy ears, and swelling or inflammation.

Reasons For Earaches

Earaches can be brought on by various factors, including infections that occur in the ear's various sections and the pressure that results from having a cold. Moisture buildup in or around the external ear canal is what causes an ear infection. Some naturopaths suggest the ear canal, which extends down the back of the throat, is the source of recurring sore throats. As everyone knows, a sore throat almost always comes with a painful or inflamed ear.

Harmony’s Mullein Oil drops, made from mullein oil, calendula oil, lemon oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, and garlic oil, will soothe your dry, itchy ears. Read on to find out why Harmony’s Mullein Oil ingredients are helpful.

Benefits Of Mullein Oil for Earaches

Mullein, a plant indigenous to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, has a long history of medicinal usage in several cultures. Early American immigrants brought it from Europe since it was known to aid in the treatment of coughs and diarrhea, among others. Mullein's potential to heal infections of the mouth, throat, nose, and ears with its antiviral and antibacterial activities has gained more attention in herbal medicine and exploratory research in recent years.

The phytochemicals in mullein leaves and flowers are called expectorants (they help mucus come out) and demulcents (relieve mucous membrane irritation or inflammation). An oil infused with mullein flowers is a gentle and highly appreciated treatment for external discomfort and swelling (earaches, eczema, etc.) in adults and children.

In addition, a famous study published in Pediatrics in May 2003 indicated that natural ear drops comprising extracts of mullein and garlic helped to alleviate pain in children with ear infections. In a second trial with 171 children with ear pain, it was discovered that naturopathic ear drops might be more beneficial than anesthetic (numbing) ear drops for treating ear pain in children when taken alone. Research shows that these herbs can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and protect cells from damage. In addition, they have no known negative effects and stimulate the immune system1.

Benefits Of Calendula Oil for Earaches

Calendula for Health

The calendula plant has a long history of use as a beautiful and functional crop, with applications in the culinary, cosmetic, and medicine cabinet. Even if you don't know what they are, you probably know what marigolds are. This plant belongs to the same genus as marigolds and is frequently referred to as pot marigolds. Calendula flower has gained popularity in recent years and is now utilized in about two hundred different types of lotions, shampoos, and other items in the natural health and skin care lines2

Calendula has been proven to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties due to potent flavonoids. These antioxidants found in plants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and compounds that cause inflammation, such as C-reactive protein and cytokines3.

High amounts of anti-inflammatory linoleic acid are also present in calendula. Its high anti-inflammatory characteristics make it an effective treatment for a variety of inflammatory conditions, such as dermatitis, diaper rash, ear infections, and sore throats4. Calendula-containing ear drops are frequently used to treat earaches in kids.

Benefits Of Lemon Oil for Earaches

Lemon oil is a completely natural substance that can potentially be utilized as a home cure. It’s extracted from the fresh lemons peel using steam extraction or, less frequently, through a "cold-pressing" method in which the peel is pricked and rotated to release the oil.

Lemon oil can be utilized in a variety of ways, including inhalation through a diffuser or a direct application to the skin after diluting it. It is said to be effective against fatigue and depression, as well as for clearing the skin, killing dangerous germs and viruses, and decreasing inflammation.

This oil's anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties may have something to do with its capacity to assist our bodies in comprehending pain without panicking. A 2014 study conducted on mice revealed that aromatherapy using lemon oil altered the brains' responses to painful stimuli5.

Because of the high concentration of antibacterial characteristics found in lemon oil, it helps prevent infections and may even hasten the wound's natural healing process. In an animal experiment, the lemon oil accelerated the recovery of mange-infected tissue6. In addition, lemon oil has potent antifungal qualities that can be used to treat some skin overgrowth. When used topically, according to a 2017 review of studies, it is effective against the fungi that cause thrush, athlete's foot, and yeast infections7.

Together with the other constituents of Harmony’s Mullein Oil, lemon oil's antibacterial, antifungal, and pain-relieving abilities can help you quickly relieve earaches and inflamed ears.

Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil for Earaches

Best Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil, extracted from vitamin E, is a topical moisturizer that can be used alone or as an additive to other skin care products. Vitamin E oil can be utilized as a moisturizer to prevent and treat dry, flaky skin. It’s not possible for vitamin E to treat allergic responses, infections, or other conditions that might cause skin itching.

However, because it moisturizes the skin, it has the ability to provide transient relief from discomfort caused by dry skin. Maintaining a healthy level of moisturization in the skin can help avoid dry skin and its symptoms, such as itching.

When your ears are dry and itchy, like in the early stages of eczema, you may feel an overwhelming urge to scratch them with your fingers or cotton swabs. Itching deteriorates the skin, making it more susceptible to infection. At this stage of dryness, vitamin E oil helps keep the skin moist, thereby lowering the desire to itch.

Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil for Earaches

The ancient Greeks drank wine and consumed grape products for various health benefits. They considered the grape to have curative qualities. It was used to alleviate multiple types of pain and to encourage regularity. A recent study supports the assumption that the grape seed is responsible for the health benefits. UMMC finds recent research that backs up what the ancient Greeks found.

One study cited by UMMC shows that people with severe pain who use grape seed extract get relief. Grape seed oil is a convenient approach to utilizing the pain-relieving benefits of grape seeds8. That's why you can alleviate the discomfort of an earache by applying Harmony’s Mullein Oil to the affected ear.

Benefits Of Garlic Oil for Earaches

Over the decades, garlic has been utilized to treat a variety of ailments, including earaches and ear infections. Garlic is good for your health because it has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Additionally, it possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Garlic, when consumed, can help improve the immune system and fight infection.

If you put garlic oil on your ear, it might help ease the pain. In a trial involving 103 children with ear discomfort caused by middle ear infections, naturopathic ear drops, including garlic and other herbal compounds, were found to be just as helpful as over-the-counter ear drops in controlling ear pain9. A study published in 2019 discovered that garlic derivatives possess antibacterial action against common pathogens that cause ear infections10.

How To Use Harmony's Mullein Oil

It is an effective combination oil, and all its constituents work synergistically to promote relaxation when suffering from earaches, inflammation, and other outer ear infections. Harmony’s Mullein Oil comes with or without garlic oil. The addition of garlic oil enhances the antibacterial effects of Harmony’s Mullein Oil. It may also stimulate blood flow, boosting localized healing wherever it is applied.

You can use Harmony’s Mullein Oil as follows:

With a mild irritation, early symptoms of earache, significant ear itching, or exposure to the wind: Apply 2-4 drops of Harmony's Mullein Oil twice daily on the visible portion of your ear and massage it lightly. Never place the oil directly in the ear canal. Ideally, you'll start feeling better the day you begin.

The Bottom Line

If you have a habit of scratching your ears with cotton swabs, creating minor trauma, if you suffer from ear eczema, swimmer's ear, painful ears from wind chill, or if you can't have water near your ear, then Harmony’s Mullein Oil will be an excellent choice. It is a potent combination oil containing antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and pain-relieving agents that help living with earaches, dry or itchy ears, and inflamed ears.

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