7 Habits to Treat Yourself

Small moments of well-being can be an anchor for you in this changing everyday world. Everyone knows the special challenges of the office, at home. Then we also have to deal with family problems, commitments with friends, and much more.

Positive emotions are something like small energy capsules that not only strengthen our physical and mental health, they also improve mental performance, and enhance our ability to recover from diseases and stressful experiences.

Therefore, we must design our life in such a way that it contains as many small moments as possible full of positive emotions that we consciously and constantly perceive. (1)


Wellness at Home: Creating and Living Moments of Happiness

A perfect wellness day at home doesn't just include beauty care and a bathrobe. You can also use this day to do something good for your body from within. This includes healthy snacks, hot tea, and, for example, a scented candle with your favorite scent. If you want to focus especially on relaxation, choose fresh and subtle fragrances like lavender or vanilla oils. This is how you create the ideal environment to pamper yourself at home!

As a snack you can, for example, make a bowl full of fruits, with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, and apples. Thanks to the high vitamin C content of these fruits, you supply valuable nutrients to your skin and your immune system. Add some walnuts and almonds to get the needed dose of healthy fats and protein.

 A spicy chai or ginger tea and high-quality herbal teas are recommended as drinks on your wellness day. They stimulate the detoxification of the body, relax and reinforce the feeling of being pampered and taking care of yourself. Last but not least, have your favorite book or magazine handy for you to read.

How to Create Habits to Treat Yourself?

A wellness day or even a weekend of pampering and indulgence doesn't have to be expensive. And above all, you don't have to travel to get it! Simply turn your own home into an oasis of personal wellness.

A lively bubble bath

Foaming Baths

Your wellness day couldn't start better than with a wonderful sparkling and fragrant bath. To do this, run pleasantly warm water, not too hot, in the bathtub, you can do it with an aromatic bubble bath or a bubbling bath bomb.

Bubble baths are particularly easy to dose. Even a small amount is usually enough for a full bath, so you can relax in the wonderfully fragrant bathwater. A bath bomb tends to bubble and make the water magically colored. They often contain essential oils or other additives, such as dried flowers. They strengthen the effect of care and well-being.

Mineral salts

If you prefer it calmer and want to add valuable minerals to your skin, you can also use a salt bath as an alternative. Sea salt bath or milk bath has a delicate aroma. Salts such as ŐSIMAGNESIUM Bath Flakes are an ideal alternative because in addition to magnesium they have other minerals such as potassium and calcium, through their contact with wet skin they can be absorbed and provide muscle relaxation, at the same time they provide a subtle aroma, Therefore, it is excellent for all those who yearn for relaxing baths, with soft and pleasant aromas and that also provide health benefits. (2) (3)

Facial Masks for the Deep Care of your Face

While you relax in the bathtub, you can do something good for your facial skin. A mask that you leave on for 20 to 30 minutes is ideal for this occasion. The most recommended are the facial masks that consist only of a few natural ingredients so that the sensitive skin of your face does not stress.

For example, a clay mask. This can be easily mixed, mixing with a little water and applying it to the face, neck, and décolleté. After about 30 minutes, the mask is dry and you can rinse it off. Clay is particularly detoxifying and has a deep cleansing effect on skin pores. You must finish your face with a moisturizer. (4)

Pamper your Skin with a Body Scrub

After bathing and washing your skin, it is the right time to exfoliate the skin. Body scrubs that contain sea salt or coffee provide the necessary peeling effect and are particularly cleansing and nourishing. Apricot seeds or almond shells are also good substitutes for synthetic granules.

Scrubs that contain shea or cocoa butter, as well as valuable oils such as almond or coconut, have the advantage that they do not dry out or mistreat the skin, it does not dry out, and after them, it is not always necessary to apply an additional cream, as they have powerful moisturizing effects. This type of scrub is an ideal alternative for sensitive skin. (5)

Take Care of Your Hair

With a full-body care treatment, hair shouldn't be missing! Therefore, in the next step, you should wash it with a nourishing shampoo that provides your hair with valuable nutrients and does not dry it out. You must have a shampoo without silicone and parabens, this helps not to form a barrier in the hair and the ingredients can penetrate deep into the roots of the hair.

A natural and nutritious alternative is shampoo bars, as they do not contain preservatives or artificial additives. It has the advantage that it is not wrapped in plastic and provides your hair with rich nutrients. Gently massage your scalp and enjoy the relaxing effect.

As for the conditioner and styling cream, that will depend on the characteristics and condition of your hair, however, it is always healthy to choose natural products, free of alcohol, sulfates, and silicones. Natural oils such as argan and coconut oil are nourishing and moisturizing, in the long term, they help to keep hair beautiful and healthy. (6)

Don't Forget Your Ears!

Many times, during self-care sessions, we forget to focus on certain parts of the body that are also important and, in addition, their care provides a great state of relaxation, this is the case of the ears. It is known that cleaning the ear canal is something of care, that is why today there are natural and relaxing alternatives that allow you to keep your ears clean and healthy.

Do you work outdoors or in dusty places, or maybe you participate in water activities, or are you just a frequent user of hearing aids like headphones? If the answer is yes, then it is likely that on many occasions you feel itching or a feeling of plugging in the ears, this is usually caused by the accumulation of earwax.

A safe and pleasant alternative to solve this is to use ear candles, they are candles made from natural substances such as beeswax, they are used by placing the empty end in a vertical position over the ear canal. Ear candles are used to relax the body, calm the nerves and relieve fatigue, and of course, clean the ears.

How can ear candles relax you? If you use Herbal Harmony's Ear Candles, this product combines natural essential oils, with especially relaxing qualities such as lavender oil, therefore, while the candle is being consumed, you can enjoy a warm and relaxing aroma.

Massage Candles

A day of indulgence cannot end without a good massage, massage candles are ideal for that. They are candles made from coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and other moisturizing products, combined with essential oils such as lavender, vanilla, and bergamot, once the candle is consumed the warm liquid is available, ready for a massage highly hydrating and moisturizing. (7)

Are they safe? How are they used?

The application of the massage candle is simple and safe: while you prepare the environment and create a calm and pleasant atmosphere, you can light the massage candle. The fire takes about ten minutes to consume the candle, that is until the massage oil is ready for use. You can either let the oil drip directly onto the skin or you can put it on your hands first, and then massage the skin in circular motions, thus relaxing the muscles.

Take a Break from Everyday Life.

In any care and well-being routine, it is essential to define rest habits, sleep is essential when it comes to consolidating absolute relaxation and fully absorbing all the nutrients and energies that you provide your body with each massage and product. When it comes to sleep, pleasant scents, gentle massages, and relaxing music are very effective. Among the most used aromas is lavender.

Its intense blue-violet color fascinates the eye, its essential oil soothes the central nervous system. Lavender has a relaxing effect on the entire body. The components of lavender oil help with nervous restlessness, sleep disorders, cramps, but also cardiovascular problems, and digestive discomfort.

The regulating effect of this ancient medicinal plant restores balance to body and soul when you seek balance after a busy day. If you find it difficult to disconnect at night, you should try a lavender-scented bath or shower and a short massage with lavender essential oil.

Currently, there are a variety of products designed to provide everything you need to culminate a day of whimsy with deep rest, such as the HEAL Sleeping Kit, this kit is designed to guarantee you a high-class rest due to its combination of essential oils and scented candles, it's worth a try! (8)



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