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By: Mr. & Mrs. NEO

Mrs. Neo is a Favorite Guest Blogger and always knows how to share the Right Things at the Right Time.  Thank you for allowing us to share this message with our audience. The Neos are creating blogs and audios about becoming Superhuman!

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Paranoia is the belief that most every thing (one) in the Universe is conspiring against you.

But what if you chose to believe in ParaNONnoia * instead?  Which is the belief that most everything in the Universe is aspiring to support you!

How would this new belief change the perception of everything and everyone?


Could it turn fear into faith? Could it turn suspicion into auspiciousness? Could it turn anger into release, empathy and forgiveness? Could it turn division into oneness? Could it turn the feelings of captivity into freedom? Could it turn darkness towards the light of love?

Four fearful thoughts might be:

Uncertainty is unsafe and leads to danger.

  • I wouldn’t live through it if I lost what I cherish.
  • It’s a hostile Universe conspiring against me.
  • I am all alone.


Such as the practice of choosing to be ParaNONnoia, what if you chose an alternate set of beliefs:


  • Uncertainty is the gateway to possibility, creation and opportunity.
  • Loss is natural and can lead to greater growth and make room for positive expansion.
  • It’s a purposeful Universe aspiring to support me.
  • I am not alone and we are all One.

Wouldn’t we be naturally less afraid, or paranoid, if we could truly accept and adopt the second set of beliefs?


Think about something you know you need or want to do, but fear has been holding you back…  Now imagine how you would feel if you allowed yourself to be open and positive in the face of uncertainty, anticipating something better than what you were experiencing in its absence, might happen as a result!


If there are occasions where circumstances do not turn out how you’d hoped –or you did end up losing something (or someone) whom you cherished, know with certainty that your soul was growing as a side effect of the challenge, that you were becoming more aligned with your natural divinity and expanding compassion as a result of the loss.


Imagine if you had absolute faith that it’s a purposeful Universe. Would you fear “failure”? Would you trust more and follow intuition rather than allowing doubt to create resistance and fear to create roadblocks?


What if you could recognize you are not alone and furthermore could feel the interconnectedness of oneness and your precious part in this web of love? What if you did not feel separate from other people or from sentient beings, or from all of Mother Nature? Would you open your heart even more? Would you trust more opportunities? Would you feel a Universal support system that isn’t designed for you to fail—but rather designed for you to feel….


What if in this interconnected Universal support system you allowed yourself to be truly ParaNONnoid *… believing that everyone and everything is aspiring to support your highest good, your highest growth, your highest vibration, your highest levels of enlightenment, awareness and alignment.

Would you fear? Could you fail?

Fearless.  Fear-less….and become more and more Superhuman. 


* “ParaNONoia and ParaNONnoid” are made up words by Mrs. Neo