7 Essential Oils for the Best Sleep

Do you feel difficulty sleeping? Does your disturbed sleep pattern affect day-to-day life? If yes, don't worry because we've covered you. Sleep is an essential part of daily routine that affects overall health and well-being. Struggling to fall asleep is a common problem that can be easily solved with tactics such as aromatherapy, exercise, or meditation. 

best essential oil for sleep

Aromatherapy is one of the most accessible solutions—the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants to promote health benefits such as to get a peaceful sleep. According to the studies, essential oils directly affect the amygdala, a part of the limbic system responsible for processing and monitoring the emotional response1. Therefore, natural scents derived from plants and flowers in the form of essential oils help reduce anxiety and enhance sleep. 

Benefits And Effects of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for sound sleep. There are different ways of getting aromatherapy for various purposes. For instance, body massage of essential oil on the skin, sniffing, or getting a bath are all different ways of the same process. Likewise, different compounds are used to achieve a similar goal, including essential oils, bath salts, clay masks, facial steamers, and more. 

It is a practical, cost-friendly, and sensational way to sleep peacefully. Before starting essential oils for sleep, you must learn how your body reacts to the scents. When you smell or breathe a scent from a mist or essential oil, it is picked by the receptors from the nose and sinuses. It travels to the olfactory bulb, the olfactory cortex, and your brain. Olfactory nerves send the signals to the limbic system that controls emotions and regulates the sleep and wake hormones. Some people get allergic to the scents quickly. So, do some research and choose the right one. In case of any side effects after aromatherapy, consult the doctor immediately.

Aromatherapy is beneficial for several reasons. The scent travels from the sinuses and travels to the brain. It lowers stress and anxiety and makes you feel relaxed. Further, it offers the following benefits:

  • Improved mood
  • Relief from stress and depression
  • Elevates the mood and relieves stress
  • Aids in sleeping
  • Improved quality of life
  • Helps treat the acne
  • Alleviates sore muscles

7 Essential Oils for Your Best Night Sleep

Essential oils are natural extracts that are typically used in aromatherapy. Another good thing about oils is that they are easy to use in daily life. Some familiar scents for relaxation and therapeutic benefits include lavender, jasmine, rose, clary sage, vanilla, and many more. Explore the scents to discover what works for you. Here are some commonly used aromatic essential oils that positively impact sleep. 

1.    Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the most delicate plants used to extract essential oil by steam distillation from its flowers. People commonly use it to relieve stress and anxiety. Further, it is antibacterial, making it an amazing home cleaner. Many people use it to promote sound sleep. According to several studies, lavender oil inhalation positively impacts people having sleep disturbances3. The regular use of lavender oil by aromatherapy has shown a positive effect on lowering the heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. 

It also reduces anxiety, which is vital for relaxing at night after a long tiring day. With its versatile benefits, lavender oil is at the top of the list of essential oils that help sleep. Harmony's Essential Oils - Lavender is an amazing product that gives the perfect sleep with pure and quality ingredients when used in the diffuser. 

2.    Eucalyptus Oil

essential oils for sleep and anxiety

Eucalyptus oil is the second most effective essential oil for sleeping, a natural relaxant with potential sinus-cleaning properties. The oil is extracted from the tree's oval-shaped leaves. Plant leaves are dried and crushed to release essential oil that is distilled before use. Eucalyptus oil has been used to get antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing effects. Numerous studies show that it performs well as an analgesic to treat stuffy nose, flu, and common cold4. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant with the dual effect of relaxing the icky phlegm and relieving your congestion to give you a good night's sleep.

Harmony's Essential Oils - Eucalyptus is one of the best sleep essential oils that removes mental exhaustion and restore your health by promoting dilated sinuses and sound sleep. The aromatic benefits of eucalyptus oil can be easily obtained by using the essential oil in the ultrasonic diffuser, which keeps the mist in the room long. 

3.    Clary Sage Oil

For people who suffer from stress and depression, Clary sage oil is one of the miraculous ingredients. The studies reveal that clary oil has strong anti-depressant properties that work by decreasing the pulse rate and heartbeat. Aromatherapy by clary oil directly affects the olfactory system, the part of the brain that regulates emotion, elicits relaxation, and positively impacts the human mood5. Therefore, it also helps with insomnia and disturbed sleeping patterns.

Harmony's Essential Oils - Clary Sage can ideally be used to create a balancing atmosphere that calms emotions and relieves unnecessary stress. Apart from treating sleeping issues, anxiety, and stress, it is an ideal solution for reducing cortisol and stress hormones in menopausal women.

4.    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang is a particular fragment of flowers with a hint of roses and jasmine. Its scent is mainly known for sleep-inducing effects because it reduces stress, soothes the body, and aids sleep quality. The Ylang Ylang essential oil is recommended for insomnia patients for its sedative effects. Further, it decreases the blood pressure and pulse rate and puts the patient in the best mood. Use a few drops of this oil in the diffuser and create a relaxing environment in the evening to take all the stress out. 

5.    Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is an essential oil with a refreshing, minty scent that boosts energy and clears brain fog. It is multi-purpose oil used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and treat muscle aches. Moreover, the oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can be used to kill bacteria from wounds and can promote healing.

Studies have shown that peppermint offers a quality sleep cycle to cardiac patients as it reduces sleep latency6. A pilot study discloses that the individuals who get diffused peppermint during sleep at night woke up more active and alert in the morning. Harmony's Essential Oils - Peppermint is a 100% pure and additive-free product that you can apply directly to the skin without any side effects. Use the oil in the diffuser to get maximum benefits for your body.

6.    Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is a natural American herb with a pungent scent, often grown to attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees. It is ingested in the form of juice to get the maximum health benefits. Research suggests it is pretty beneficial in several ailments. Highly beneficial in lowering blood pressure and releasing mental stress. The calming ingredients of the herb help in improved sleep. It is usually used with other essential oil mixtures rather than alone. Harmony's Essential Oils - Good Night Oil is famous for its sleep-enhancing properties, which come from a unique blend of essential oils, including bergamot oil, that can be sniffed from the oil-diffused environment.

7.    Sweet Orange Essential Oil

With a fruity smell, the sweet orange essential oil is known for bringing positive and happy emotions. The oil is extracted from the plant by cold compression of the rind. Typically, it has wide applications in foods and cosmetics. Sweet orange has uplifting properties that relieve tensions and assist insomnia7Harmony's Essential Oils - Relaxation combines lavender oil, bergamot oil, and sweet orange oil. This product offers relaxing and soothing effects with uplifting energy. Grab this fantastic scented oil, relieve all the stress, and gain positive energy for your next week. 

Apart from the above-mentioned essential oils, hundreds of oils help in sleeping. The doctors recommend using the essential oil to massage your forehead, wrists, and neck to get all the health benefits along with a long peaceful sleep. Aromatherapy also plays a vital role in inducing a tired body to sleep by relaxing the mind and body. It is essential to do the aromatherapy correctly to get maximum advantages. 

Tips For Using Aromatherapy to Sleep Well

Aromatherapy can be practiced anytime, but it has full benefits at night. Can you feel the essence of a slight fruity smell entering your nostrils and giving the sedative effect to your mind? It feels divine after a long tiring day when you are struggling with your sleep. So, here are some tips that will help you get the maximum out of this process. 

Choose The Right Essential Oil

First things first, how to choose the right essential oil? Remember that different essential oils serve different purposes. Not all essential oils are made to promote better sleep. Different essential oils have other functions. Explore and choose the one according to your desired need. According to American Sleep Association, lavender, clary sage, peppermint, bergamot, and valerian are the best sleep-promoting oils. Further, a blend of some oils with sedative effects can be used to achieve the same goals.  

So, choose the right oil for sleep-inducing purposes. Additionally, dilute these oils with carrier oils before applying them to the skin or adding them to the diffuser. It will subside its side effects by making it safe to use.

Massage Oil on Chest, Hands, And Neck

Once you have chosen the oil, it is time to apply it to your body. A slight massage is enough to do the job. Use a few drops of essential oil with carrier oil to massage it on your chest, neck, wrists, and hands. Avoid using oils around your eyes and mouth. Don't apply oil on the broken or damaged skin. 

Further, doctors and physicians suggest not ingesting essential oils. These oils can be toxic and cause symptoms like nausea, agitation, seizures, and allergic reactions. Be careful while applying these oils to the body. 

Take An Aromatic Bath

There are comprehensive options to use essential oils for aromatherapy. One of the ways is to get an aromatic bath before bed. Soak your body in warm water with the addition of a few drops of essential oil and bath salt for half an hour. The aroma of the fragrant water will relieve the stress from your mind and body. Further, it will enter the sinuses and travel to the brain to clear the brain fog. The relaxing of the body and mind will help you sleep longer. 

Spray Essential Oil on Your Mattress

If you are looking for the easiest way to incorporate aromatherapy into your bedtime routine, you can lightly spray your mattress and pillow with a scented essential oil spray. It does wonder in relieving mental stress and sedates the mind. You can buy premixed sprays or can make one at home. 

Use A Diffuser or Mister

how to use essential oils for sleep

If you love the idea of being in a scented environment for a long, an essential oil diffuser might be the thing you are looking for. The misters and diffusers are ideal for creating an environment that helps you sleep because they are long-lasting and create mist continually throughout the night. 

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser comes with color-changing Led, creating the perfect sleeping environment. The humidifier uses ultrasonic technology with colored projections that help you detangle your worries and offer a relaxing space. Use the essential oil to your taste and ready your room with your favorite-colored light—love life with your favorite scent and living colors from the diffuser. 

The Bottom Line

The use of essential oils for improving sleep quality is highly effective. Aromatherapy has been used in several ways for a long time. With digitalization, the world is changing, so the ways of living are also evolving. Some tips on using aromatherapy to sleep well are discussed above. You can use any of them according to your taste and mood to get a good night's sleep. By aromatherapy in any form, the scent enters your nostrils, and once the olfactory nerves receive the essential oil scent, they signal to the brain. This process relaxes your body, relieves stress, and induces sound sleep.

best essential oil for sleep