H.E.A.L.’s Holiday Stress Reliever Kit To The Rescue

Harmony’s Preview:

  • Managing holiday stress can be stressful.
  • Trying to avoid food, drinks, family members can be challenging. 
  • Natural Health Products are easy to use, flexible and effective. Relax away your stress.                                                                                                            

Managing the holiday stress can be a pretty daunting task and can cause stress itself!

It is difficult trying to escape from the drama, the compulsion to shop, family pressures and disappointments on top of so many temptations with food, drink, and lifestyle choices.

It is important to acknowledge that the holiday days are different from our daily lives. So it is important to find stress relievers that work but do not interfere with holiday time and festivities. ThCanva - Young Businessman Celebrating Christmas in the Officee holidays are not going anywhere and nor are we. So what can one do during the holidays that is simple, effective and easy?

Doc Harmony, our personal, in house PhD, created H.E.A.L.’s Stress Reliever Kit knowing that sometimes during the holiday we do not have time to take a breather, we can’t say no, and that life is just different during these times.

Doc Harmony wanted to create a holiday survival kit for anyone to use. H.E.A.L.’s Stress Reliever Kit is complete with the perfect remedies that you can use anywhere and anytime that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holidays.

  1. Harmony’s Relaxation Oil is blended with Lavender, Bergamont and Orange essential oils …. Keep this bottle in your pocket or purse. Anytime that you are feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed, take the top off and take a deep breath of the essential oils. Close your eyes and relax into the aromas. Discover what you smell and how you feel. Try this several times until the pressure/stress dissipates.
  2. Magnesium Oil: Keep this spritzer close by! When your body is feeling tense, crampy or achy, spray your magnesium oil on the affected area and massage the area with the pressure that feels best to you. Better yet, ask a friend or loved one to help you out.
  3. OSI Magnesium Butter: Definitely do not leave this one behind! Use this lotion, instead of your daily lotion on your feet, shoulders, neck, wrists and any other known points of tension. Prepare yourself for anything the day presents with magnesium – The Feel Good Mineral.
  4. Magnesium Flakes: Reserve these flakes for those really intense days when you deserve a spa moment for earning that Oscar at the holiday dinner or you survived 100 people in your house designed for 5. Draw yourself a warm bath to your preferred temperature. When the tub is half full pour half a bag of flakes into the water so they can dissolve. To enhance your experience, drop a few drops of the relaxation essential oil into your tub. Stir the water around to activate the aromas. Spray magnesium oil on any areas that are super tense. Now, slide into your spa experience in your very own bathtub. Breath in the aromas, massage those areas that are tense and enjoy! For a good night rest, use the magnesium body butter on your feet, massaging those reflexology points. Be open to ‘visions of sugar-plums’ dancing in your head while you sleep.