Basic First Aid Tips for Scrapes

Your youngster is doomed to fall from the minute he or she takes their first step. It's impossible to avoid. Children engage in rough play. They get harmed eventually (sorry!) whether it's on the swing, the monkey bars, or crashing head first out of the twisty slide.

While you may not always be able to protect your natural-born daredevil from harm, you can always be prepared. And what about numbing the agony in the present? You have a lot of options for making them feel better. We asked leading natural and holistic doctors to give their best tips for bandaging wounds, stocking a first-aid box, and soothing young patients, so you can quickly treat any mishap.

Nose bleeds

Remain calm and encouraging with your youngster. Hold your kid upright on a chair or on your lap, and tilt his or her head forward slightly. With a tissue or clean washcloth, gently squeeze the soft area of the nose (just below the bony ridge). Maintain pressure on the nose for 10 minutes; if you stop too soon, bleeding may resume.

  • Cayenne pepper can also be used to stop a nosebleed in under 5 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of warm water & mix well. Drinking cayenne water promotes coagulation of blood at the injury site. Cayenne applied topically will also staunch blood flow, but be aware it may cause irritation to open wounds, or it may not, depending on individual sensitivity.
  • Ingesting 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, neat or in liquid, is quite effective. ACV or white vinegar on a cotton ball applied to the nostril also works very well to stop nosebleed.
  • An old folk remedy is to take a small piece of brown paper bag, roll it up and stick it between your upper lip and gums.

Allow your child to unwind after a nosebleed. Nose-blowing, picking, or rubbing, as well as any rough play, should be avoided. Bleeding can occur as a result of an accident or a blow to the nose, although it is usually not a major concern. However, if your kid suffers a face injury that results in a bloody nose and you are unable to control the bleeding within 20 minutes or have other concerns about the injury, get medical attention immediately.

Things to avoid

  • Make sure your youngster isn't leaning back. If they do so, blood may flow down their throat and into their stomach, causing them to vomit.
  • For many hours, discourage them from blowing their nose, as even a quick, soft blow might restart the bleeding.
  • Also, don't shove tissue or cotton into their nostrils!


Treating a twisted ankle

  • Sit your child down and raise their damaged ankle over their heart, with an ice pack placed over it.
  • Immediately apply external Arnica and/or Rescue Remedy, also dose with internal Arnica and/or Rescue Remedy.
  • Comfrey, also called Boneset, and known as “Bone-Knitter” can be applied as a salve and/or given as an infusion(tea) or tincture.
  • Symphytum is the homeopathic preparation of Comfrey. Several forms of comfrey can be used simultaneously.
  • Continue to apply ice to the area for 15 minutes every hour for the following 48 hours.
  • Alternatively, hydrotherapy can be used immediately, to speed healing, as such: immerse foot in hot water (47°C/116°F) for 3 min, then in cold well-iced water for 30sec, 10 times, 3xs day. After 2 hours, begin applying an ice pack and elevate the ankle.

For pain relief, White Willow Bark is a natural alternative to ibuprofen. Also, Capsaicin, from cayenne, can be taken internally and/or applied topically as a cream. Cayenne can work miraculously, but be careful to wash hands after application, and keep away from is pepper, after all! If your youngster can't bear weight on the wounded ankle or it appears malformed, you may opt for medical attention. Visit an urgent-care facility if these symptoms indicate that it might be fractured or dislocated rather than merely sprained (when the ligaments are severely stretched).

  • Unless you’ve decided on using hydrotherapy, for the first 48 hours, don't use a heating pad or immerse their foot in a warm pool. Heat by itself can exacerbate swelling and agony, which is the last thing you want!

Treating a minor cut

Rinse the wound with water. In order to limit the danger of infection, keep the wound under flowing tap water. Soap the area around the wound. However, avoid getting soap in the wound. Also, avoid using irritants like hydrogen peroxide. Using tweezers that have been cleansed with alcohol, remove any dirt or debris. If you are unable to remove all debris, consult a doctor.

To staunch blood flow, apply cayenne pepper to the cut. To keep the area moist and avoid scarring, use a thin coating of antiseptic like Sovereign Silver. Apply a bandage, or gauze taped to the wound to keep it clean. If a wound, or cut, is large, gaping, or gushing blood, your child might need stitches, so head to your doctor's office (provided your kid can be seen right away). If the bleeding does not cease within 15 minutes, or if you suspect a foreign body is embedded, go to the nearest hospital.

Treating minor burns

  • To cool the skin, relieve discomfort, and reduce inflammation, place the injured body part under a cold tap for ten to fifteen minutes. You can repeat this process as needed for the next 24 to 48 hours, or use ice wrapped in a towel instead. Never use the ice directly.
  • To sooth the burn, relieve the pain, aid skin cell regeneration, and kill pathogens, apply aloe vera, preferably as a gel directly from a cut aloe leaf.
  • Honey works in a similar manner, as do herbal plantain and calendula preparations (infusions, lotions, salves, etc) as well as lavender essential oil, all which can be applied directly to the injured skin.
  • Sovereign Silver Gel, is excellent for burns and it heals the area 3 times faster!

You can also give your child physical and emotional comfort and healing right away with Rescue Remedy, homeopathic Arnica, and/or chamomile tea. If a blister develops, leave it alone: the bubble acts as a barrier, preventing infection. Apply one of the listed remedies and a clean bandage after the blister pops on its own. If your child's skin is angry, splotchy, moist, or waxy, or if they can't move it, get medical attention. They may have suffered a serious burn that needs immediate medical assistance. If they suffer any form of chemical burn, they should go to the doctor's office immediately; Never use any creams or greasy substances like butter.

Head bumps and impact injuries

Arnica Montana homeopathic remedy can effectively prevent any and all bruising and swelling if applied immediately after impact, depending on the severity and area of impact. Even if Arnica isn’t applied immediately, within seconds, or if the impact is more severe, it will still alleviate most of the bruising, swelling and subsequent pain. Arnica is readily available almost everywhere now and comes in several forms for topical application: gels, lotions, creams, etc. Also, homeopathic doses can be taken by mouth for the same effect. Internal + external use will increase effectiveness of Arnica. Rescue Remedy works in a similar manner and can be used by itself, internally and/or externally or in combination with Arnica.

To minimize swelling, wrap an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables in a thin cloth and place it against the affected region. For pain, Arnica, Rescue Remedy and/or Chamomile tea, will prove soothing. Just keep an eye out for any changes in symptoms or behavior as long as your youngster appears to be his or her regular self.

If you're worried about your child's conduct, get medical care. Take them to the doctor or the emergency department to be assessed. You are the most knowledgeable about your child. If you are concerned, get him examined, and contact 911 if your child is unconscious for an extended period of time. If they have chronic nausea or vomiting, double or blurred vision, numbness or tingling in an extremity, or disorientation or dizziness, they should see a doctor.

Things to avoid

Ibuprofen should not be given to a youngster who has had a head injury. The medicine may increase bleeding, which might be problematic when there's a chance of brain damage (even if it's a little one).

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How to use

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