H.E.A.L’s Ultimate Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again to finalize our holiday gifting! With just days away from Christmas, we know you still have some last minute holiday shopping to do. Have no worries, because we have some great options for anyone you need to shop for, even if it’s for yourself! Oh c’mon, we know some of you out there will wrap these up for yourself and put them under the tree. We won’t tell!

Each of these unique gift combinations were crafted knowing that the holiday days are different from our daily lives. It’s important to find stress relievers that work, but do not interfere with the holiday time, preparation and festivities, as this time of year can be very busy for many of us!

Further, these gifts are all handmade in the USA, mom- approved, CO2 neutral and used by our team here at H.E.A.L.


Stress Reliever Kit

Canva---Woman-relaxing-1Everyone could use a little more relaxation in their life, am I right? Our Osimagnesium Stress Reliever Kit includes magnesium bath flakes, magnesium oil, and body butter in addition to H.E.A.L’s relaxation essential oil.

Everyone needs magnesium as it affects the entire body. This essential mineral is also an electrolyte which helps to regulate blood pressure, neutralize stomach acid, support nerve and muscle function to name a few. Magnesium can be found in foods like nuts and seeds, specifically almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds, spinach, legumes and dark chocolate! However, we don’t always get enough of this mineral in our foods, so our bodies also have the ability to absorb magnesium topically through the skin pores into the epidermal layer. Creams, lotions, oils and flakes are great options.

The relaxation essential oil is a blend of lavender, bergamot and orange which creates a beautiful aroma!

This it is the perfect gift of relaxation! The combo is great for a warm bath or foot soak using the OSI Magnesium Bath Flakes and relaxation essential oil, finished with putting on some soothing body butter. Beyond relaxation, this kit aids in anxiety and helps with sore and achy muscles when using the magnesium oil. Relaxing holiday evenings? Yes please!

Our customers are raving about this kit and we know you will, too! Shaun gave it five stars saying:

One of the best stress reliever kits I’ve tried. Helps me relax after a long day at work. With work, kids, and other real life priorities, days get very hectic and stressful. This helps to relax and be at peace before I go to sleep. I would highly recommend this one.”


Self Care Kit

Kit 1Similar to the stress reliever kit, the Self-Care Kit offers the opportunity for relaxation and fun! This wonderful combination includes the OSI Magnesium flakes, magnesium oil, lavender essential oil and lavender sleep patches.

Did you know lavender is extensively used by many people to help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain and promote relaxation and sleep? It has antibacterial properties that also make for a healthy household cleanser. One of my favorite ways to use the essential oil is by diffusing it in my kitchen and bedrooms.

Now we cannot forget these bodytox patches! They are made of wood vinegar, chitosan, eucalyptus oil and mugwort extract. So you may be saying “hmmm, enlighten me about these ingredients!” Ubame oak trees, when heated, the smoke is collected and distilled into wood vinegar which promotes liver and bowel health, digestion, healthy prostate and overall wellbeing. Chitosan is made from the shells of crustaceans and is known to enhance the skin when healing. It’s also notorious for improving joint health. Eucalyptus oil may be more familiar to you. It’s often a candle scent and common oil in soaps, cleaners and lotions. It’s used to reduce symptoms of coughs, colds and congestion while also aiding in muscle and joint pain. Lastly, mugwort extract is the essential oil used as an antiepileptic, for digestive and diuretic purposes. The amount of extract in the bodytox patches is minimal, but just enough to provide you with the health effects promoting relaxation and sleep.

Again, this gift combination is another brilliant excuse for a foot soak and bath using the magnesium flakes followed by a wonderful night’s sleep using the bodytox sleep patches. Just before falling asleep, breath in a few breathes of the lavender essential oil. Maybe you know of a family member with constant aches and muscle cramps. This would be a wonderful solution to help ease their pain relief and give them a fuller night’s rest.

Raymond, one of our customers can attest to this gift, giving it a five star review, saying:

I bought it for my grandma who can't sleep without diffusing basic oils now that I’ve got her hooked! she likes H.E.A.L’s Lavender Essential Oil and my favorite was Bodytox Lavender Sleep Patches. Thank you Harmony Heal for getting it to my grandma in a reliable and timely manner...in spite of the Covid-19 lock down....it was perfect in soothing her and helps her fall asleep every night lovely....just lovely.....now I will order the same for myself.”


H.E.A.L.’s Holiday Gift Kit

HEAL Holiday Gift SetAs mentioned above, the idea of diffusing! This gift kit includes an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with color changing LED, a 2 pack of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg ear candles, and holiday spice essential oil (my absolute favorite scent!) I find it most effective to set my diffusers in the bedrooms and living areas. You can even use a diffuser as you would a candle to add a holiday aroma to the air in a natural, healthy way. No parabens, toxins or unnatural products- ever!

The holiday essential oil and candle pack is made up of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and vanilla essential oils all of which have a holiday filled aroma and provide soothing benefits, helping you and your loved ones relax easily!


DIY Deodorant Kit

Deodorant Kit-1This kit is pretty cool, if I say so myself! Our DIY deodorant kit is full of fun and health! Using natural deodorant is so important and making the switch from conventional products is a must. With this combination, you get to make the deodorant yourself! It’s free of chemicals, color, fragrance and alcohol. The grapefruit and lavender essential oils are combined with magnesium or baking soda if you choose, which together shield against odor. The tapioca absorbs the moisture from sweat for long-lasting cleanliness.

To note, please understand that making the switch to a natural product will take time for your body to adjust. Our bodies need to detox and rid themselves of toxins we previously exposed ourselves to. However, this is the perfect gift to help anyone make the switch! You may be speculative, but I can assure you it works. I was unsure of natural deodorant myself, as I didn’t want to walk into my cardio class and be the one stinking up the room with a lack of “normal” deodorant. Let’s say there was no need to have that fear. Natural is the way to go!


So now that you have picked up the theme of these gifts, relaxation, it’s time for you to finish the shopping with the best gifts out there. Anyone who doesn’t receive one of these kits at the holiday exchanges are going to be pretty jealous, I can assure you of that! Give the gift of sleep and relaxation! And don’t forget one for yourself, too!