Does Ear Candling Unblock Ears?

Harmony's Preview:

  • Ear Candling is relaxing and enjoyable and should always be enjoyed with a second person.
  • Ear Candling is a tradition that has been handed down generation to generation through our aunts, grandmothers and loved ones.
  • This energetic modality is wonderful for reflexology points and meridian pathways.

Ear candling is a great holistic treatment that gives you the freedom and ability to relax, naturally. It consists of purchasing the safest ear candles on the market, following manufacturer’s instructions, and partnering with a friend/family/practitioner to aide in the process.  How to use ear candles is simple:

How did ear candling start?

Ear candling has been used around the world for many generations.  There have been documented cases in Poland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Columbia, and many other countries. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Ear Candling came from Egypt or Tibet.  In Europe, many people believe that ear candling originated with the Hopi Tribe.  According to the Hopi Tribe, they have never collectively used ear candles, nor is their name permitted to be used in association with ear candles.  This is simply a tradition that has been passed down for a few generations. 

What is ear candling and how does it work?

Ear candling is an alternative, holistic therapy that allows the body to shift from a stressed state to a relaxed state of wellbeing. The ear candle, once lit, sends warm smoke out the bottom. The smoke will dissipate in less than two minutes when the smoke begins to flow upwards in a spiral vortex, stimulating the reflexology points and allowing the flow of chi energy along the meridian pathways and stimulating the Chakras. When the warm air hits the ear canal, our brain begins to shift into a calm, meditative state. In a parasympathetic state, the heart rate is slowed down, blood pressure decrease, digestion is engaged, and an overall sense of calmness is reached. The process takes 11-13 minutes, per candle.

What is needed for an ear candling and what makes it safe?

how to ear candle

Making an ear candle is difficult because done incorrectly, it can be damaging to your body. This is why we recommend buying our ear candles ! This will ensure they are made with the highest quality ingredients: Certified Organic Cotton, double wrapped, a burn line safety label, and the highest-quality wax. Like all therapies, ear candling does have risks. Most of the risks involved happen when the candle is not up to par or when you are doing it incorrectly and not following safety recommendations. To make sure that you ear candle safely, you need to follow the directions carefully, have a second person with you and a high quality ear candle. For example, ear candles with a burn line sticker, help the candle to stop burning when it is about four inches from your face. All of Harmony’s ear candles have these safety labels on them.

Ear Candles are safe when using the recommended high-quality requirements. When an ear candle is crafted by hand with organic cotton cloth (like they are at Harmony’s ear candles) they are safer because you know that there are no harmful chemicals, GMO’s or bacteria that are going into the candle.