Essential Oils to Ease Anxiety

The external environment and weather significantly impact a person's mood, social behaviors, and mental health. Since June is almost there, scorching heat and extremely hot weather are also approaching to affect you with the increased anxiety. Due to physiological changes like palpitation, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, and feeling faint many people suffer from elevated anxiety levels in summers.

According to the psychotherapist Ellen Yom, " People who have experienced panic attacks in the past can get more anxious, especially in summers."1

Since summer days are longer, people tend to be busier in routine and try to finalize their pending tasks. As a result, they lack sleep and leave their bodies tired and nervous. These factors, along with many others, keep on piling up and escalate your anxiety level. To deal with this, you need to look after yourself.

How To Overcome Your Anxiety?

Since anxiety is a body's natural response to stress, nervousness, and tension, which causes increased heart rate, restlessness, rapid breathing, and trouble concentrating. Different medications, including anti-depressants and sedatives, are available. Still, it's much better to treat your anxiety in natural ways. Aromatherapy can work wonders in a much cheaper and more convenient manner. A study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing showed that aromatherapy could reduce anxiety in patients in intensive care units and can boost positivity in them.2

H.E.A.L's Essential Oils have a wide range of essential oils that can help you relieve anxiety through their exclusive and unique smells used for aromatherapy.

Lavender Essential Oil

The Lavender flower is a symbol of devotion and purity. It is well-known for tranquility, spiritual healing, and reducing tension. Research done in 2012 showed that lavender aromatherapy can work magically to ease anxiety, as it directly impacts the brain's limbic system that controls emotions.3

In the scorching hot weather, use H.E.A.L's Lavender Essential Oil during a bath. Take 2 to 3 drops of lavender essential oil and combine it with any carrier oil like almond oil or jojoba oil. You can also use any unscented bath gel; mix it in the tub water before entering the bathtub. It will help your mind to relax and lessen your anxiety. Keeping  H.E.A.L's Essential Oil Diffuser with a few drops of lavender oil on the nightstand can also assist you in sleeping well and is very beneficial for people who have insomnia.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose flower is not only a magic illusion to human eyes, but it also has a mesmerizing effect on the human sense of smell. Rose smell has the powerful characteristic of taking you into a new world. That's why it has been used in perfumes and fragrances for many years. Essential oils extracted from roses are the favorite of many aromatherapy experts; they use them to decrease stress and tension in people and make them more tranquil and contented.

Studies showed when people were given aromatherapy with rose essential oil; a visible decrease occurred in anxiety symptoms like high blood pressure, higher heart rate, and higher cortisol level.4

 H.E.A.L's Rose Essential Oil will be your best choice to relieve anxiety. Take 2 to 3 drops of rose essential oil, mix it with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil and apply it to your face. The stunning effect eases your anxiety and makes your skin glowing and radiant. You can also use rose essential oil in H.E.A.L's Essential Oil Diffuser to make your environment more gratifying.

Neroli Essential Oil

A mixture of the sweet and spicy smell of neroli flowers can help you boost your mood. Due to its sedative effect, neroli is widely used in hospitals. A recent study showed that people given aromatherapy of neroli essential oil before a colonoscopy have lower systolic blood pressure and lesser anxiety. 5

If you want to uplift your overall mood and are tired of being anxious and nervous throughout the day, use H.E.A.L's Neroli Essential Oil, mix a few drops of this oil in any moisturizing cream, and massage your body. It will relieve your anxiety and make you sleep well. It will also improve your concentration.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the geranium plant. It is used commercially as a vital ingredient in many fragrances and soap industries. Its essential oil is also used worldwide for aromatherapy to treat different health conditions, including depression and anxiety. A recent study has shown that aromatherapy of geranium essential oil has proved beneficial in the labor room for women to overcome the anxiety of first-time labor. 6

To get rid of anxiety, use H.E.A.L's Geranium Essential Oil topically on the skin; mix it with unscented moisturizers or day creams and apply it to your skin to calm yourself down in anxiety conditions.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is extracted from the peel of fresh lemons through a cold press or steam. When you clean your home with lemon-scented products, you may have noticed that you feel fresher and more relaxed. This is because citrus smells subconsciously make you feel clean and pleasant.

 H.E.A.L's Lemon Essential Oil will be the best addition to your home; using it in aromatherapy diffusers can treat your anxiety as the oil is evenly dispersed throughout your atmosphere and makes you feel more refreshed and energetic.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is extracted from the peel or zest of the fruit and has an energizing citrus smell. When inhaled through oil diffusers, it stimulates the smell receptors of the nose and sends messages to the brain to release chemicals that make your body energetic and fresh.

Use  H.E.A.L's Orange Essential Oil in any oil diffuser and make your work environment or your home fresher and pleasant. It will help you elevate your mood and relieve anxiety and tension.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit like lemon and orange, and its essential oil has comforting and soothing effects when inhaled. H.E.A.L's Grapefruit Essential Oil can make your anxiety disappear in minutes when used as aromatherapy. You can add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to any candle diffuser or oil diffuser and inhale it’s refreshing smell. You will be amazed to see your anxiety going away and leaving you more relaxed and calmer.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil has prime importance for experts dealing with aromatherapy. It is extracted by steam distillation of rosemary leaves. The mint-like smell of rosemary has a soothing and clearing effect on the mind and plays a vital role in lifting the mood. Aromatherapists extensively use this essential oil to reduce stress and anxiety in people. It is also frequently used to treat baldness and in the skincare regime.

Apply H.E.A.L's Rosemary Essential Oil to your skin by mixing it in your daily skincare creams. You can also create an anti-stress aromatherapy spray by mixing 6 tablespoons of water and 10 drops of rosemary essential oil. 

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from the resin of the sacred tree of Boswellia, which grows in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. The high demand for frankincense makes it more valuable than gold. The woody and spicy smell of frankincense leaves a delightful effect on the human sense of smell and releases stress from their minds making them less anxious.

Inhale H.E.A.L's Frankincense Essential Oil through oil diffusers or candle diffusers, and it will magically relieve your anxiety. It also has an anti-aging effect when absorbed from the skin.

H.E.A.L's Happy Essential Oil

Along with many individual essential oils, H.E.A.L's essential oils also have an exclusive range that gives you a combination of 2 to 3 essential oils extracted from important flowers and plants.

H.E.A.L's Happy Essential Oil will work miraculously to lessen and permanently treat your anxiety if used on a regular basis. It is a blend of lemon, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and melissa essential oils. The citrus smell of lemon and bergamot is essential in making you feel fresh and clean; the more you are fresh, you worry less about certain things in life that take your anxiety level up.

The yellow star-shaped flower ylang-ylang is a potent ingredient of H.E.A.L's Happy Essential Oil; the fruity and flowery smell of ylang-ylang makes it more profound and more prosperous to be used in aromatherapies. It can effectively reduce heart rate and blood pressure, which are apparent symptoms of anxiety. You feel more relaxed and peaceful in the environment where ylang ylang essential oil has been dispersed by oil diffusers. The essential oil of another plant, melissa, is also included in the blend, which plays a crucial role in uplifting your mood and leaves a calming effect on your nerves.

How To Use H.E.A.L's Happy Essential Oil

You can make essential oil spray by mixing a few drops of Happy essential oil in water and using it over your blankets, couches, and pillows. You can also apply a few drops of this essential oil directly on your skin in areas like your neck, wrists, behind your ears, and the bottom of your feet.

H.E.A.L's Good Night Essential Oil

People suffering from anxiety conditions cannot sleep properly with all the pressures of modern-age life. Sometimes, they can go through a sleep deprivation disease called insomnia in adverse conditions. H.E.A.L's Good Night Essential Oil has a fantastic combination of three essential oils that can help you keep insomnia at bay on days when you are struggling with anxiety. The exclusive essential oil named goodnight is a fusion of lavender, bergamot, and patchouli.

Lavender and bergamot are well known for their versatility to benefit you and sleep well. But patchouli is also not less important in this regard. The essential oil of patchouli comes from the leaves of its plant, and its musky smell has been distinguished for years to relieve stress conditions and alleviate anxiety. It is also beneficial to treat different skin conditions.

How To Use H.E.A.L's Good Night Essential Oil

You can topically massage a few drops of H.E.A.L's Good Night Essential Oil through a rollerball to be absorbed by your skin; it leaves a soothing and sedative effect and helps you attain a sound sleep. You can also sprinkle a few drops on your clothes or inhale directly by inserting the oil into vaporizers.

H.E.A.L's Simply Romance Essential Oil

Your low self-esteem, gloomy mood, and declined energy level can increase your anxiety and depression, which can generate many problems in your marriage life or long-term partnerships. H.E.A.L's Simply Romance Essential Oil will be the best choice for you to deal with all such conditions. The essential oils from orange, patchouli, sage, and germanium have been fused to make Harmony's Essential Oil Simply Romance; its pleasant aroma can figuratively make your home environment more delightful, romantic, and intimate.

Using a few drops of this amazing essential oil in aromatherapy diffusers, vaporizers, or sprinkling on your clothes can efficiently boost your mood, make you feel pleasant, and successfully vanishes all your anxieties and stress. As a result, it makes your marriage or relationship more beautiful and leaves you happy and contented.

H.E.A.L's Relaxation Essential Oil

As the name indicates,   H.E.A.L's Relaxation Essential Oil is specifically designed to make you relaxed and tension-free. Its ingredients include lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, and orange essential oil are all well known for their potent characteristic in relieving tension and anxiety.

You can use it by applying it to your skin or can make your atmosphere refreshing by spraying the mixture with water all over your house or workplace.

The Bottom Line

The weather has a significant impact on your mood and mental health. You may have noticed that people are happier and more delightful in pleasant weather. But extreme weather, mainly summer, might take your anxiety to a much higher level. There are different ways to deal with anxiety, including medications like anti-depressants, sedatives, or usual techniques such as yoga and meditation. Still, they are ineffective in working instantly and relieve your anxiety. 

People in modern-day life are already battling with time and cannot take out time and look after and pamper themselves. Aromatherapy is very much in demand these days to treat anxiety as your mind and body have a quick response to it. When used correctly and in precise proportions, H.E.A.L's Essential Oils can work miraculously and kick away your anxiety.