8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Beautiful Year-Round

How to keep your skin beautiful

Either summer is at the extreme or winter is making its way to snowfall, we always want our skin to look perfect. But wait! How can we forget the air pollutants, UV rays, and bacteria surrounding us all the time? Studies show that these are the most potent enemies of human skin that damage the skin and make it look less attractive.

If you encounter these by following a healthy lifestyle and remaining persistent with your skin-care routine, you are a true warrior. However, if you fail in this battle, your skin ends up in skin blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars, psoriasis, and many more.

Starting from choosing some best skin-care products, a healthy diet plan, good sleeping habits to making meditation and exercise part of your life – that’s how you can bring the best version of your beauty out.

Let’s explore some amazing tips that will surely help you keep your skin beautiful year-round!

1.   Keep Yourself Hydrated

Natural skin hydration

Water is the medium of life, carrying out the most important chemical reactions at the cellular level. Therefore, our body needs an adequate amount of water to provide nourishment from the cellular level to an organ. Skin is not an exception; it also needs enough hydration to function at its best.

Do you know what happens when your skin doesn’t get enough hydration? Skin fails in its normal functioning – regulating the cell turnover. Usually, new cells are continuously forming, and the outer cells are shedding off to alleviate any external damage – that’s the normal function of the skin. However, if your skin is not getting enough hydration, your skin fails to shed off the outer layer. It accumulates and ultimately results in clogged pores, lackluster complexion, dry and flaky texture.

Scientific evidence suggests that your skin not only becomes glowing and beautiful, but it becomes elastic and crack resistant. Lesser cracks mean lesser are the chances of microbes entering the skin to cause skin infections. So, if you want to look beautiful throughout the year, never compromise on this hydration factor.

2.   Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Diet

You’re eating habits are directly related to your skin condition. This is because the skin has much more to do with your eating habits than any other organ of the body.

Foods You Should Avoid Eating:

Before we move on to a healthy diet, let’s see which food is not good for your skin.

  • Milk and dairy products are rich in IGF-1 hormone that cause acne, according to the 2016 research. This hormone acts directly on the adrenal gland to bring hormonal changes in such a way that results in acne1.
  • A diet rich in a High Glycemic Index promotes more insulin production. When there is excess insulin in your body, it responds by excreting androgens and excess sebum in the skin. Avoid sugary beverages, chips, and a lot of cookies, alcohol, and white bread.
  • Ensure minimal intake of vegetable oils. However, you can use olive or coconut oil in your meals.

If you’re intaking the above foods in a balanced amount, there are fewer chances that your skin will develop acne. However, when limits are violated, things may get challenging when one starts eating more than normal.

Foods That Make Your Skin Glow:

Here are a few things that are beneficial not only for your skin but also for the entire body. After making these foods part of your daily routine, you will feel a significant change in your overall health.

  • Fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that prevent skin damage.
  • Vitamin C from citrus fruits has always been a powerful antioxidant that helps in skin brightening.
  • Fish oil and its supplements have omega 3s for smoothening dry and patchy skin. In addition, the regular omega 3s intake boosts up the skin’s immunity for protection against UV and cancer.
  • Brazil nuts are rich in selenium that increases skin electricity and reduces the chances of skin cancer.
  • If you want to press the brakes on your skin breakouts, there’s nothing better than walnuts. The omega-3 component gets this job done.
  • Ensure the right vitamin-mineral balance by eating fewer refined foods and a lot of leafy green vegetables.

These are the key ingredients that together will result in blemish-free, radiant, and youthful skin.

3.   Protect Your Skin from Sun

keeping skin healthy

People feel that wearing sunscreens is only important in summers. However, the UV rays are the same that come out in the winters too. If you are successful at protecting your skin from these rays, you can prevent the suntan.

The UV rays are a potent stimulus for melanin production in the epidermal layer of skin. Thus, the more exposure to the sun, the more melanin production takes place. Ultimately, darkening of the skin occurs in the form of a brown patch that takes quite a long to fade away. Moreover, wrinkles appear, aging gets faster, and chances of skin cancer increase.

But How to Prevent Your Skin from These Harmful UV Rays?

  • Sunscreen: Whenever you go out, make sure your skin is covered with at least SPF-15. If you’re continuously being exposed to the sun, reapply the sunscreen after every two hours.
  • Wear the right clothes: Instead of wearing shorts, try to cover your body with tightly woven long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Don’t let the sun attack your skin by wearing shorts.
  • Right time: The intensity of UV rays is highest between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you are a bit more conscious about your skin, try not to go out during this time.

4.   Have Adequate Sleep

According to studies, there’s a good relationship between your sleeping habits and your skin’s health2. The clock mechanism of skin needs nighttime for repair, shedding dead cells, and forming new cells. Sleep deprivation disturbs the mechanism and makes your skin complexion dull, dry, and untoned. Your eyes become droopy with dark circles – thanks to the hyperpigmentation that doesn’t seem to shift.

Moreover, if you continue with poor sleep habits, it can also lead to skin aging and compromised skin-barrier functionality. The ultimate result is that your skin becomes prone to bacterial attacks and infections. These whole conditions suit the people who sleep less than six hours per day.

An adequate amount of sleep lets the skin heal itself properly before another damage comes. So, if you are looking for some flawless skin, don’t forget to add an adequate 8-9 hours of beauty sleep into your daily schedule.

5.   Manage Your Stress

You might not believe that prolonged anxiety and stress may lead to severe skin breakouts, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. This is because when you are depressed, your sympathetic nervous system starts releasing stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, to compensate. Cortisol is much good at promoting sebum and oil production, so acne breakouts are nowhere to go3.

Stress is the body’s response to challenging situations in life. We cannot eliminate it from our lives, but we can surely learn how to deal with it.

Natural ways to relax

Whenever you feel down, stop doing all the things, and follow these steps:

  • Relieve yourself and lay down in a comfortable place. Then, for some time, forget all your concerns and worries.
  • Take a deep breath and count seven while inhaling and count eleven while exhaling.
  • With a deep breath, try to relax your muscles, especially the facial expression and head muscles.
  • Stay calm for quite a while, or else this stress will enter the cortisol phase and lessen collagen production.
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If you still feel stressed, you probably need some meditation. You can perform yoga, visualization, or mindfulness meditation. It will enhance your mental peace and overall health.

6.   Make Exercise Part of Your Routine

Bulky people exercise to get a smart body, athletes exercise to become strong, and you have to exercise to become beautiful. Exercise has some incredible health benefits, and it contributes to healthier skin too. Believe it or not, every beautiful celebrity you have seen has made exercise part of their routine. Exercise increases blood flow towards tissues and organs. When skin gets adequate blood and minerals, it performs its functions to the optimal.

Better blood circulation provides nourishment to the skin, making it brighter, even toned, and glowing. Moreover, it also aids in carrying the waste substances, including free radicals, away efficiently. There’s absolutely no need to get yourself into some strenuous exercises. Your skin is simple; it gets what it wants by simple yoga, jogging, or running.

Make sure you are dedicating three hours per week to exercise – it will improve your complexion and skin health way better than before.

7.   Follow a Healthy Skin Care Regime

Facial skin is the most delicate part of the skin and dealing with it demands more consciousness. A complete skin-care regime is one of the glowing skin secrets. So, let’s have a closer look!

  • Icing: Icing is always a good option to reduce itchiness, puffiness, blemishes, and sunburn. It acts as a primer that tightens the opened pores and makes your skin supple, glowing, and radiant. You have to take an ice cube, wrap it in a cloth, and gently rub it onto your face after the shower.
  • Exfoliation: Scrub is an essential part of the skin-care regime because it helps shed the dead skin cells off. Ensure that you are exfoliating your skin at least once or twice a week with a gentle scrub. It also presents a smoother version of your skin without any breakouts. Caution! Don’t over-exfoliate your skin – it will lead to enhanced sensitivity, irritation, and dryness.
  • Apply a Face Mask: Facial treatments at salons are getting expensive day by day, and everyone can’t get their hands on them. However, you can apply any face mask with slices of cucumber on your eyes. It’s not only fit for your skin, but it’s a great time to relax and meditate. Moreover, look for some hydra boost facial masks enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate to maximize the glow.
  • Toning and Moisturizing: During exfoliating, cleansing, and face-mask application, your skin pores are opened, and there are good chances that microbes can enter and cause acne. Here, you need to apply a toner to prevent acne and balance the pH.
best skin moisturizers

End the whole thing by applying a suitable moisturizer like ŐSIMAGNESIUM Body Butter to smoothen your skin. This butter comes with everything you need, a good water content, magnesium chloride, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and many more4.

  • Practice Facial Massage: Ensure that your face gets enough massage for optimal blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. You can use a jade roller that’s easy on your skin to get this job done.

8.   Choose the Right Products

Some people have oily skin types, some have dry, while some have a combination of both. Oily skin needs a different skin-care regime, and dry has some of its requirements. You have to determine your skin type before choosing any product and make sure the product is suitable for you. When you are choosing your beauty products, have research on the ingredients used to satisfaction.

Never apply cheap products to your skin because they do more harm than good. They might give you instant results, but once you stop using them – you get the worsened version of your skin. The more you invest, the better you get; that’s the common saying that truly applies to the skin. High-quality ingredients require some extra cost too, so never hesitate to buy good products.

As A Bottom Line

If you have a question about having glowing skin throughout the year, the answer is simple. Have a good skin-care product collection and healthy eating and sleeping habits. In addition, some studies say that staying happy makes you more beautiful because of the absence of stress hormone effects. These 8 tips routine seems to be tough at the start, but make sure you remain persistent with it. Consciously taking care of your skin is the only way to save it from the harms of summers and winters. And that’s the only way to keep your skin glowing and beautiful throughout the year.

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