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Collective Consciousness

By: Mr. & Mrs. NEO

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Collective Consciousness: the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which can operate as a unifying force within a group, family, and society even on an unconscious level. 

A single thought sends out powerful energy.  Positive or negative.

Several people transmitting the same thought, amplifies, energizes and multiplies that energy. Which in turn can exert a powerful influence on others.


When a number of people hold the same belief, they radiate that singular energy with such strength and conviction, that others—unconsciously—can feel and absorb that energy. They may adopt the belief themselves, without otherwise having ever had that thought previously or conviction of that notion.

“I think that everything in the world around us is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. So each of us as an individual creates a life - we draw to us circumstances so we can literally look at our life and see a mirror of our own consciousness. And if that's true on an individual level, it's also true that what's going on in the world in a bigger way is a reflection of the collective consciousness.” –Shakti Gawain


Families can hold a collective consciousness also. “We’re always a day late and a dollar short”…. “We Smiths are always unlucky…”. An entire family can adopt and believe particular thoughts, that create an expectation, that can create and attract circumstances that solidifies their beliefs. I have heard of the term: “Generational curse”….is it really a curse? Or the families’ strong beliefs in a collective consciousness that has been passed on to each subsequent generation creating similar sets of circumstances, events, conditions, expectations and results again and again?

Likewise, families enveloped in love, joy, peace and harmony spreads that energy around the home and to others. Even the furniture absorbs the energy creating a warm, welcoming, loving atmosphere that all can enjoy.

Growing up, my brothers and I’s friends congregated in our families’ home. Often times choosing to come over rather than go to the movies or to other activities. Even unconsciously, they felt the energy of love, safety, acceptance, hospitality, peace and joy that emanated from my parents, and in turn, through each of us—and even throughout the entire property. This became an energetic legacy that I too wanted to pass on through my luxury Inn businesses I created and ran. Having the highest return-guest rate, guests would return again and again commenting on how my Inns felt like a real home. They felt different from anywhere else they had been and they seemed to soak in the energy, like a sponge.  I wanted to pass on this energy—even if but only for weekend, I could envelop them in the consciousness I had grown up around. They could see and feel a glimpse of the energetic imprint of unconditional love, peace and joy my parents had imparted and ingrained into the very fabric of our being.

What is the collective consciousness of your family?  What are you creating as a family legacy?

“The healing of ourselves is the healing of the whole nation. Society is only a manifestation of our collective consciousness and our collective consciousness has a lot of fear, violence and hatred in it. ... It is possible to transform our heart...Not much time is needed...(the transformation can be born) the moment you vow to go in the direction of peace, love and service.” –Nhat Hanh


Communities (and even countries) can hold collective beliefs. Depending on the country or the community, a common collective thought might be, “Elderly people become ill, limited and dependent”. Although a body may experience wear and tear over time, a collective consciousness feeds this belief, and the internalized reaction can feed the reality. In contrast, a country that collectively believes that, “Elderly people are venerable, wise, to be respected, integrated and healthy, valued citizens of a community,” that too is what you will find most frequently amongst its people.

Collective beliefs are naturally even more powerful than individually held beliefs. If enough people in consciousness hold angry, violent, divisive thoughts, the results can be more violence and division—perhaps even war. If enough people in consciousness raise the vibration and hold thoughts of peace, love and compassion, the results will be one of peace that continues to raise the consciousness of the majority.

What is your country or communities collective consciousness projecting into the world?

“The world is a projection of our collective consciousness. If our collective consciousness reaches that place of peace, harmony, laughter and love, it will be a very different world.” –Deepak Chopra


How does a family create and form a collective consciousness? How are communities beliefs formed?

It can start with you. One powerful thought. One higher vibration. That forms one mind in many.

What are your thoughts and beliefs? What do you truly believe to be true and why? Are those thoughts in keeping with your highest good and the highest good of all? What legacy are you creating for yourself?  What legacy are you creating in your family? It need not just be a legacy through fortune—for all the riches and wonder in the world lie within, not externally.

How do your beliefs coincide with those in your community and/or country, and do those beliefs uplift its people in positive, healthy, enriching ways? What are the threads that you weave in the tapestry of the great collective consciousness?

“If a human being is filled with happiness and positivity, this is what they radiate out into the world. We each affect our environment and that collective consciousness. The more people who are diving within and transcending and are getting that happiness and positivity, the better the world will be.” –David Lynch


It starts with you and your thoughts and beliefs. Choose beautiful, vibrant threads that energetically imprint and weave further thoughts of love, unity, compassion, gratitude, generosity, peace, hope and joy and raise the collective consciousness of that which you want to see more of in the world.

It all starts with one, Superhuman You.