Cuts, Scrapes and Boo Boos – Silver Gel to the Rescue!

Many experts tell us that we should have a topical antibiotic in our medicine cabinet along with a burn ointment. Then, they tell us we should have a topical cream for bug bites. Of course, they also say you should have another product on hand for itching skin. If you stock all of that, along with your prescription medications and supplements, your medicine cabinet starts to look quite full while your wallet looks awfully thin.

natural first aid ointment

Don't forget that many of these ointments contain harmful chemicals that get absorbed into your skin the moment you rub them on. Luckily, there’s ONE natural first aid product that can replace virtually all of the topical first aid products in your medicine cabinet**.

One product, many uses

Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel Homeopathic Medicine is the only product you need to keep handy for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, bruises and skin infections. This product reduces pain, calms skin inflammation, fights minor skin infections and also promotes the healing of the skin. There isn’t another natural first aid gel on the market that has such a broad range of applications.

Highest Quality and Approved by HPCUS

Plus, Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is the only homeopathic medicine powered by Argentum Metallicum which is officially approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States (HPCUS) for the relief of itching, redness, burning, stinging, stiffness, minor pain and minor inflammation resulting from minor wounds and burns, bruises, sunburn, ulcerations, acne and more!*  Aside from the homeopathic silver and purified water, there are only three other ingredients in the Silver First Aid Gel. 1) 99.999% pure silver, as used in Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, the #1 selling silver supplement in the United States. 2) Food grade Carbopol, tested for its safety and approved for use in foods as an ingestible, is included in small amounts only to engage the liquid into a gel suitable for topical application. 3) Sodium hydroxide, an ingredient approved by FDA to be widely used in the food industry, is used to adjust the product pH close to skin pH. The small amounts of sodium hydroxide added to the Silver First Aid Gel react completely to form a neutral pH environment that is safe for our skin.

Travels anywhere, useful everywhere

The Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel bottle is small enough to keep in any medicine cabinet, briefcase, handbag or diaper bag. Many parents also give a bottle to their daycare teacher and grandparents.  It’s also perfect to take along on trips and vacations because minor sunburn, scrapes and bug bites can happen anywhere and at any time.

Instead of stocking up on numerous products made with unhealthy chemicals, just grab a bottle or two of Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel Homeopathic Medicine and begin your journey towards health sovereignty!