Fun Things to do on Rainy Spring Days!

April has arrived, signaling the start of the rainy season. You may have a lot of exciting plans for April, but the extraordinary rains have ruined them all. And no doubt Nothing is more frustrating than having your fun-filled day disrupted by bad weather. But this isn’t it!

While certain enjoyable activities, such as picnics or hiking, are limited by rain, there are still plenty of entertaining things to do on a rainy day, whether alone or with friends and family. So, in this blog, we'll talk about some enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities to do with your loved ones on a rainy day. The best part about this list of outdoor rain fun ideas is that it is filled with pocket friendly rainy day activities!

  1. Go out for a walk

Take advantage of those rain boots and go for a walk... just anywhere. Around the block or at a nearby park. Or, go for a hike at a nearby forest preserve. Allow yourself to play in the puddles like you did as a kid!

Walking is beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit. The weather is warming up, and it won't be difficult to find spring's beauty. We all appreciate the scent of new rain on soil and grass, the sound and feel of clean water, and the pleasant sound of raindrops on an umbrella or even our faces because we all enjoy the fragrance of fresh rain on earth and grass.

Walking in the rain boosts your metabolism and is beneficial to both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Raindrops also remove toxins from the air, making it healthier to breathe. Various research initiatives have discovered that: During the rainy season, the air remains pure and refreshing. 

  1. Help out the lil’ wormies

The superhero in you will love this activity. After the rain has passed, the sidewalk will be littered with earthworms. Gather some friends for a worm rescue walk, where you will rapidly handle the worms and return them to the soil.

When the rain ends and the ground is dry, save the worms by scooping them out of puddles and off the sidewalk or street and replacing them in the damp soil. Only keep worms for as long as you need them to be moved. If you keep worms for too long, they will die.

Remember to have spare clothes and a towel ready for all of these activities as soon as you enter your house or return to your car so that you can warm up and dry fast. Also, if you hear thunder, go inside right away. These activities are more enjoyable when it is raining rather than when it is storming. Have fun and take advantage of the rainy April weather!

  1. Candle light dinner in rain

What could be more pleasant than a candlelight meal while it's raining outside? It's always very relaxing to listen to the rain in the dark. Make use of this idea While the rain is doing its magic, treat your lovely family to an extraordinary meal at home. Set the mood with lighting and quiet music, open the windows to let the rain breeze in, and place the juices on the table with flowers and lit candles on the desk. Make them sit at the table and try some of your favorite meals you yourself prepared. Make some delectable chocolate desserts and juicy roasted chicken, and simply enjoy this wonderful time with them. Have some family gossip, and discuss topics you've never discussed before. Make an effort to appreciate how much you all mean to each other. savor the moment!

If you’re not sure about what kind of candles would jazz up the moment. Here’s a quick tip, make your own DIY candles made with Harmony's Beeswax Blocks

Beeswax is a valuable element in aromatic candles because of its smokeless nature and long burn life. Beeswax candles are also said to have a honey scent – which may range from sweet, fresh, or flowery to warm, or peppery – and to aid in the removal of airborne contaminants including germs, dust, allergies, and smells. Furthermore, they are thought to improve general physical and mental well-being by energizing the body, lowering stress, improving attention, assisting in the reduction of physical discomfort, and regulating blood pressure.

Diy Beeswax Projects

Pure Beeswax Blocks- 0.5lbs

While bees and their incredible raw honey receive a lot of attention, we sometimes overlook the other incredible treasures they have to offer. Beeswax is a natural product produced and secreted by honey bees for the creation of honeycombs. Fatty acids, hydrocarbons, and esters make up the bulk of beeswax.

On your journey to discovering a sustainable life, you will find at some point the many joys of using Harmony's Pure Beeswax Blocks in your natural home cleaning routines, as well as in your desire to obtain chemical-free body products.


Harmony's Beeswax is created from flower nectar, in case you didn't know. Beeswax is formed from the nectar used by bees to manufacture honey. Eight wax-producing glands in the abdomen segments of worker bees generate scales, which they discard in or around the hive. Then our hive workers gather it and utilize it to create hexagonal chambers in the beehive for honey storage and larval and pupil protection.

Natural Product

There is a bi-product of beeswax left behind when we collect the honey or melt down old expired frames from the beehive. This beeswax is next purified using a 24-hour slow simmer cycle to remove all solids from the oil. Harmony’s Beeswax Blocks are double filtered and locally acquired. We then set this wax into big blocks, later rendering it down into smaller, more manageable sizes. 

DIY Beeswax Candles


Beeswax can be used in many different ways. Multiple denominations have utilized it as a sacred substance for centuries, using it for everything from candle manufacture to wound healing and toxin elimination (from skin and body, after mild infection).

Beeswax may be used for a variety of purposes at home including:

- Candles made of beeswax

- Skin salves and lotions

- Hand creams, lip balms, and lip gloss

- Pomades and waxes for beards and hair

- Furniture and boot polish

  1. Scuba diving

Scuba diving in the rain is a magical experience. Since you're underwater, there's no need to worry about the wind or rain. Instead, take in the beauty of this amazing area below sea level and forget about what's going on above.

A trained diving instructor will look after you for 20 to 30 minutes of pure joy if you are a beginner. You'll dive down to 6 meters while learning the fundamentals of how to use all of the equipment (tanks, gauge, fins, wetsuits, fins, and BCD), and for those of you who are already certified divers, you'll enjoy this underwater paradise guided by an instructor who will take you down to 30 meters for a one-of-a-kind visit.

  1. Get away with God

What better way to pass the time than to spend it with God? Take out your Bible and read some inspiring verses, allowing God to preach to you. Allow God's living water to flood your spirit with His serenity like the rain refreshes the soul. Rains are considered ethereal beings of good fortune and are seen as a favor from the Almighty. Rain as a spiritual benefit appears to be a good metaphor.

It's important to unwind, and a rainy day might assist you in doing so. Take advantage of the opportunity by baking in the kitchen with your kids or reading alone by the window. The blessing of His Spirit brings these same attributes into our lives, just as rain refreshes, cleanses, and makes the world fruitful.

  1. Water Baseball

This is the ideal game to play on a wet spring day.

Round of your family, friends and neighbors. Create a field that includes all three bases and home plate. Fill a bucket halfway with water and set the balloons inside. Toss in a couple tennis balls to round out the bucket. You're out after three strikes, but if you hit a water balloon, it's a free home run, and if you hit a tennis ball, you're out until the ball is caught and returned to the pitcher. Throwing water balloons at the runner to try to get him out after the ball is picked up by a field player adds to the entertainment.

  1. Self-Therapy

This is a charge-free therapy you should try. For this, you'll need to seek a quiet location to sit and listen to the rain for this one. It's most effective when you're away from busy roads and other potential distractions. Close your eyes and sit back down. Concentrate on what you're feeling. What do you think you smell? What does it feel like when it rains on your face? When the rain falls on trees, the ground, a roof, or your jacket, what different sounds does it make?

Take a minute to appreciate the weather by slowing down and taking in the scenery. Rain is predictable, peaceful, stable, and non-threatening, according to studies. Consistent rainfall noises assist in lulling the brain into sleeping, filter out outside noises, and frequently generate a more meditative state that induces relaxation.


Who says you have to stay indoors on rainy days? When the weather is bad, it might throw us off mentally. Instead of wasting a rainy day twiddling your thumbs, try one of these entertaining activities to do on a rainy day that bring the advantage of what nature has to offer.  If you're ready to embrace the rain, these fun rainy day activities can brighten your day, no matter how young or old you are.

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